Electronic Pulse

The story is pretty good, as is the writing style and grammar, only a few hiccups here and there.


What spoiled the reading experience for me, however, is the ambiguity of the author in regards to the use of pronouns. 

By constantly using "they/their" for the protagonist it is very difficult to visualize what's happening and immerse myself into the story.

Using "They" is fine in cases where the gender is simply unkown, but using it for the entirety of the story simply sounds stupid.

Even if a protagonist is able change their gender (see, this is the correct usage of this pronoun), the used pronoun should always match whatever gender something or someone is.


If you still want to give it a read, be my guest and go ahead, should you also have trouble with those pronouns, just follow the law of the internet where everything you don't know the gender of (and probably even more), is male and replace the pronouns in your head.

My Bride is a Moon Rabbit

Nice concept so far, I hope this will become something good in the future.

Grammar is also pretty good so far^^

Edit: Harem tag removed, nice xD

The Chronicles of the Rift and Abyss: The Odyssey of Lucarius Trinity

The story seems have quite good potential, get rid of the grammar issues and I’m sure the story will be enjoyable. (you might want to format the prologue a bit better, a wall of text could throw some people off)

Also, I’m rooting for Gender Bender xP

Edean World Online

Very promising so far, needs quite some grammatical improvement though.

The New Destiny ( New Game +)

 This story has good potential and I hope it will become a good and long lasting story in the future. The grammar however needs some improvements, there a quite some mistakes and inconsistencies as such I probably won't continue reading until that's fixed.

A Female's Take on The World of Cultivation

A womans take on road of cultivation is something I always thought would be interesting. I hope this will become something good with a ton of chapters :D

Goddess of Crystal

Horrible Past. Confirmed.

Fear of men. Confirmed.

New life. Confirmed.

Yuri action. Pending…

Keep up the good work, I wanna read more

(But seriously, that past is horrible)

Nine Lives: 1 The Black Cat

I hope this will turn out to be something good, I love cats xD

True Fantasy Online

Pretty funny so far, could become something good in the future. But you need to check your grammar in some parts, it’s still readable tho.

Sent to a New World

The story sounds interesting and I think the MC will be funny and cool as well. Your writing needs some improvments tough as some parts aren't very smooth, like chapter 3 the first sentences. But I have nothing else to comblain about atm.