Arrogant Young Master Template A Variation 4

Wuxia/Xanxia lovers will enjoy this. 

The author jumped a bit early into the storyline after re-possession, but I'm sure you can get over it.

This is not an artificial intelligence meets cultivation novel, but a well-informed enthusiast that gets thrown into his favourite genre and breaks the 4th wall without breaking it to you as the reader but as a protagonist trying to stay away from the tragedies that his life is forcing on him as a villain.

A great entertaining read.

Superior Era

There are many super hero slice of life stories, but this is one with class.

The info dumps are manageable as there are many littered throughout the story but they are short, so it doesn't feel disruptive to the flow. 

Characters are well thought out and so are the mechanics of this universe regarding social and magical workings.

A good read. 

Shoulders Of Giants

 Points of interest:

- Author seems to be well read over a few fields, and likes to see a world that can bring forth his version of brilliance I assume.

- Writing style is good, author does his homework and gives references to highlight theorems/strategies. In my opinion I feel that this book has a slow startup, but could be turned into a long story that rocks. (I for one am a sucker for a long story that maintains itself.)

- Characters have not had a lot of room for development, but that may be only because most might not be there long term? (Based on my opninion the story will take a turn for the long run.) But in all honesty 14 chapters doesn't give the author much leg room for the side characters.

- Incorporating science, psychology and whatever other field could be of relevance may seem and sound fun to read, but I do know that it makes planning a story and maintaining it damn near impossible.

Overall a fun read.

Anticipating more from VanPeer.

The Good Student

Reviewed Up Till Chapter 13

Truth be told this is a story to behold,

Of a character first driven by his emotional need,

Thereafter swept up by the magic of old,

Fighting for his own place growing like a stubborn weed,

Resolute to walk his own path he becomes bold,

Customs and culture superseeded by what has yet to be freed,

A fire to come will only turn his emotions, cold.

The Crux of Human Suffering

Can you feel it? Feel your heart pull you into this powerful story?

A reincarnation story with a positive twist. (And some manly tears)


Avoiding the no-no's of the incredulity of a small baby being able to physically beat some monstrosity with martial arts that his seemingly small baby body can do.


Bottom line, MAJOR PLOT ARMOR! You can believe what happens with the MC.


This story has a proper pace where you don't feel like you are being left behind, there is a story full of life flowing alongside the progress, it does not rush ahead leaving plot holes along the way.


In my opinion this is a great read.


Please keep it up Mr./Mrs. Author, your making us proud.