Sexy Sect Babes

Sexy Sect Babes
by Bluefishcake
183 pages

“One in a billion.”

Jack kept repeating the mantra in his head.

“One in a billion.”

That was the number the Omni-Corps liked to cite whenever someone stepped onto one trans-mat pad and then simply… never stepped off the other.

“Safer than a car,” he repeated as he slogged through the snow, his mining overalls doing at least a passable job of keeping out the cold as he brushed aside a tree branch. “Safer than a plane. Or a starship. Safest form of transport in the Star League.”

He slammed his fist into a nearby tree, exo-empowered strength shattering it into little more than scattered bark and kindling.

“Yeah, well I never heard of a car ride stranding some prick in another dimension!” He roared, his voice echoing through the seemingly endless forest around him.

Then he kept marching. He’d seen the fire off in the distance. And given all the snow around, he sincerely doubted it was natural. Which left the unnatural.

Which meant people.

He hoped.

Because even if the trans-mat had screwed up, he doubted it had dumped him too far off the central finite curve. The fact that the air was breathable and that he could recognize the trees around him as oak told him that much.

And if the dimension he was in had trees native to Earth, chances are it would have animals too. Of which humans would hopefully be no exception.

“Because I’ll be damned if I spend the rest of my days talking to goddamn squirrels.”

No, if there were humans on this mudball, he was going to find them. One way or another.

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Corpse Hunter - Book Two

Corpse Hunter - Book (...)
by Chester.R.Hemsworth
24 pages

This is a sequel and as such the synopsis below will contain contain spoilers from Book One which can be found here. Corpse Hunter - Book One

Fallendahl as it exists today is but a shadow of its former self. That is to say that it has been consumed by the shadows that stretch across every sea and continent known to man. Gone are days of sun rises and sun sets for the only thing that now greets those who venture beyond their safe havens is the embrace of eternal of darkness. An otherworldly void from which unseen terrors flourish and prey upon those foolish enough to leave their underground fortifications or monolithic cities known as Columns. 

Having just been cast out of their Column, Aiden the Corpse Hunter, Vagrant the Ethereal Vulture, and Maria the Rift Caller now find themselves forced to walk the hellish nightscape known as the Blackened Wilds. Their struggle is one of survival, of the daunting task of finding a new safe haven to call their own before a force with the power snuff the light from stars can snuff the light from their souls. For the night is unending and so too are its terrors. 

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The Alchemyst book 1

The Alchemyst book 1
by BB Shelbie
527 pages

You've heard of superheroes, seen them flying across the sky, destroying great swaths of cities and ending countless innocent lives in order to defeat great evils and world-spanning threats and sell lots of sponsorships and merchandising opportunities.

This is a story about the guy that kills those heroes. A supervillain in a world where making the right friends and political contacts is what separates the good guys from the bad.

The Alchemyst is a story about a normal guy in a crazy world that spends his time trying to follow his dreams and conscience, working on new potions, thinking about girls, and lifting heavy shit, while trying to stay under the radar of the superheroes, supervillains, and governments that want what he can do.

And occasionally turning them into makeshift melee weapons.

If you enjoy The Boys, the Aberrant roleplaying game, Mystery Men, Trashy romances, Arnold Schwarzenegger movies, or SAW you may enjoy this book.


Please note that this book has extremely graphic and sometimes gross fight scenes, heroes as villains, villains as heroes, opinionated and often politically incorrect characters, some graphic sex scenes, dad jokes, dirty jokes, realistic depictions of romance and flirting, bondage and dominance themes, and more than a few cuss words when they are really appropriate. 

This is NOT a superhero genre deconstruction. Many heroes truly are heroes, and they don't all need to be destroyed to make a good story, but it does look into the dark side of superpowers and the unreasonable and often contradictory demands placed on exceptional people.

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The Bettor's Oath [A Dark-Modern LITRPG]

The Bettor's Oath [A (...)
by PistolWords
153 pages

We live in a world where the rabbit’s foot helped win the game. Following that logic, tell me, what happens when the odds are flipped against the strong and a god rises to give the weak their right for revenge?~Last segment of the First Monarch's speech before the Lablanca battle.

Lothar Ardolf, an alcoholic 27 years old high school teacher, was one of the many men who failed to catch up to life.
When everyone around him worked to leave a mark behind, he idled away between states of short sobriety and static numbness, hoping that one day everything would resolve itself.

