1. Re: Promote Your Story with a Poem

      Considering how my one story literally starts with a stanza from a poem that I made, I will include the poem here. lol Oh Pride! Father of sin! Oh Envy! Its mother! How is it that such things would (...)

    2. Re: Promote Your Story - First Sentences

      Here I am, sitting on a throne of the Entilian Empire surrounded by a harem of hot queens from various fantasy species, and I’m MISERABLE!

    3. Re: Hello! I'm the new guy!

      Welcome! Yeah, like others have said, put your story link in your signature. It's free advertisement every time you post

    4. Re: Is Caffiene mandatory?

      No, coffee is not mandatory. I'm a chocoholic, I have hardly touched coffee all my life. So simple answer. lol Well, to be fair, chocolate does have caffiene but I don't eat chocolate first thing in the (...)

    5. Would you read a story with this premise?

      Had this idea for a while, but since I have several other ideas in que, I was wondering if I should do this story sooner vs later. Title: The Last Wizard After an ancient battle for the fate of the (...)

    6. Re: Character Motivations Check List

      I consider us to have three big emotional needs. McLelland puts it: Affiliation (clout-chasing) Control (to have a sense of control of our surroundings) Achievement (to be proud of one's self) (...)

    7. Re: I'm just here to get some of that constructive criticism

      Welcome! And there are plenty of people here willing to help if it means a story to read. lol

    8. Re: You can make almost any plot premise work with masterful execution

      You've misunderstood OPMs premise completely. OPM is popular exactly because of its genius premise. "An OP everyman 'hero for fun' kills everything in one punch, but is troubled by the fact that (...)

    9. Re: What would a world without entropy be like?

      Dead. @OP this ^ A world without entropy is a world without the transfer of energy. Such a world wouldn't have any movement of any kind. Forget stars, forget life, forget anything aside from (...)

    10. Re: To Be Or Not To Be speech with modern wording.

      Hamlet once speaks out about those who would 'pluck out the heart of his mystery,' and I feel like an attempt to wrangle with the text until it is too simple to even say 'noble' or ask 'to be or not (...)

    11. Re: Optimum sexual content for fictions

      While they say "sex sells" and it's true, most serious readers who care about a story's plot and characters will find it annoying at best, cringe worthy or deal breaking at worst. If you must include sexual (...)

    12. Re: New girl in town

      Welcome and enjoy to community here. We're pretty chill. Lots of guides, advice, or help if you need it. Also lots of voracious readers. lol

    13. Re: Long titles to books or chapters suck, change my mind.

      I don't think anyone who reads this would want to change the OP's mind on this topic. lol

    14. Re: You can make almost any plot premise work with masterful execution

      Why does every debate devolve into anime discussions? XD What can I say, anime is the most consumed medium these days in nerd circles and it's the nerdy circles that tend to hangout on sites like (...)

    15. Re: Character Motivations Check List

      You could see these motivations in SPECIFIC actions of the characters. But most of the time its a mix of them and sometimes something else. This list is a more, man I'm stuck look at the list and see (...)

    16. Re: To Be Or Not To Be speech with modern wording.

      The speech has a suicidal undercurrent, but this is complex and reducing it to 'should I kill myself' isn't really doing it justice. Hamlet is not only considering suicide, but also his nature as a tragic (...)

    17. Re: Introduction to me, experienced in writing but I'm not really sure where I would put my skill level

      Welcome! And reviews are always welcome. lol If you like Paradist Lost or Konosuba then let me know and we can exchange reviews.

    18. Re: Anyone looking to swap?

      I'm fine with doing an equivalent word count. Got it, but that's okay, it shouldn't take too long to do half of your 40 chapter story

    19. Re: Anyone looking to swap?

      8 chapter story? One is about 40 (Lethal Combo) and the other is 81 (Rumble Circuit). I'm fine with you reading either though! Ah, sorry, guess the page didn't fully load or something. lol Yeah, (...)

    20. Re: Isekai Title Game

      Well the title of my isekai parody story is "My Overpowered Skill Forced the Goddess to Make Balance Changes" XD