1. Re: Responding to comments that say things such as, "Why didn't MC do A instead of B?"

      If it has to do with someone complaining about my characters making a choice that they don't like, I usually ignore it. Screw them. I'm the author, and if they want to see things go differently, they can (...)

    2. Re: When do you guys think is a sentence too long?

      If you can replace a single sentence with an entire paragraph, it's probably too long. That said though, if you can replace an entire paragraph with a single sentence, you probably don't need that either. (...)

    3. Re: Why do mc's always choose the "human" race in VR game novels?

      In novels, it's usually because the author wants to show how "normal" the MC is. Which is boring and unrealistic.. People pick humans in MMOs because HFY! Not because, "I'm a normal person, so I should (...)

    4. Re: What makes a magical academy enjoyable to read about?

      The school needs to feel like an actual setting as opposed to being a simple backdrop for the story. You can take Harry Potter out of Hogwarts, but you can't take Hogwarts out of Harry Potter. Remember (...)

    5. Re: Writing Advice You Recieved in School that's Actually Terrible

      Just remember that schools teach formal writing, and not creative writing. Schools teach you how to write essays and business letters. Not books. Just remember that the rules you were taught are (...)

    6. Re: Overwhelmed by making a LitRGP system

      Have you considered making it a "soft" LitRPG, where you don't actually show the stat screens? From a writing perspective, there are several advantages. Right off the bat, it means that you don't (...)

    7. Re: Surprising for the sake of surprising - and epiphany of food-exorcisms

      I'm gonna assume that food is just a metaphor here. I could have a character making toast and I'd think of a way to make the process be wierd and vague enough for the reader to be surprised when they (...)

    8. Re: beating a dead horse: the callous judgement of the clueless MC trope

      I love me some isekai, so I really don't care if: The main character is dead This is just bad writing overall: The main character has no agency (they’re powerless) The main character (...)

    9. Re: Light novel Enthusiasts unite?

      I think we're fine with /r/lightnovels. While the sidebar points out Japanese light novels in particular, WNs and LNs from other countries are still acceptable. I see frequent recommendations for Korean (...)

    10. Re: Long Chapters vs Short Chapters

      I prefer long for both. Reading: Longer chapters = more content. It's as simple as that. The longer a chapter is, the more time I can spend enjoying the story, the characters, and the world. Writing: (...)

    11. Re: Your thoughts on hiring book editors?

      If the day ever comes that I self-publish on Amazon or something, I'd probably try to hire an editor. Until then, my readers are more than happy to point out any glaring mistakes. The best part is that (...)

    12. Re: downvotes on reviews?

      After skimming through your reviews, I think the problem is that most of them could fit onto a fortune cookie. You never really seem to go into any detail about why you like/dislike any specific aspects (...)

    13. Re: Do you think some antagonists/villains of a story deserve brutal deaths?

      This is my own personal opinion, but... why bother killing them? They can't learn their lesson if they're dead, and a couple hours of preexecution torture doesn't really solve anything. If you want them (...)

    14. Re: Planners & Plantsers: How Far Ahead?

      I'm a planner for the worldbuilding, but a pantser for the plot. I think a lot of my writing style comes from my experiences playing D&D. When I was the DM, I had to construct a world that I knew well (...)

    15. Re: Any tips for "Show, Don't Tell?"

      One thing I do to make the telling feel more showy is to break up the narration and internal monologue by adding in a couple active thoughts. "That worked a lot better than I expected," the MC decided. (...)

    16. Re: What is the term for this and how do I write it?

      I usually just use italics and quotation marks. "Since it's like they're talking in their heads." The quotation marks show that it's an active thought as opposed to a vague idea, and the italics (...)

    17. Re: What Writing Exercises Have Helped You The Most?

      I'm curious what challenges you've found that helped you become better writers. For me it was a high school assignment that the students refereed to as "The Medici Papers," and it was one of the senior (...)

    18. Re: When to rewrite

      I think it depends on the severity of the issue. If it's just a problem of the math of your system, then all you need to do is leave an Author's note saying, "I found a discrepancy. This is what's canon." (...)

    19. Re: Descriptions of Distance, Time, And Numbers

      The other thing is that the measurements are the author's notes. This is very much a 'show vs tell'. When you say it is 15ft, you are telling the reader that it is 15ft. Agreeing with this. When (...)

    20. Re: Writing Process

      1. Make a rum and coke. 2. Bash out about a thousand words. 3. Spend an hour on wikipedia looking at historical food/clothes/whatever, all for something that will probably only be mentioned in a (...)