1. Re: Using song titles/lyrics in your fiction

      Titles and names (song, book etc.) can't be copyrighted, so using song/ album titles as chapter titles won't get you in any legal issues, even if you monetise it. It's different if you want to use (...)

    2. Re: Let Authors Paywall Content

      As it currently stands KU and Vella I believe are actually non-exclusive, but the story can't be up for free.  For the record, Vella is non-exclusive (but the story can't be available for free), but (...)

    3. Re: Boo hoo, harem bad

      But I think a relationship between one man and one woman can be much more fulfilling and deep than one where you have a shallow romantic relationship with many. There is just no way that you can have (...)

    4. Re: What's the typical number of followers/readers for a story?

      You can hire a beta reader for as little as 80-100$ for the entire novel. I think people here underestimate how difficult it is to actually get even just mediocre beta readers for free. I've once (...)

    5. Re: I feel like the star rating is inflated

      It's already out of 10 in effect since there are 10 possible ratings that people can give. Just multiply your listed rating by 2 and it's the same as if people could rate from 1* to 10* with no half-marks (...)

    6. Re: What's the typical number of followers/readers for a story?

      Basically, I would say that the two points of failure for those legions of follower-less stories are lack of quality and lack of advertising. Trends and meeting the right people at the right time (...)

    7. Re: What's the typical number of followers/readers for a story?

      I can understand the concept and even the prices, but I'm certainly in no position to pay thousands of dollars for enough beta readers to get a decent variety of feedback.

    8. Re: What's the typical number of followers/readers for a story?

      There are, but they're either expensive or a risky crapshoot. Or both. Also, the story in question is in a niche where I wouldn't be comfortable sending it to a beta reader who didn't know what they were (...)

    9. Re: What's the typical number of followers/readers for a story?

      1. The vast majority of stories are terribly written. Or 2. A story becoming successful is largely just a matter of luck. I'm afraid it's not an or. The vast majority of stories are terribly (...)

    10. Re: Why do mc's always choose the "human" race in VR game novels?

      Those are all excellent points. I do want to refer back to the fact that a majority of gamers are just more comfortable as humans, though. Or, to rephrase, human is just the most popular race in any given (...)

    11. Re: Why do mc's always choose the "human" race in VR game novels?

      Human is the #1 or #2 most popular choice in pretty much every single video game that offers it, MMO or single-player. In WoW, for example, Humans are the second most popular race in total (behind Blood (...)

    12. Re: Was royalroad just updated?

      I dislike the new dashboard. It hid some information that used to be readily available and is now showing a bunch of information I don't give a damn about. Specifically, the actual numerical rating of (...)

    13. Re: Bad-Good Reviews and Salty Authors

      Ill note that the answer is to stop using reviews to affect rank. They have zero to do with the number of people reading a work.  Period. They are opinions. The convolution that eliminating them would (...)

    14. Re: What things that make you quit reading a novel after serveral chapters?

      I'll back CookieCabal on this one. The original statement was not presented as an opinion, it was presented as (offensively-worded) factual evidence to support an opinion. 

    15. Re: Follower Count As Cultivation Stages

      I've been stalled in mid-Nascent Soul for a while now. I need to break through this bottleneck.

    16. Re: What are your problematic faves in fiction?

      I'm an unapologetic escapist. I don't mind if a story gets a bit dark (in fact, Guy Gavriel Kay is one of my favorite authors despite the fact that his stories are anything but escapist), but I want to (...)

    17. Re: How does copyright work if you self-publish on amazon?

      Copyright is yours, straight up. You made it, it's yours. Doesn't mean people won't try to steal it anyway, but the law is very clear on that. You can't even lose copyright for failing to defend it like (...)

    18. Re: Are there senpais that can teach me proper character naming?

      I use Fantasy Name Generators (https://www.fantasynamegenerators.com/); they have huge numbers of different name generators with a variety of themes and roots. Pretty much any real-world culture, current (...)

    19. Re: Formula For How Much A .5 Bomb Will Cost You (And How Many Ratings You'll Need To Recover)

      For what it's worth, reviews have the same effect on your overall story rating as ratings do, but have a larger effect on your overall rank. This is straight from the FAQ: Remember, advanced reviews (...)

    20. Re: Bad-Good Reviews and Salty Authors

      Sorry, but I don't agree with any of that.  You can't just classify reviews as "bad-bad" and say they don't have anything to offer.  I believe that every review and every criticism has merrit, it's just (...)