The Great Devourer

I will be brief. 

Good grammar. 

Good character's.

Super duper fantastic Art.

until now i didn't found peculiar negative  aspects of this webnovel, but then again, I'm at chapter 7.

I like the shift between the perspective of characters, and even this change of pov (which could be a negative if done badly)  is an positive for the story, without breaking the pace.



The Law of Averages

Super interesting world. i like how the author shows the consequences of super powers. be that political, social or cultural. 

I also like how the mc perceives and has the idea about the powers -him being from a world without powers- and how his views matures and change during the story. How in truth this world is in many ways extremely different and at the same time similiar to his home world.

In my opinion the romantic part is truly good. 

good gramar.

by the way, my personal prefered characters are Dr. Viktor, Anastasia, Abby and obviously Officer Gregoir.

Mark of the Fool: A Progression Fantasy

super interesting.

I like the protagonist. the development of him but also that of his sister and friend. The story is still at the start so it's a bit difficult to fully express myself. however it deserves a look.

good grammar.

good fights.

interesting mc power.



word word word word

Salvos [A Monster Evolution LitRPG]

I like it. 

Good grammar. Good character progression. I like the system of skill and stats based on points. 

I like the world building. I like the 

I like her curiosity about human nature.


I don't have much else to say.

I need to post 50 words? But I don't know what to say. I said already all that was in my mind. 

I like her companion. He's good. Hope he becomes the next demon king. Or maybe something similar. 


Interesting story about a being that want to understand more about herself

Burning Stars, Falling Skies

This is the second kingdom building novel that i have read so far and  i truly enjoyed it so far.


 One  aspect that i would not have expected was the fast paced progression of this story.  That has surprised me in good way.


They are Smol

Tinychompers. Warmcuddles. They that need to be protected

Truly fun story about interactions between humans and other xeno species. 

May Aien Have Mercy

There many good things about this novel. The mc and his struggle versus the world. The interaction between the characters. The grammar. The story in general. 

Out of Space

I like it despite sometimes the hard reading (grammar)

The story is about the survival/growth and finally prosperity of an aliene race in an aliene environment. There's magic, monsters, other races and specially there are some kingdoms that don't take kindly the existence of our protagonist on this new world.


Now i don't know if there was some corrections but when im started reading this (some months ago) there was some poor editing/grammar on the first 50-100 chapters, after this part the grammar and editing are more smooth. 




A Journey of Black and Red

This is my first read of a vampire novel so i can't exactly say that i know much about this type of world, but man if the characters and the mood are good. recommended