1. Re: sanguimancer mc

      any decent stories with mcs with blood manipulation powers (preferably at least 200 pages)

    2. Re: Shapeshifters  the main character is a world eater with the ability to shapeshift however he likes, and he is actually much smarter (though weaker since he doesnt (...)

    3. Re: biomage/mancer mc

      what it says on the title, recomendations for stories with biomancer/biomage mc. the only one i can find is called isekai mother (offsite recomendations are fine)

    4. Re: biomance/biomage mc

      stories where the main character has abilities based around biological manipulation (scientific feasibility/explanations are optional) a good(but very new) example i have found so far is isekai mother. (...)

    5. Re: kid friendly but still interesting

      how strict are the filters? one curse word and it is out kind of strict? im talking the word murder is restricted

    6. Re: kid friendly but still interesting

      If you copy the url into Google translate and then translate from French or Spanish into English it might get you around the block. Otherwise here's a couple good one that might work? Nora and the (...)

    7. Re: kid friendly but still interesting

      thanks a bunch for the help, this should be enough to last me a while and i dont know how to close threads, so this is the unofficial closing, cheers for the help

    8. Re: kid friendly but still interesting

      My fantasy fiction meets all your conditions: For a (much!) longer running series, Allene Lowrey’s The Adventures of Einarr (...)

    9. Re: kid friendly but still interesting

      my school has insane restrictions (it blocks about half the chapters of mother of learning) so i need completely kid friendly books that would still be interesting so i can read them at school, fantasy, (...)