The L10Ns

 This review writed after reading first chapter. 

First or 0 chapter is superb beginning and I hope author keep giving us that level of quality story 

We Never Use Our Powers for Anything Important

Interesting and fascinating was too words that come in mind when I read first chapter .one can only hope that next chapters confirm novel greatness

The 8th Day

Interesting perspective maybe even better that change new world but to be sure we have wait and see. W

Empty World

I like it interesting morality agents mortality problem. It’s relevant in our over populated world in which life’s expectations are so huge and people look in immortality as solution of most of their problems and not unnatural precedent that better be avoided. 


Im waiting for more of this story

WoW I usually don’t give favourite spot for staring novels but this story given me such a desire for more 

That  I’m braking my own rules and giving 5stars and favourite just for anticipation 

Don’t mess up. 

Real life in a Virtual World.

Ok I admit being sceptical at first but now i think i’m staring to like this conseption of VR treatment.

Is worthy of Following 


Sounds interesting, I would like to read more. Will follow and see how the story flows for now and later.

Mankind's Judgement

I want to see more of this MC and progress of professional assasin in your world of chaos. Over all good start, I hope you continue writing this novel 

A Lonely World

Im waiting for more of this story

I hope you pick up this story again soon ?as I can't wait to read more 

Change: New World

Chapter 74: Rendezvous BEST EVER

Chapter 74: Rendezvous is the best of my favorite story Im so happy right now