It took little to wake him up. Only a life, soul, and body changing experience.
Thrust into a world of cheap power and tyrannical governments, where a man could rival what is true and alter what is false, he was tasked by an elusive being with befalling titans.

He wakes up in a prison with a path laid in front of him; one that would challenge all the resolve he has and more. Intertwined in a convoluted scheme of politics and old grudges, he will need to learn how to wield his new powers in order to escape before the secrets of the prison threaten to unravel him.

However, he shortly realizes that his new faded fantasy was not a fairy tale. All that awaits him in the end, for standing against the world, is death.

That is, if the three sided coin lands on heads. If it lands on tails... The shadowbane army rises.


This story is a neo-noir dark LITRPG in a world similar to earth. Take the tags seriously. I've been working on this project for 6 months and my MC is a bit unconventional, so I'm excited to introduce you all to him.

Beware, it will be a slow-burn, so please be patient. The main plot will start to kick up at around chapter 15. 

I will be writing about racists, rapists, cultists and horrible humans. I do not condone or excuse their behavior or choice of words but the first arc will be in a prison and (some) prisoners don't mince their words. 

My MC doesn't adapt to the new world immediately because that is not realistic at all. It takes time and because of his personality, it will take more than a system to convince him to do someone else's bidding ;)

Each chapter will have around 3000+ (give or take) words. I will be updating 2-3 times a week (depending on how busy I am with work and/or college) when I'm done publishing my backlog (Which is very big, 40,000+ words).

**Each comment gets rep!

Cover art by @tahraart on Instagram.

Link to discord: https://youtu.be/91wX0NRjJqg

Have a good one,



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King of Fools : Silver Tongue

King of Fools : Silver (...)
by NoDragons
210 pages

A certain trickster spirit was fond of saying, 'me and my big fat mouth'. That could be Jasper Stone's motto. There's never been a situation in his life he didn't make worse by opening his mouth, because when he does, ridiculous amounts of trash-talk and overconfidence just spills out. He's never managed to do anything with his wits -- but when the God of Fools tosses him into another world for amusement's sake, he'll need to put them to use. Because there are bandits, dragons, and cultists out there -- none of whom appreciate Jasper's particular gift for insults.

--Cover by the inimitable Vitaly S Alexius.

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Splinter of Calanthia

Splinter of Calanthia (...)
by Northernbadger
351 pages

Trapped in an unforgiving and hostile world, Thomas must learn to use his newfound summoning powers before it's too late.

The island kingdom of Calanthia teeters on the brink of destruction, and on every side, they are threatened by the forces of evil. In a last bid for survival, the high mage uses an ancient ritual to summon powerful heroes to push back the darkness threatening the lands.

Thomas finds himself transported to a mysterious world along with four others, but he quickly finds himself alone and in a desperate battle for survival. Granted powers by a splinter of a shattered dungeon core, he must master his strange abilities while evading those hunting for him.

With only summoned monsters by his side, he’ll have to do whatever it takes to grow powerful enough to defeat those seeking his destruction.

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Modern Patriarch

Modern Patriarch
by Daoist Enigma
171 pages

When Yao Shen, Patriarch of the Heavenly Sky Sect, ascends and regains memories of his past life on Planet Earth, he realizes that he can no longer allow himself to accept the cruel and violent ways of Eliria, the realm of cultivation. 

So he decides to change it. 

It was time to found a new sect. One based on the values of honor and equality over senseless violence and discrimination. A sect where all, from the mortal farmer’s son to a sect elder's daughter, were held accountable to the same rules. 

Welcome to the Modern Sect.

Copyright © Daoist Enigma.

Cover by the Talented Vitaly S. Alexius

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That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Dwarf While Trapped in a Dungeon Full of Spiders

That Time I Got Reincarnated (...)
by wuzzman40k
139 pages

Thousands of years ago, mankind would honor their dead and their journey to the afterlife through the process of mummification. The elaborate tombs and burial rituals marked our transition from hunter-gatherers to civilizations and empires. However, it's been over 500 years since we've sent tributes to the underworld, and now the underworld, or whatever lies beyond, has decided to send something back.

Authors Note-

This story is inspired by DnD, Dark Souls, Guild Wars 1, and my love of eldritch horror and dark creepy dungeons. 

Also completed doesn't mean end of the line. There is more Mike Sammons in the future, promise.

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Tower of Hell

Tower of Hell
by Chaosverser
366 pages

A wicked tale of good, evil, and everything in between. This web novel follows eighteen-year-old Jonas Ariel and his dangerous adventure through the Tower of Hell, searching for his older brother. Jonas is a daring youth who attempts to climb the harsh social climate of Hell, all while training himself to master a strange, evil power called Sin.

