1. Re: Why most of the authors drop their stories

      To divert from the possible path of dropping a novel of mine, I simply plan in this manner.  Consolidate the beginning, consolidate the future, then create the past. Then change the imperfections to make (...)

    2. Re: What's the "normal" amount of words to write per week?

      I usually write about 10k words too, 7 chapters a week, 1 chapter a day. During my hey-day, I got to 35k within a week, but after reading my work, it was so shit, I did not feel happy at all reading (...)

    3. Re: New to the site, short stories/poems allowed here?

      I'm quite sure you can. You can make an anthology of poems and call it a book. Maybe pieces of poems which are all connected and lead up to something. You can base off the poems on your character's (...)

    4. Re: Its me, or are the readers a little bitchy as of late? or is it the quarantine?

      Meh, if anyone here has been 'watching' the news. A lot of people for some unknown reason, has been becoming more short-fused as of late. It's also because of the fact, trolls and their compatriots (...)

    5. Re: Potential story?

      Hmm... I honestly feel like there is already some novel from China that covers that slightly. Albeit differently.

    6. Re: A western isekai to blow your mind

      Sounds like another cliche... Just differently done...

    7. Re: Weak ---> OP AF

      Savage Divinity? Though if you ask me, the mc is only OP when he needs to be OP, so i don't think it counts, but it's a pleasant read nonetheless, sorry if it's not what ur looking for

    8. Re: Guys vs Girls counting game

      -76 I just noticed that this game is pretty devious and cunning... If you can insinuate things from what this game may achieve, aha.