Tome of Stealth [A System Anti-Apocalypse]

For readers who enjoy slow burning romance, magical item assisted heists, and learning cultural details about other races/worlds. 

Grammar is well done with only a scattering of typos/mistakes (thank you!), and the story is interesting with the twists, bouncing between the real world / virtual world, and all the little exchanges in the notes section that lets us see how the real world is doing with Passivity Precept (as can be expected, some humans are good with this and some aren't coping well). 

Character-wise, both Lore and Mia are wonderfully fleshed out with their backgrounds causing current day problems, goals that sometimes align and sometimes don't, and how each of them think about the same item. A dark dress? Lore explains why not, Mia explains why yes, and reading their relationship is lovely. The only fault I really felt was in style, when chapters became a little less wordy, HOWEVER, I will happily favorite, follow, and recommend this fiction for others to read!

Capo: Rise of a Gang Lord

For readers who enjoy GTA, changing between respectable & thuggish in seconds, and who like to find humor in gang names such as The Fatally Hip (and the MC's smart mouth).

Characters each have their own motivations and dreams; what's nice to see is that not every person wants to be a gang lord and that actions have a range of reasons behind them. There are a few times, though, that it seems as if no matter what happens a character is not learning/changing. Stylewise, this is fantastic - truly a gamelit / GTA combination and with an array of interesting world building. 

Grammar mistakes are mostly small typos, some capitalization, and missing words - for most readers they won't detract from the story. As for the story itself, there have been a couple of places where information is suddenly known when it hasn't been explained yet, or there's a contradiction - it's getting better chapter by chapter though.

Kova + Rey

The details dotting the pages are fantastic (happily remembers the descriptions of the other children at the school), and my only two complaints are that the story moves a little too fast and that more details about the classes, lunch, and what a school day looks like would add a lot to the world.

Enjoying the twist of politics and fantasy with young protagonists, and the story is going in a good direction, building up and setting up with every interaction between Kova and Rey. Well done! 

If you like childhood friends meeting up again, politics, and magical schools, try reading Kova & Rey.


Ari-os...? Ari-yes!

For readers who enjoy arcane crafting, a status including mental health, and a second chance at being yourself, Aris-Os is for you.

I've enjoyed the story very much and even in 15 chapters, Kali has been on a journey of discovery after finding herself on a new world with its own magic system. The style could use (in my opinion) a little more show and a little less tell, however, it's not so unbalanced as to pull me from the story. 

Grammar - (Note: the author is a non-native English speaker) A little rough in the beginning, but the grammar does smooth out and the typos lessen. While there might be small word choices that could be better, or capitalization mistakes, readers can understand what's happening, including the feelings of the character and immersive details. 

This gets a follow and a favorite from me :)



For readers who like speed runs, comeuppance, and glitching fun

An amazing short story: perfect grammar, chockful of small details that showed the character and moved the story forward, and with a little bit of insight on how software might look at glitch causing action (and figure out the final decision). 

As much as I wish this was longer, the style works best as a short story... or should I say, a speed story? Spinning attack pig? Check. Vengeance? Double check. Made me snicker/laugh? Triple check!

There is no Epic Loot here, Only Puns.

For readers who like pacifist dungeons, creatures with individual wills, and a crazy cast of characters! 

This story was the reason I made an account on RR in July 2019. The backgrounds of the characters keep me amused, the way Delta has "broken" her dungeon system is hilarious (Delta herself likes puns, so she's automatically awesome!), and all the little story twists that I never saw coming have me enthralled. (Also, Deo. Representation is great.)

My only problem would be grammar, which is rough in the beginning but does get a bit smoother later on. But I've read this from start to the latest chapter at least five times now (if not more) and the author gets all my love and admiration. 

Among Giants

As I read each chapter, this story and the characters are most certainly making my enjoyment grow each chapter. Grammar looks good (excluding a few small typos, those that every author dreads, might pop up every so often) and if I could give a character score of more than five I would. Even with the three apprentices all learning, and in some cases being grouped together in the same lesson, it's easy to tell who is talking and why they want to do action A while others want to do action B because they all have their own goals, wants, and problems. 

The style and story is good, some chapters a little fast on details, and in others a little slow in action. However, the story starts to dig in deeper at chapter 14 with the introduction of others, and I look forward to seeing how this progresses!

For readers who like learning about characters bit by bit, seeing sibling bonds, and love the idea of ascending into new worlds.