However, in his crusade to be reunited with his beloved brother, Jonas stumbles upon a world of shadow and blood, where he later learns that his being is much more significant than he once thought. How could an orphan from Kansas have so much impact on the fate of Hell?

Tower of Hell is an adult 18+ story, viewer discretion is advised. This is a work of fiction. Names, characters, business, events, and incidents are the products of the author's imagination. Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, or actual events is purely coincidental.

© 2022 Chaosverser Web Novels

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The Elusive Human, So Often Forgotten [Progression Fantasy]

The Elusive Human, So (...)
by Rafael Kalleen
402 pages

Von of Redgrave wakes up to a rather wonderful surprise - five years have passed, and in that time he became the greatest human swordsman in the Six Principalities. Now, he realizes - to his joy - that he could laze around for the rest of his life, never accomplish anything, and still be considered to have brought pride to his noble house.

Yet he feels oddly unhappy about this, even though all he ever wanted was the ability to laze around and do nothing, he finds himself yearning for something more. A request from Talla the Elf sets his heart ablaze, and he once again sets forth on the path of becoming the strongest swordsman - and this time, he doesn't want to stop at just being the strongest human. 

He won't stop until he's the strongest to ever live.

[Participant in the Royal Road Writathon challenge]

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Scorched - The Winter Winds (LitRPG)

Scorched - The Winter (...)
by primemountain
632 pages

Frank Ebner once wanted to save the world. Let the second one be better than the first. 

On Earth he was a student of... well it hardly matters anymore. It was dying, and he and the rest of his fellows and friends studying how to stave off the end graduated just in time to be told it was too late.

That there was not enough time, funds, will, to stop it anymore. That the governments and the worthies of the world had moved from trying to stop it, to surviving the oncoming apocalypse, while blaming each other.

That was a world Frank wanted nothing to do with. One riven by wars for places in the Archologies going up, and between them and the dying world they were leaving behind.

So when a strange voice offered him a way out, to a world unmarred by the poison killing his? Frank took it.

The voyage changed him, made him fit his new world, one of stats and magic. It came with perks, for in passing through their Heavens, they'd been exposed to Divinity, and taken some of the Celestial within them. 

Heroes now, but there are heroes, and there are Heroes. The nobility of the Empire care only for those who carry blessed bloodlines, and their time to adapt and train up for the new world is limited.

Patrons are scarce among those like Frank, with only the base Hero perks, and magic studies expensive and lengthy. Often requiring heavy Oaths to gain the necessary aid to wield mana as a mage.  

Frank found another way. It nearly cost him his life.

Now on the run and burned by the very magic he sought and craved, he is a pilgrim traveling to the The Eternal Tree, font of Perseverance. Frank hopes Ir-karlak will grant him some way to recover from the fires that scorched him. Without snuffing out the embers those fires lit within, for he has learned to harness them and he would not give up magic for the world.   


In the last 21 days, as I update this, I've managed about 18-19 updates. So Scorched should update most days, muse willing. She's fickle, sometimes. Not every day, but most.

If there's an update for the day, it will be at 7PM, GMT+2.

*[participant in the Royal Road Writathon challenge] Actually completed it. :) *

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Victor of Tucson [A LitRPG/Progression Fantasy]

Victor of Tucson [A LitRPG/Progression (...)
by PlumParrot
504 pages

Victor was an average eighteen-year-old kid from Tucson, Arizona, trying to figure out his life after high school and focus on getting his act together. One hot summer day, he stepped into his grandma's house and disappeared, snatched out of his life by some unsavory fellows from another world. Things don't get better from there, unfortunately, as the gents who summoned him deem him worthless and offload him to a member of low society who happens to run a pit fighting business. Victor's time in this new world might be short, indeed.

Release Schedule: 4k+ word chapters every Sunday and Thursday. Starting in July, I'll have more time, and I will increase post frequency.

If you get caught up on this story, you might like my other ongoing novel, Falling with Folded Wings. It's over a thousand pages on RR, with lots more to come.

Important Patreon Note: My Patreon has advance copies (30+) of my other fiction. So far, I only have 10 advance copies of Victor on there. This may change in the summer, but for now, please bear it in mind when supporting me through Patreon. Thank you!

Cover Art by: Carlos Monteiro

Part 2 Art by: PanGalactic

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