Commander Kane

Commander Kane

    1. Re: Two-Sentence Horror Stories

      I was sitting at the bar when a woman caught my eye. No matter how much I asked, she wouldn't give it back.  I can only give you so much rep >.>

    2. Two-Sentence Horror Stories

      It's almost Halloween and you know what that means! Horror stories abound. The shorter they are, the better! Gimme your best two-sentence horror stories!

    3. Re: At what point should a story have the tag "Romance"

      That would imply that, say, Titanic and City of Angels aren't romance stories. And yes, this particular novel is a romance.  The perspective character is a woman who meets a tall dark handsome man in (...)

    4. Your DnD woes

      Tell me your DnD woes! What classes would butt heads against each other? What are your characters deepest darkest fears? Faults? Let me hear everything!

    5. Re: Advice on giving up

      Idk if this is supposed to go here or not, but I want to ask whether it’s the right time to give up on a story I’ve written or should I give it another chance. So the background is that I’m writing (...)

    6. Re: The [Royal Road Community Magazine] Contest

      You're so official, Buller. Putting that suit and tie to good use. Excited to see the magazine!

    7. Re: Writers are the worst procrastinators. Do you agree with this statement? And how do you fix it?

      Money is the most sincere form of compliment. Writers love being complimented. So do women. So does anyone, lol?

    8. Re: Negative reviews being censored?

      You sound a little out of touch with reality there, buddy. Not really.  If you want headpats and hugboxes, go show your work to your friends and family. They're nice, they'll tell you that you (...)

    9. Re: Why are female protagonists so prevalent on the top stories on royalroad?

      I think it's a weird assumption that a female MC will inherently perform worse with male readers than a male MC to the degree that it actually matters. On the other hand, I think the number of female (...)

    10. Re: Why are female protagonists so prevalent on the top stories on royalroad?

      It has the opposite effect because the sex of the protagonist doesn't matter if it's a good story.

    11. Re: Negative reviews being censored?

      This is why I don't give reviews unless I'm incentivized.  As an author, you should be willing and able to accept harsh, biting, savage criticism from every direction.  You should have a thick skin (...)

    12. Re: What a farce!

      That is the long and short of what a review is for, the internationally accepted standard. If you wish to overturn this, show me hard evidence in the form of review writing guidelines on this site (...)

    13. Re: Upload restrictions

          No. I love this. I freaking love this.

    14. Re: Punctuation in Dialogue

      I'm quite guilty of this, both when it comes to misplaced punctuation as well as using action/other tags instead of dialogue tags. But I do appreciate both posts like this one (and the more direct (...)

    15. Re: Your fedora-tipping atheism makes your fantasy gods boring

      I think everybody is familiar with this. God bad, religion of any kind bad, church bad, bla bla bla. It got boring pretty fast, franky. When will I read a story where the established church in a (...)

    16. Re: How do you feel about having different human races in a fantasy setting

      We are talking about entertainment, not the news and obscure articles. Yes. Your point? If we weren't talking about entertainment, this wouldn't be with my time.  If we're talking about America (...)

    17. Re: Gen X/Daria/Whedon - Style humour is everywhere, it's overdone, and it's a writing crutch

      Nah, I totally get you. Constant quips and insulting people is the main reason why I dropped HWFWM. I couldn't stand Jason's personality.

    18. Re: How do you feel about having different human races in a fantasy setting

      Of course it did. When you write a story, you have to make it approachable by your audience. That means having enough familiar elements to allow the audience to get grounded for the new items. The (...)

    19. Re: Your Opinion on Nonsensical Stories?

      Nonsensical or experimental? If it's complete nonsense it might be difficult to get into, but I'm cool with something similar to a David Lynch movie. I've never watched a David Lynch movie, but I (...)