1. Re: Repetition in character dialogue

      With this example, writing it out looks best.

    2. Re: What comes *before* the plot

      It should be mentioned that there are a huge number of resources online that delve more deeply into these different topics. Use this list as a starting point, but google any of the topics that you feel (...)

    3. Re: Has anyone ever heard of Sharestory and Jason from that company?

      In the publishing world, legit publishers don't usually reach out to authors. They're overwhelmed with submissions already. You should treat any unsolicited queries with distrust unless there's some reason (...)

    4. Re: Setting Up previous Fiction Dashboard

      There's a dashboard page for each story, which basically has all the same info as before. To get to it, go to the Author Dashboard, hover over the cover image for the story you want, and click on the Dashboard (...)

    5. Re: How to Get a Good Cover for your Story

      My conclusion at the time was that one of those preexisting covers, going for (let's say) a mere $89 USD, might have been a terrific bargain if I wanted to buy something to use it on a story which only (...)

    6. Re: How to Get a Good Cover for your Story

      I will add that if you're only releasing your story here, then doing your own art or getting a volunteer artist will probably be fine. RR readers are very forgiving for covers. However, if you want (...)

    7. Re: Opinions on writing styles (for dialogue)

      "I highly recommend using the standard narrative style for dialogue," she said. "Otherwise, you'll turn off some readers." And you don't have to use dialogue tags (e.g., "said", "replied") all the time, (...)

    8. Re: In dire need of an editor!

      Editing: I do my own editing, but I'm pretty good at English grammar, and I spent twenty years editing (and sometimes writing) non-fiction as one of my job duties. Fiction is very different, but some of (...)

    9. Re: In dire need of an editor!

      Professional editors and proofreaders cost a fair bit, and amateurs are ... amateur. You get what you pay for. Unfortunately, the amount of work involved means you're not really going to be able to get (...)

    10. Re: Game of Thrones like story- which cover works best?

      If you intend to publish the book, my cover designer said (when I asked him about it) that covers that show the characters help promote sales better than covers that show symbols (the conversation was (...)

    11. Re: I'm looking for help or a tutorial for the signature on the forum

      If you resize the image to be no more than 200 pixels tall, you'll be able to eliminate the scroll bar on your signature so people can see the whole image at once. I don't know if 200 is the exact limit; (...)

    12. Re: Planning my first story. Help!

      You can always write more than one story. Write the first story you want to write. If you get inspired by something else, or think of a completely different storyline you wish you would have used instead, (...)

    13. Re: Drive-by execution! This feels so toxic.

      If it makes you feel better, most other high-rated stories with .5 ratings didn't deserve them either, so you wouldn't be any better off either way. Hmm, that probably doesn't make you feel better ;)

    14. Re: Webnovel.com Italic and Bold are only for contracted authors

      While bold isn't necessary outside of weird genres, italics is absolutely mandatory for English-language fiction. To not support it suggests that they don't even understand the basic concepts of what they (...)

    15. Re: Character Progression length?

      I want characters to grow and progress throughout the story, their personality and outlook as well as their abilities. My current series is intended to be five books long (possibly six, if needed), and (...)

    16. Re: Patreon. When to open your stories to patreon supporters?

      I agree with the folks who'd be worried about having your Patreon page show a tiny number of patrons, because other potential patrons might be less likely to take you seriously. If I see a Patreon page (...)

    17. Re: How to get a good edit for FREE

      Grammarly gives a lot of bad advice mixed in with good advice. The percentage of bad vs. good will depend entirely on what you feed into it. If you're good at English grammar, then you don't really need (...)

    18. Re: Isn't most real world dialog boring?

      You have to straddle a line, but luckily, it's an easy line to understand. When writing dialogue, ask two questions: 1. Does this dialogue sound like actual people talking? (There are plenty of stories, (...)

    19. Re: How to decide if (part of) a scene is important enough to keep?

      If it contributes to the story (in some way), and doesn't distract from the scene, keep it. If not, remove it. It sounds like you're already thinking along those lines. I've found that the best process (...)

    20. Re: Survival: 21st Century Man vs. Wilderness

      An actual alien wilderness, with different plant and animal life than Earth? Right up until they took their first breath, and the allergens in the air killed them. But if we pretend that's not an issue, (...)