1. Re: Block of Doom

      Thank you for the advice.  I've actually started doing something like this except that I find writing the dialog out as just words first then filling in the reactions and the descriptions later.  That (...)

    2. Re: Block of Doom

      Maybe this is bad advice, but write what you currently have ideas and motivation for. If you are constantly writing a lot on things you have the spark of inspiration for then you are more likely to be (...)

    3. Re: Hello everyone!

      Welcome to Royal Road! ^.^ And if I was gonna give you advice about posting here, post one chapter at a time every three days or four. That way you keep near the top of the most recently updated list. (...)

    4. Re: The Three Types of Villains

      With this in mind, and purely for the purpose of discussion, I'd like to know what you think about villains that don't practice evil, and instead are simply a force that opposes the hero. This is common (...)

    5. Re: The Three Types of Villains

      In my Villains lecture, I break them down as the Superior Villain (believing himself above others), the Extreme Villain (treating the means as its own goal), the Lost Villain (doesn't know how to stop), (...)

    6. Re: Join the Darth Side Review Group!

      Hi there! Would definitely love to join this group :) Then by all means, join us! lol Either post the work you want reviewed here or go to the discord we have and post it up there in our introduction (...)

    7. Re: Hello! I am Kiki.

      The cake is s lie. The cake is real! Just lethally toxic. XD Welcome Kiki!

    8. Re: Cover art request for a LitRPG parody

      If i could draw i would try to whip something up, but my skill is mostly based in photo shop with the clone/lasso/and other tools. Lol Don't sweat it. I appreciate the thought though. ^.^

    9. Re: The Three Types of Villains

      This is just something I created to help myself when creating villains, if it helps some of you craft better characters then all the better! The Three Types of Villains I made this template for myself (...)

    10. Re: Hard Magic or Soft Magic Systems?

      First I was surprised how many people were saying Hard. Now I realize that maybe my conception is wrong. How popular is soft magic anyway, if your definition is correct...? I certainly can't recall seeing (...)

    11. Re: A small suggestion for writers- From the reader part of me

      @OP Very true. We are so close to our babies that we forget that other people don't know the backstory inside and out. lol This is the writer's equivalent of a tech support guy asking if the computer is (...)

    12. Re: Join the Darth Side Review Group!

      Also, please feel free to give me my assignment. I look forward to reviewing some of the great works of the writers of Royal Road! :peoapproval: Great to have you aboard! ^.^ If you want to get (...)

    13. Re: Cover art request for a LitRPG parody

      The parody is centered around a character named Henry who gets isekai'd and then outsmarts the goddess Elgenta during the part where he decides his cheat for his next life. The title of the story is My (...)

    14. Re: Be Gentle. This is My First Post. Oh yea.. and hi!

      I have been extremely motivated to write lately, so I am hoping this will be a great creative outlet while also helping to strengthen my writing skills. Hope you remain motivated! And welcome (...)

    15. Re: High Fantasy original fiction based on Indian Mythology

      Welcome! Though I'm a little more pessimistic about 2021 so far. ^^;; lol That being said I'll see you around. Especially if you join The Darth Side Review Group. Link in my sig. lol

    16. Re: Hey guys, I'm a bird who recently learned how to use a computer. Ask me anything!

      Hello lovely Royal Road community, long time lurker but first-time poster. I usually go by Phoenix but it's taken everywhere so I got demoted to just a birb. You guys can call me bird or birb. (...)

    17. Re: Hard Magic or Soft Magic Systems?

      edit: it occurs to me that this is a similar debate to the idea that scientific explanations strip wonder and meaning out of the world, but scientists are often the people that find the most wonder (...)

    18. Re: Hitting trending has actually been a curse

      Maybe this is just me, but the instant I put up a work on a public forum I expect it to get torn to shreds or receive a bunch of "it sucks" and that's it reviews. Not because I'm a pessimitic person, but (...)

    19. Re: What things that make you quit reading a novel after serveral chapters?

      1. There is no conflict in the story. (I mean this for story genres that are supposed to have conflict, but don't because either the MC is too powerful or is too Mary Sue, so every potential conflict is (...)

    20. Re: Join the Darth Side Review Group!

      Hi, I would like to join this group.  Here's the work I would like to get some eyes on: https://www.royalroad.com/fiction/39684/shura-saga-burn-and-slay I'd be very happy to offer any insight I (...)