1. Re: Advice/Thought On Novel Summary

      I'm trying to write a new summary for my novel,, since the last one was flawed in its concept (evolution and nature doesn't quite work the way (...)

    2. Re: Ways To Approach Differently Space Opera

      Np, and there are also many other inefficient systems that can be improved with something like a virtual reality e.g maybe create a virtual reality that does not spoon feed their participants knowledge (...)

    3. Re: Ways To Approach Differently Space Opera

      Well, I read Gam3 recently and I absolutely loved its originality and way of introduction in that it really didn't effect anyone majory except maybe a bit of hype, and the originality aspect in how their (...)

    4. Re: Ways To Approach Differently Space Opera

      The lack of space operas is what annoys me. I get that space travel, romantic adventure and larger-than-life characters in a vast exotic setting can be hard to portray well and they are pretty niche, (...)

    5. Re: Ways To Approach Differently Space Opera

      . One thing that Space Opera stories are wise to include is lots and lots of planets with interesting elements and lots of exploration of those elements. Gimme lots of aliens, give me lots of settings. (...)

    6. Re: Ways To Approach Differently Space Opera

      So here it is. I'd like your thoughts and suggestions about how to approach in a different, unseen way, to space opera, alien civilizations, cultures, their interaction together and with humans and lesser (...)

    7. Re: Ya Know What? Go Ahead And Plug. Show Ya Stories

      I'm  just starting to upload my book here and hope you guys give it a try. My story is loosely based on Egyptian mythology and Korean mythology I really like the cover! I've set it to read later. (...)

    8. Re: How to Join Us

        I really hope i could do it well, but i dont really know since i had no prior writing exp. I'm level one. Also, i think i had mixed up to many things. I will try and make the best out of it. (...)

    9. Re: Ya Know What? Go Ahead And Plug. Show Ya Stories

      And finally, for a short read: (a sweet fantasy, fable-like one-shot story, completed, about a secret binding three generations of siblings) (...)

    10. Re: Ya Know What? Go Ahead And Plug. Show Ya Stories

      This one: (science-fantasy, but with more space-based stories. A collection of short stories; ongoing, updated once a week).

    11. Re: Ya Know What? Go Ahead And Plug. Show Ya Stories

      I guess your list muct be pretty big by now. :D But I'd like to offer my current ones, and if ever you get to it, I'd of course appreciate any comments/feedback *hug*  But no hurry. ;) (...)

    12. Re: Looking for novels with Time Travel

      My story, The Shadow Paradigm - Episode 1: Project Cyan Ray has time travel elements, and even more than that. But since (...)

    13. Re: What is the threshold for "sexual content."

      If there is no direct, written mention of the actual scene, then I feel there's no need for the tag. Same thing with violence and gore. And coarse language, well, you can get away by using words no one (...)

    14. Re: Moving on to bigger and brighter things; webnovel edition.

      That's not entirely correct. Amazon publishes books under two different contracts, Kindle Direct Publishing, and Kindle Direct Publishing Select. KDP lets you publish on Amazon under your terms, (...)

    15. Re: Applications and Membership Criteria

      Is this group still active?

    16. Re: How to Join Us

      Good day!  My name is Mélodie Rivers. Due to an absurdly low data plan, I cannot chat, but I can reply here in this group as often as I can. I am a hopeless Whovian and Tolkiener... and anime-lover (...)

    17. Re: Where to find followers and thank them?

      The ones who really like your story will leave comments and reviews, which you can use to give them +reputation. Thanks! 

    18. Re: Where to find followers and thank them?

      You mean the account names of your followers and those who favorite your story? Sorry, that info is not available to mere authors. I think the mods have the capability of getting that data, but that is (...)

    19. Re: Where to find followers and thank them?

      Sorry for this very silly question, but... where do I find which users followed/faved my story, so to thank them? Because I make it a principle to thank people who fave my art, but in this website, I (...)

    20. Re: Hi everyone

      Hullo. Do yourself a favor and go over the rules. (You'd be surprised how many people don't.) Also read the F.A.Q, it has some VERY useful posting tips to maximize your readerbase.  That said, welcome (...)