1. Re: What Format Would Be Best For Conversations

      Always use the standard format, but do a mix of paragraphs with dialogue tags, paragraphs with action beats, and paragraphs with nothing but dialogue (when it's obvious who's speaking). Example: ========== (...)

    2. Re: Question to readers

      Your question is how do readers notice foreshadowing, but I'll have to start from the writer's side. I do a ton of foreshadowing, in multiple different ways. Some of it is just passing references--things (...)

    3. Re: Mirror Websites?

      That's a possibility no matter where you post, but it doesn't happen often. Just be on the lookout and submit takedown requests if it happens, especially if it happens on a popular website or on Amazon. (...)

    4. Re: What does This mean?

      As the others have said, this doesn't make any sense and you shouldn't be dealing with this company, but can you provide more information so others can avoid them too? What's the company? What is the (...)

    5. Re: How do you guys back up your work?

      It backs up automatically, keeping copies of your entire computer for a while (if I’m remembering correctly, it’s like a few months or something, probably based on the amount of memory you buy with it) (...)

    6. Re: How do you guys back up your work?

      I write in Scrivener on my Mac, and I have it set so that every time I quit the app, it automatically saves a copy to my iCloud account (it saves the five most recent copies of each file, so I can go back (...)

    7. Re: Weather

      I read a lot on Royal Road (  ).  It just occurred to me that there really isn't too much in the way of weather in stories.  By default, it's clear skies.  Maybe we have rain or fog or a bit of wind for (...)

    8. Re: Character Growth and character flaws

      The most important point of giving a character flaws is to make them realistic and relatable. If you're reading down a list of seven deadly sins and then picking one, then I think you've already got a (...)

    9. Re: Any Tips For Fully Planning Out A Story Begginning To End?

      My suggestion is, don't try to plan literally everything from the start. Instead, start with the bigger pieces, then work inwards. So something like this: 1. Define the major, over-arching conflict (...)

    10. Re: Patreons

      An important consideration is that Patreon does not drive new readership. There's virtually no discoverability on the Patreon side of things. Instead, you've got to pull people to Patreon from other sources, (...)

    11. Re: Amazon Requiring Copyright Proof?

      If they're finally checking, that's great. The books that I published previously never required any proof that I owned the content, even though my Amazon account name is nothing like my pen name (but the (...)

    12. Re: How do you write a good flashback scene?

      I've tried a couple different things, so I can tell you what's worked and what hasn't in my story. 1. First, at the beginning of Book 1, for the first eight chapters I alternated back and forth between (...)

    13. Re: Help with Cover

      If you have a website, you can post the image there and link to it from here, so people can see it, download it, and look through the metadata to see if anything looks out of whack. If not, you'll have (...)

    14. Re: traditional fantasy - is this the wrong place?

      Will it do as well here as LitRPG/progression fantasy? Probably not. Will it do better here than it would anywhere else (in terms of free story-posting sites)? Probably. Each story-posting site has (...)

    15. Re: Grammar that irks me, and the authorial voice

      Regarding your first comment, you're thinking of American English. In British English, "they" is absolutely used that way. Yes, it sounds weird, but the English probably get to make the rules about (...)

    16. Re: Roman Legions Fighting Fantasy Monsters

      Yeah this is the exact book I was thinking of too when I read OP's post. Is it good? I like it. The series is six books long, told from multiple perspectives. I could have done with a little more world-building (...)

    17. Re: Roman Legions Fighting Fantasy Monsters

      Not the story you're looking for, since it's published rather than on Royal Road, but you might be interested in Jim Butcher's Codex Alera, about an empire descended from a Roman legion which got transported (...)

    18. Re: Anyone got any tips of describing the movement of characters when writing?

      These first two rules apply to all writing, not just movement and action scenes: 1. Eliminate filter words. WRONG: He saw Emma draw her gun. RIGHT: Emma drew her gun. 2. Eliminate weasel words (...)

    19. Re: At my wits end with my characters.

      If you have a character who has spent their whole life hunting monsters, they will react in different situations differently than a princess or a politician, or a granny. Well, now, that depends (...)

    20. Re: In Over My Head!

      This is not necessarily true. I experimented with this last year, and if you follow Bryan Cohen's instructions (he has a free 5-Day Amazon Ads course he runs 4 times a year) you shouldn't lose any money, (...)