1. RE: [ReGro] Recruitment & Review Requesting

      Updated with new information.  Group name has changed - I have not launched into a long winded rant about this, but in short has changed how it does reviews by a metric ass ton. Those terrified by (...)

    2. RE: Be careful with other posting sites (for writers that want to publish)

      At least they cared enough to contact you. It's always good to know the site staff / mods are actually active - even if the timing is suspect.

    3. RE: Should serious (real world) questions be raised more often in stories?

      There's a ton of good points, and I like the one Unice wrote about routes A and B. Having the character deal with it first hand, or simply bypass it with a world that accepts certain types of things. I (...)

    4. RE: Avoiding fictions with characters who have Japanese names

      Advertisement is huge, but on RRL - getting those reviews into the top weekly is even better (and is advertisement). You'll notice that this trend just continues outside of RRL as well - into Top Web (...)

    5. RE: Be careful with other posting sites (for writers that want to publish)

      It is super difficult to keep track of all those possible issues. THat's one of the reasons I only post here and on my WordPress.

    6. RE: How long

      All five of mine have been put up in about 24 tops. Being as it's humans pressing the button, not a machine, you're subject to the ocean of hangovers, one night stands, pints of ice cream and more hangovers, (...)

    7. RE: Why is it that in stories titles are undervalued in stories?

      Everything means exactly what you think it means. In WoW, I pick titles purely based on what entertains me the most with that name. In other games where the titles give bonuses, I pick them to go with (...)

    8. [ReGro] Recruitment & Review Requesting

      What is ? In the shortest terms; we are a gathering of site members who provide higher grade reviews than the average found on RoyalRoadL. This allows writers who are trying to generate interest in (...)

    9. RE: why can't i as a male reader enjoy stories with a female main character?

      @nasir05 Try reading Poison Study if you haven't already, by: Maria V. Snyder. All three books in this series are decent. It's not the best female driven main character story in a fantasy world, (...)

    10. RE: Issues with VRMMO Setting

      There's a line between making a good story, and making a fully plausible story. SAO is one example of a good story for what it is (despite detractors, you watched it, and that means something) but very (...)

    11. RE: Need some help remembering this story...

      If you dare risk the Google, Steal still exists out there somewhere, along with the guy's other works.

    12. RE: Would a yandere harem count as a cult? (All harem members are yanderes)

      I think this is the original plot to Highlander. There can be only one.

    13. RE: Need some help remembering this story...

      95% sure this is Steal which is no longer on RRL due to crazy sauce.

    14. RE: Mute/Silent Protagonist in a VRMMO story.

      VRMMO - has a tell system. VRMMO uses brain waves? Why can't they speak then? Are they mute from a vocal cords issue? Too bad those don't exist in a digital world! Or does the Virtual part only partially (...)

    15. RE: Decaying

      The Group is an actual 'semi official' group on RRL. J0nn0 doesn't get to invite (Unless he's a sucker and took over moderation) - but can suggest people join. Currently it's down to me and Argos as members (...)

    16. RE: Luck Stat Mechanics- Need help

      What J0nn0 said. Stats are going to get in the way of story at this stage.

    17. RE: Tables Growing Out of Hand

      ...simply don't show character rollups and numbers. Keep them to yourself.

    18. RE: What makes you Drop a story?

      Continue Online is mopey and emotional. Read the review first before you dive in. Though it's a bit dated. Royal Scales is a main character who chose to have his memories blocked in order to suppress (...)

    19. RE: Soo how do you guys get into character?

      Sometimes characters aren't obvious until you need to write them into a specific scene. It gets you to think about questions and tone that may not have been obvious. At that point rewriting to keep things (...)

    20. RE: Best part about being an author?

      I'm a fan of killing characters.