1. Re: Looking for the urban fantasy/superhero stories

      You might like Jim Zoetewey's Legion of Nothing. https://www.royalroad.com/fiction/6455/the-legion-of-nothing

    2. Re: What's a good way to avoid info dumps?

      I agree with GhostlyArtz, the best way to avoid (most) info dumps is to write in the third-person limited perspective, and only include info that the point-of-view character would be actively thinking (...)

    3. Re: Scrivener + Royal Road Formatting?

      It may not be so much a Mac vs. PC difference, but that they're on different versions. Once Scrivener 3 is out for the PC, you might see a difference. Or maybe not--I'm just guessing. Perhaps older versions (...)

    4. Re: Scrivener + Royal Road Formatting?

      In my experience, copying from Scrivener to Royal Road has always retained paragraphs and italics. The only thing it's lost has been section breaks (but it inserts a couple extra blank lines, so it's easy (...)

    5. Re: On Editing

      Editing is simply part of writing, and it does take a lot of time. I've seen a number of people say that you shouldn't attempt to edit while you're writing. I couldn't say whether they're right or not (...)

    6. Re: Publishing Your Book

      In addition to the great thread that Wing pointed out, I'd also suggest this one: https://www.royalroad.com/forums/thread/103524?page=1 It has some practical experiences about publishing ebooks as (...)

    7. Re: What writing program do you think is best to use?

      After trying Scrivener, I can't imagine going back to anything else, primarily because of how it lets me look through all the scenes at a glance and quickly find what I'm looking for. (I haven't heard (...)

    8. Re: Scammers publishing stolen webseries

      This has happened to me a few times. Someone posted the first book of Silver Street Strip Club on Wattpad. They didn't even bother to change the characters' names, and they used my own cover art, which (...)

    9. Re: Search Function for Grammar

      While that would certainly be helpful, how would it work? A story will only have a grammar score if it has reviews, and the grammar scores aren't always accurate (especially if there are only a small number (...)

    10. Re: What does a 0.5 rating actually mean?

      I've seen plenty of stories that might deserve a 0.5, but as a fellow writer, I'd never give anyone that rating. Writing is hard work, and if they're putting themselves out there, I'm not going to rate (...)

    11. Re: Why royalroad is a one pony trick?

      Each story site seems to trend a particular way, either deliberately (e.g., SOL and Lit for erotica, Web Novel and Scribble Hub for Chinese fantasy stories) or because over time, popular stories have attracted (...)

    12. Re: Experience with grammarly

      I've never tried the premium features because when I experimented with the free version, 90% of the changes it suggested were simply wrong. It has so many false positives, you need to already be a grammar (...)

    13. Re: Requesting feedback

      One thing that might turn readers away is that your story blurb has two grammatical errors in the first sentence--two separate sentences connected by a comma, and both sentences are questions without a (...)

    14. Re: Looking for novels with magic as an important part of the story

      Well, my series, The Eighth Warden, is entirely based around magic. However, please note that it builds up gradually, and it's not a LitRPG or isekai story.

    15. Re: Question concerning the average reader dropoff

      Are we basing it on analytics, or just on page views? I don't have the Analytics feature, so I can't look at that. Page views won't be very accurate, since it won't take re-reads into account, but for (...)

    16. Re: Please criticise my Fiction

      Hiya. Don't both make sense in this case? If the 'Cycle of Resent' doesn't make sense guess I'll have to change it. ;/ "Resent" is a verb, so it's like saying "Cycle of Run" or "Cycle of Yell". Resentment (...)

    17. Re: Hidden Gems

      The Legion of Nothing, by Jim Zoetewey. High school and college-aged superheroes learning the business, taking over from their grandparents. Very well written. Focuses a lot on daily life, and how being (...)

    18. Re: Would love some feedback

      I can provide you with a few suggestions to start off with... 1. There shouldn't be a comma after a quotation mark that marks the end of a line of dialogue. If the dialogue has a dialogue tag after (...)

    19. Re: New to the site

      Thank you, Endless Paving. I've been on this site for several months now, and I only knew half of the stuff you posted. Welcome to RR, Kesha. I tried Wattpad for a bit, but the way it only promotes (...)

    20. Re: Feedback about my writing style?

      Oh my, I used the word 'teenager'...definitely needs to be changed immediately. Could 'youngling' work? (I defined mentally "seasons" as a quarter of our year, I need to find something that can specify (...)