1. Re: Thank you Royal Road!

      Bitey, on a serious. Congratulations.

    2. Re: New stories to watch out for

      I've got a suggestion for this: This is a neat sci-fi story with a good balance of sweetness and tension. I don't want to reveal too much, but I think it (...)

    3. Re: What Genre Thrives Most On RR?

      I'm managing alright, Jacky. I hope you are as well during these strange times. As for what's popular here on RR? LitRPG, Game-Lit, Fantasy (Mostly high fantasy), Portal Fantasy (Also called isekai) (...)

    4. Re: Hello there!

      Hello Lucas/Tim, Welcome to the road of royals! LitRPG is a genre that does very, very well here so you'd definitely be writing for the correct audience with something like that.  Just to warn you, (...)

    5. Re: Hello~

      Welcome to the site! I ended up completing a fiction last year and becoming very exciting, quickly posting it all over a couple of days. I found that was a bit of a mistake It's better to post your (...)

    6. Re: Introducing Myself

      Welcome, and have fun!

    7. Re: Do non-LitRPG's stand a chance on Royalroad?

      Fantasy does well here, as does xianxia.  If you're not one of the major categories, you can still succeed, but it takes more time. Updating often helps offset that. 

    8. Re: April Thread - Promote your story The Ogre's Pendant Genres: Action, Adventure, Fantasy, Sword and Sorcery Warning Tags Profanity: Light swearing (...)

    9. Re: April Story Promotion. The Ogre's Pendant Genres: Action, Adventure, Fantasy, Sword (...)

    10. Re: Tips for writers just starting off

      Hello, Fuchsia!  Welcome, and good luck on your first story! A lot of the advice above is gold. I particularly like the advice about writing what you wish, telling it well and reading diversely. (...)