1. Re: Story Idea: Lighthearted LitRPG starring Half-Dragon spellsword woman. Would you read it?

      In a post-scarcity world where none are left wanting and those who die of causes other than old age resurrect in a week with only a few lost levels, the society's greatest excitement comes from an endless (...)

    2. Re: To continue or create second book...

      If it's the same story, you'll usually want to keep it all together, so you can keep your followers and page views all in one story. There are some scenarios where you might want to separate it, but if (...)

    3. Re: Novel Word Count

      I've heard 80,000 words, though I don't have any first-hand knowledge of what publishers are looking for. 60k sounds like it would be meant for a younger audience--maybe young adult? As for making your (...)

    4. Re: Is an 'annoying' protag a story killer for you?

      Are annoying protagonists bad, or do they have some merit? That depends mostly on whether they're annoying the other characters, or annoying the reader. If they're annoying the reader, well, (...)

    5. Re: Someone who's learning his mistakes as a failed author Part 2:

      MISTAKE #1: PROMOTING A BOOK THAT'S NOT EVEN FINSIHED YET- Ouch, that one's got to hurt. The funny thing is, I don't think I've ever seen this rule mentioned on a list of "what not to do" for new (...)

    6. Re: Thoughts on Grammerly?

      I tried Grammarly, but for me, it made far more errors than it caught. It just wasn't worth it. If you know you have problems with your grammar, it might be a net positive--but you still need to know enough (...)

    7. Re: Multiple Books or Just One

      If it's part of the same story, or even the same series, I'd generally recommend keeping it all in one package here on RR, so you can keep your followers and view counts attached to it. But there are (...)

    8. Re: What to offer here vs patreon?

      What I find strange in this entire conversation is this weird; Be poor, but look successful mentality. People have to start somewhere and if Patron's cannot recognize that, then I wonder how (...)

    9. Re: What to offer here vs patreon?

      And I think using Patron in that way early on is all right to use it for that. It's all I have been trying to explain this entire time. But everyone consistently thinks of Big Monetization and not Little (...)

    10. Re: What to offer here vs patreon?

      That's when I posted my first review which was for Affairs of Demons and Men before I even posted in this thread, I just updated the review because a new chapter came out today If you reviewed that (...)

    11. Re: What to offer here vs patreon?

      Who hurt you? Do you believe fake reviews should be allowed due to a disagreement in the forums? I would never attempt to sabotage your story if you were posting one here, no matter how much we (...)

    12. Re: What to offer here vs patreon?

      Nope I actually read through your first book because I was curious to see what you both had to offer, and I actually liked your story, Zogarth on the other hand I struggle bussed through because his (...)

    13. Re: What to offer here vs patreon?

      By the way, Yvern, thanks for the fake review on my story immediately after our discussion here. I guess if you can't come up with an appropriate response, you'd rather sabotage an author. You did pretty (...)

    14. Re: What to offer here vs patreon?

      I'm under an NDA, so I am unable to discuss more than what I already have. ROFL.

    15. Re: What to offer here vs patreon?

      if you can't afford to self-fund writing a book you shouldn't be writing a book.  I'm not entirely sure what else can be implied by the bold there, especially when later on he admits to gatekeeping (...)

    16. Re: What to offer here vs patreon?

      I don't have a Patreon, I have clients. Cool! How did you get your clients? What sort of writing do you do? How much do your clients pay per piece? How does your model translate to the OP's desire (...)

    17. Re: What to offer here vs patreon?

      OP was told to and I quote; stop writing. Build an audience. Don't write for money. Instead of "I don't think paywalling content of any kind at this point is advisable." At no point was the OP told (...)

    18. Re: What to offer here vs patreon?

      The issue is that what I was discussing was always about keeping a tip jar open, not gating content behind a Patreon. ... but that's not what this particular thread is about. If you just want (...)

    19. Re: What to offer here vs patreon?

      No where in the OP's post did he even say he was locking his content behind a paywall I'll quote the OP, since you appear to have misunderstood it: I will then start posting only the first (...)

    20. Re: What to offer here vs patreon?

      I am very confused by the direction this thread has taken.  If you want guaranteed pay as you write, and you want your writing expenses taken care of, you should look for a staff-writing job. Those (...)