Gino Smyth

Gino Smyth

    1. Re: The identity of the author... and his books

      There's one author out there that answered this question for me in a definitive way. Marion Zimmer Bradley. 

    2. Re: Is the Marxist culture creeping into rrl?

       violated the first rule of RR "Hate speech and pedophilia of any kind are prohibited in all areas of the site,  Out of curiosity, are you allowed to have hate speech about pedophiles? 

    3. Re: Has anyone tried a series of shorter self-contained stories that all add to the overall picture of the st (...)

      To really get the readers to accept that kind of thing you have to start with titling. Discworld, Thieves World, The 'Verse, etc. It's a commonly overlooked aspect of immersion. For instance, if Terry (...)

    4. Re: So I was playing with AI text generation gpt2...

      I like to think the fascism is just a phase they go through. Of course, since real life fascists are all about killing free speech right now no company in their right mind will leave these AIs up long (...)

    5. Re: A good harem story. Does it exist? Is it possible to make?

      If you haven't successfully managed your own harem in the real world, don't write a harem story. This advice is not general writing advice, it is specifically for harem stories. The dual purpose of (...)

    6. Re: Guys vs Girls counting game

      -64 If this count is representative of the author population here...well it would explain a lot.

    7. Re: I yearn for a realistic gender bender

      Every now and again I think the transmigrated guy should look down, and think to themselves *I really miss my penis.*

    8. Re: What things that make you quit reading a novel after serveral chapters?

      I have a strict weeaboo tolerance limit personally. Cat girls are fine, but I drop at the very first ~nya!~Aside from that there's 2 things I've learned to avoid. The ever present 'evil dad' trope is everywhere, (...)