Vesryn Pulse [Completed]

Okay, so the title basically summarizes how I feel about this story.

There are so many interesting ideas the MC have but they are mentioned once or twice and forgotten. Also, the characters are so unreal and strange, similar to the perfect onii-sama concept of anime.

However, the story itself is interesting.

The Fall Of The Tribes

The story itself is fascinating. The grammar and writting need to improve, but they are not terrible. Overall, a great story!

A Journey of Black and Red

Good Story, Not so Great Characterisation

The plot itself was so intriguing in the beginning that I couldn't stop reading, however, there is something that forced me to stop and that is the MC taking some extremely illogical decisions.

D+E - Vertigo's Scent

The plot itself is interesting and this could be an epic story. However, I have a major problem with it and it has nothing to do with the grammar or pacing, but with the writing itself.

“Good,” she said. She was injured, and it didn’t look good. “You’re alive.”

That is an excerpt. It is a perfect example of the lack of detail and somewhat stilted dialogue. I believe this is the kind of thing that improves as one gains experience as a writer. I believe the author can only improve from here.

Spade  : Reborn

It is not a bad story, however, neither it is fascinating or gripping. There are certain mistakes that make you wince while reading (such as the constant mix of did with a past tense verb) and the characters need a bit of work.

Despite of all this, the story itself it is not bad

Broly In Naruto (COMPLETED)

As I said in the title, this is just one in the thousands of overpowered, godlike SI that gets all the girls and wins all the battles.

A common and utterly uninteresting plot.

Ascendance: Rebirth of the Unknown Gamer

I really don't know what to say aside from this: TERRIBLE.

The story is so fastpace it is more like reading a porrly detailed outline. Terrible grammar, repetitive sentences, no world building whatsoever.


It is truly an enticing story, one of the best I have read in this site. The grammar is not perfet, but really close to it.

To Play With Magic

It is a really good tale. Unfortunately, it is not the kind of story that holds my attention for long. For all those new readers, you should be patient with the MC.

Vitae Memorandum

The plot itself is interesting, at least of what I read. However, there are some confusing parts that get more confusing as the story advances