1. Review without a hook for fresh stories.

      Lately I started posting my own story and I can see a few things. I was here for six years and I really commented on anything, and now I can see that it was plain parasitic existence. New authors (...)

    2. Re: Hi! New guy doing his introduction

      Aloha! Mages are right in my avenue, so I will get a look into your writing later. Good luck mate and it's nice to meet you as well.

    3. Re: For everyone who gave me feedback.

      I'm glad we could help. :D I will go through the rest later and leave some additional comments.

    4. Re: Present your story with a terrible, oversimplified blurb.

      Magic stone goes brrrr... and man becomes his own son.

    5. Re: How should I take a 3-Star Rating?

      I would second A V Dalcourt's opinion.  Currently I'm in the same boat as you with 2.5 stars and I will never put my head on executioners stump, just because of it.  Think of it as a challenge and (...)

    6. Re: Nice meeting you all

      Welcome! Underline YES if you are not A.I hiding among us! If you are not them, I will be happy to see Sci-fi works of real life robotician!  And where do I order killer robots? (Asking for a (...)

    7. Re: An author pretending to be a fake god here

      Hello, my new lab-rat... sorry, I mean, fellow writer! :D As your story is yet to become massive colossus, I would like to ask if you would be interested in letting me rewiev it. Note that I'm newbie (...)

    8. Re: Im New

      Aloha! I went through not one, but two of your story's chapters. :D Hope you will have a good time here mate!

    9. Re: Greetings from a new fantasy fiction web-novelist and a bearer of questions

      Namo Buddhaya, bearer of questions! Three things cannot be long hidden: the sun, the moon, and the truth, and the truth is that I have never seen indian mythology being mentioned here. Do not dwell (...)

    10. Re: 1k pages done and counting

      Wow! If you do not use standard repetitions like most of XianXia novels, then that's a ton mate! Good luck on the road to your second thousand. :D

    11. Re: Late introduction

      Welcome! Yup, that feeling when your writing just click in... That's the good stuff! I hope that you will find some faithful readers here. :D Good luck mate!

    12. Re: A new Author says hi!

      Yellow! Problems are only there to be solved mate. :) Keep on writing and hit up the forum from time to time. Turns out there are a loooot go goodies here in the form of guides. Each day I learn (...)

    13. Re: Hello From a New Author

      Hi ho! Welcome in the newest batch of writers! You had me with isekai part. Paint something nice with your writing and you will have one more wee-bo-taku following you. :D Good luck mate!

    14. Re: H-hewwo?

      Konichiwa! I'm glad that someone shares my fears. :D Do not worry from what I have seen through the years, RR community is a wild bunch. There is always someone ready to devour a new story. :D (...)

    15. Overdue Aloha!

      After six years spent in RoyalRoad basement, I have finally crawled out... :D I'm one of the odd cases where I was analfabetic for half of my life, then bummm, I got hooked up on fantasy. I have (...)

    16. Re: Hello, I’m a completely unqualified editor!

      Konichiwa! If you want to catch a breath from reviews, I'm always up for some friendly duels in mobile games :D Good luck with editing, seems like you will never be busy again! 

    17. Re: Whats the Fiction on Hiatus that you most want to see come back? And why?

      Brimstone Fantasy, I kind of liked the concept and writing style, but stern started updating less and less frequently. Until it all stoped 9 months ago. :(

    18. Re: Greetings, everyone.

      Aloha! Best wishes on the writers patch.  I will let you know when I'm up to date with your work. :D +1 for cover