They Called Me MAD

Let's all take a gander and look around. On one end, you have Joe Schmoe, average citizen who has enjoyed the space elves looks and words handily. And at the other end is a luckier Joe Schmoe named Matt. Matt's luck had him wearing a costume at the right time, and slightly rewarded him for it. But enough about that, want to know more, read the story.

Style: 4.5

We have all seen System apocalypse events before, but not as many with an explanation beyond "reasons". This has an explanation, and said explanation actually affects the characters and the dynamics of them! 

Story: 4

Regrettably there isnt much story to go off of just yet, but hear me out anyway. Again, many of of have seen system apocalypse before. However, I like the way the story is going so far, and I believe it will continue for the foreseeable future. Hence a 4 and not a 3.

Grammar: 4

So I've been reading it from Scribble, and I have seen some typos. But none of said typos detract from the story in any fashion! The story is still told, and the messages are conveyed. 

Character: 5

The characters are what make a story its own. Matt is a real person, reacting as a real person might! Liam grows after [[redacted]]. Pallav has emotions. Rajesh as well! There is an entire group dynamic that existed before the system, and after! You know, like actually real groups have!


If you came for a story, at this point your in for a show.

Till Death Do Us Part

This is a story about a kid. A kid that slowly grew up and found themselves wanting. There are a myriad of ways the kid could've lived their life, and it culminated in this. 

I dont really have the words to aptly summarize this. I do have the words to tell you to read it


Granted, this story had an interesting premise, but then it died at chapter 2. I'm sure that reading till there gives a decent idea of what to expect if it ever started up again. I'd write more, but I lack a lot of things to describe since it died early.

I was Summoned as a Hero, but I Became the Demon Lord Instead

I like it a bit. I however know that's not important to a review.

The tag it should have in addition to the others is slice of life. If you approach it like that going in you'll get much more joy out of it. I do admit that currently it seems rather convoluted and rushed, but give it time to see if its currently for you or not. 

Relevance and A World Flying Off The Tracks

If you were looking for competent gods in isekai, you found it

If you read this, you realise that the majority of isekai that involve Gods, literal forces of reckoning and rapture, somehow always get trumped by a mortal they summon? Not here. 

Here you have a god that knows exactly what he summoned, and is an absolute God about it. Theres already a hundred chapters here, and never once have I doubted the godliness of these gods. 

And the Transmigrator isn't some teen with a cheat that somehow beats a god. He's just a guy trying his best.

And the characters. By golly, does the author manage trope use wonderfully while somehow making them all seem so real and personable.

This book isn't a breath of fresh air for isekai but hurricane. 

Mother of Learning

I found this story by accident one day. And I never put it down. Now that its potentially over, I believe any future readers (or fellow loopers) shall come and be awed by this beautiful tale of triumph and adversity. Watching them (the characters) grow is wonderful and I must now let them go for now.

Which saddens me. I had seen go from who they were to what they want to be. And I shall miss them

Hazardous Debugging: Reanimation

Has a hell of a start. Leaves enough to the imagination to keep you guessing, and shows enough to keep you looking. I'd recommend this to anyone that is tired of all the "everything is gonna be ok" stories. Will re review later around chapter 20 or so


My goodness, the story has a job at the post office because it delivers! And more importantly, it's all so human, with all that that means. It's beautiful, and terrifying, like an anology I'm nowhere near as good a writer to make! 

Rough Draft for: Reborn Apocalypse - Volume 3
Spoiler: Spoiler

 This story was one I found back at volume one by sheer accident. And I loved it. Then it dissapeared again. Then poof, Volume 2 electric boogaloo happened. I had been following since. Sadly as mention in the spoiler, they no longer post here. But I feel the story is great enough to warrant the review to help the story succeed. 

TL;DR: Hard story to find but great to read.




If you can appreciate character

Because whoever on high does this author have a solid grasp on his. Nothing that any character does is out of character. And better yet, we aren't having our hands held and told that. We get shown! We properly experience the world through the eyes of our protagonist. If that somehow, in some way sounds like a terrible thing to you, this book/writings aren't for you. But for those who like that, you have found a wonderful hidey-hole!

An Animal in Sheep's Clothing

An update to my old review! As of chapter 9 and 10, dialogue has been sanded down to a smoothness comparable to... something smooth? Bad metaphor I know. Anyway, it's a story deserving its four stars. Characters have gotten more developed and have motives and, more importantly, Emotional responses! They are people who do people things. Like us! Bad at comparisons I am.

Point is, author has shown a commitment to both the story, and their drive to improve. 

Will re re review at a later time, most likely chapter 20ish