God of War in the Cultivation World

So i only read the first chapter, I couldnt read more, but this thing reads more like an outline than a story.   The story feels rushed, sceenes jump instead of flow into each other. You get the barest details into the life of the MC.  Feels like the author just tossed it in there as a second thought.  Instead of trying to support his character developement. The final nail in the coffin was that the grammar is awful. 

Borne of Caution

If you are a fan of pokemon, then this is a series that you do not want to miss.  This series is well written, and once you start will be hard pressed to stop again.  

MC has good depth, and for a change isnt OP'd.  With sufficent depth to really bring the story home.

The writing flows really well and few if any grammar mistakes that allow you to stay immersed into the story.   This is one series that i look forward to reading when published.

Green ‘n Gold

Its interesting but needs edits

I will start with the author did warn about the edits and plot mistakes before you start reading.  

As i am only four chapters in this will be brief.  

I wish that the MC had more background.  The story starts as the MC is already a grown man, 18 yrs old, and is already outcast from his family.  The reason given for being outcast, and the position of him being a knight do not match.  As we all know knights are positions of honor.  Outcast is anything but.  I can understand him not being able to inherit from the family because of his status, but the rest is a bit much.  Overall its an interesting enough story that I will continue reading. 

Chasing Experience

The MC is not OP'd and has to struggle for what he gets.   The background of the characters is done very well.  

Very few grammatical errors, making for a smooth read.

If you give this story a shot you will not be disappointed.


A Second Life

If you can get past the slow start

If you are looking for a book that has immediate action.  You wont find it with this one. Though, I believe the auth⁹or uses this slow start well to give great MC background info.  

The description and scenery are easy to visualize.

The grammar is mostly good, few minor mistakes that are hardly noticable.

I cannot say much about the world as the MC hasnt arrived yet.  The start of the book has shown me that it has great potential.  

As i havent finished up to where the author left off i wont leave an advanced review.

The Land of the Unknown

Just started so I will update once I read more.

The good:

The grammar is okay, and the story is readable.  

The story so far is interesting, but a bit slow yo get started.  

The Bad:

Character development is really not there at all.  You find tommy living with his aunt but no mention of why.  

There is little to no descriptions of what any character looks like, How old they are.

The writing fells choppy in places.  Like when the MCs go to a museum and tells nothing about the it, or that the mcs went to a gift shop and left it at that sentence. 

 Author, while the story is in your head amd you can see how it all plays out.  We cannot and rely on your descriptions to help us imigine your world.  Not saying you need to go super descriptive but some detail is needed.  ex Emilia turned to see Sue come down the stairs.  Her tangled golden hair neatly tied in a bun. Sitting on top of a 5'5 120lbs athletic body.  This is rough but i. sure you get the idea.


you have potential, keep up your writing and i look forward to reading even more of your story.

Mage's Rebirth

I will not do an advanced review as there are only 6 chapters.  


A man gets sent back in time for reasons unknown.  Like any of us he begins to use his knowledge to 1) make money 2) fix some of the mistakes of his past

some minor grammitical errors, along with some sentence structure errors.  They are noticable enough to give a reader pause, but not unduly so.  

I like the MC and am looking forward to what he.accomplishes in the future



This book is basically soft porn.  You have a MC that nails anything that does not have a dick between its legs.  While his main women encourage and aid in his collection of more women.  

MC is way to OP and just bulldozes through each challenge with little effort.  

Backgound on MC is okay with little for the support characters.  

The plot for most of the story feels like the author is attempting the MC to find and seduce every women he comes across, with a little action just tossed in.  The story has just kinda become blah, he went where and screwed who,wow, ,oh he accomplished that too thats nice.  So i have decided that this will be the last chapter that i read.  

Defiance of the Fall

Story starys off with it being taken over by the system.  Where the lucky few have the cultivator ability awoken and are taken off for training.  The rest are left to deal with the invaders.  The MC is one of those that were left.  To make matters worse he starts off in the exact spot that a monster is going to spawn and has to roll the dice for his life.  

The bad:

Does not fell lile the MC has to struggle all that much.  Fighting foes that have unlocked cultivation and beats them, with only some minor ingenunity.  This is a system that is supposed to favor the powerful, where if you are not a cultivator, you are trash.  Yet the MC thrives killing everything in sight.


The Good:

Even with being super OP'd the MC is still interesting.  

The grammar is great, few errors, allow the reader to stay immersed in the story.

Has a plot that stays consistant and believable.  

Good world building and leveling system.  Both the explantion and execution are consistant and detailed.

Supporting characters background is there and is decent.  


He Who Fights With Monsters

The book is good, without to many grammar mistakes that plague most writers here.  

The Bad:

The MC gets thrown into this world, and has to fight to survive. Thats fine but where does it go from there?  It seems like the MC is on a boat with no rudder just going where the wind takes him.  

This us a world where the strong rule.  So if the MC  pisses off someone above him, you would expect some kinda smack down.  Even as the lowest rank, it seems the upper tiers just allow him to walk all over them.  MC needs some kinda goal.

The Good:

The MC is a likable character.  His antics are usually funny. His background is well established.

No glaring grammar mistakes. 

Great world building

Stat progression is consistant.