Truly Enjoyable and Thought Provoking

This is worth the read. As personally familiar with those glimpses of lucid dreaming, and dream control, I can tell that this is accurate in description, in the way the dreams are presented, the way the scenery morph and plays with your mind.

Also, each chapter are suited accordingly to the perception of each dream; and it doesn't just apply to the dreamers, it apply to how we begin to understand and view Akki.

Everything about it, for me, is flawless. The writing, the scenery, the descriptions, the psychology, even the mystery. Indeed, as hinted in Falling, not all dreams come from the dreamer's psyche. So what else is there?

One thing is for sure, this story is truly enjoyable, and deeply thought provoking for everyone, whether they are new to this concept, novice, or experienced.

Little Red: A fairy tale RPG

The title says it all. 

It's short, it won't even take you 20 minutes to read. It's funny, the premise being a traditional fairtytale imbued with RPG concepts. I do wish I had her superpower pastries...

Well written, no grammar mistake as far as I could find, short, funny. What better way to spend lunch break?

The Dreaming Sceptre (Completed)

I tremendously enjoyed this! The style is something I'd traditionally consider too flowery, but in this case, it matches the story perfectly. Every descriptions takes you directly to the scene in depth. The characters suit the stories to a suit. 

Finally, this story happens in the time and chapters it should. So it's short, but perfectly paced.

You will enjoy this. :)

[Short] behind your smile | 你的笑容 (COMPLETED ✓)

Simple, short, beautiful slice-of-life story. The true meaning behind friendship. 

Everything was paced as it should, the inner monologues were well-placed and flowed well.

Definitively worth your time! 

Autumn Winds and Crimson Waters

 These short stories focuses on a particular snippet of life, may it be an instant during war, a simple letter to one's family, or a family reunion. And when well done, those can often be more poignant than 5k stories trying to achieve the sane effect. And MarmaladeCat does exactly that well: capturing in a single snippet what would take another less gifted author 5k words.

The messages are also, for the most part, about morality, ethics, and the love between human beings. And that is a gem to find.

The characters aren't as well developed as in longer story, but that is to be expected. And the focus isn't as much about the OCs but on the underlying theme of the stories.

All in all, a great collection: short, poignant, and direct to the point. 

(Oneshot) I Shouldn't Have Pretended to be the Female Lead

This was extremely enjoyable. Had a "bleurgh" day, and this became the perfect cure.

The jokes were just right, it flowed straight to the point, and it parodied the right stuff at the right places.

It's short, but it's worth the read for the laughs and giggles.

Lonely Light (Complete)

This is a unique love story as one seldom sees. Tasteful, with completely unique concepts, an awesome plot... What else could one ask for?

In this ocean of modern FSoG romance story, this is a welcomed good old-fashioned classic and extremely unique tale of love.

Tales of Destiny

Never having seen the story upon which those are based upon, I don't think one even needs to. 

Those short stories are enjoyable, stunning, with amazing world building, and philosophical concepts, that just drag you in and makes you want to read more. 

Just the right amount of fantasy, yet without ever feeling too unreal.