1. Re: Review Swap on Fantasy/Isekai.

      I'd be up for a review swap as well! My story is a bit of a slow-burn in the beginning, as I want to introduce the characters before delving into the events of the synopsis. From what I read of your (...)

    2. Re: Review Swap on Fantasy/Isekai.

      Musings of a Hypocrite Hello everyone. If you're interested in providing a newly-written novel some desperately needed constructive criticisms, as well as looking for a review of your own book, please (...)

    3. Re: Looking to do some review swaps with my story, fantasy

      Hello, If you enjoy dark fantasy I ask you to try out my story. https://www.royalroad.com/fiction/37630/the-price-of-power I am willing and happy to do review swaps if anyone is interested. (...)

    4. Re: Balancing introspective writing and extrospective writing.

      That makes a lot of sense. I guess I was over paranoid over something I don't really qualify to worry about yet. Yeah. I should worry about myself first and foremost, and work on my creation.

    5. Re: RoyalRoad#101 - Free Reviews each Sunday.

      Hello! I'm a new author, so any review and constructive feedback would be greatly appreciated. Woes and Wonders of a World

    6. Re: Balancing introspective writing and extrospective writing.

      I'm not too sure if I'm capable to describing this dilemma of mine accurately, so if I sound too pretentious or presumptuous, please be patient with me. I've recently began writing a webnovel and had (...)

    7. Re: I'm willing to edit anyone's story description.

      Hello Danetello, I'm a new author who posted his first work and had it approved just today. At the time of this message, only the Prologue and the synopsis is available, but I'm happy to message you (...)