1. Re: You ever get that feeling,

      A feeling of relief or satisfaction when you finally get through editing? Hits pretty often for me. Any feeling of relief or satisfaction after editing is quickly drowned out with worries about (...)

    2. Re: Isekai Title Game

      Thrown into Another World as a Harpy, but I have Paper Feathers Instead of Steel Feathers!? (... okay, now I want to just go crazy and write something like this, it sounds fun)

    3. Re: Looking for second opinion on cover/art

      I thought your reference page was great - I didn't read it the first time I read your story since I didn't know the characters, but when I read deeper, I went back to the reference page to see how they'd (...)

    4. Re: Favorite Tropes

      The "You'll Have to Go Through Me!" and Found Family are my favorite tropes. 

    5. Re: That Tagging Feeling

      Is it going to be gamelit? If there's going to be levels or gamelike elements, leave it. It doesn't matter if it's later on, people who want it will be able to find the story, and people who dislike (...)

    6. That Tagging Feeling

      I'm getting the feeling I put the wrong tags on Cloudlark. I mean, I'm happy with where the story is going, I like the premise, the characters, and I'm super excited for future events, like the massive (...)

    7. Re: I just hit double-digit followers! 10 followers and over 300 views on my story!

      Don't worry about the numbers, but certainly be happy that readers are finding your writing and sticking around to read more!  :DrakanWine:

    8. Re: Got my first o.5 star rating! brought the cake! (... wow that was more cake than I thought there'd be...)

    9. Re: Which cover would you be more inclined to click on?

      I can see why the edges might give off a horror vibe, but the first one still captures my attention more than the second one does. The colors are amazing, and the items that make the cover are less used (...)

    10. Re: Over a hundred views on my first novel! Thank you fellow readers.

      Congrats on getting over 100 views! (And may you have many more, too)  :DrakanWine:

    11. Re: Red Mist hit Rising Stars

      :DrakanWine:  Congrats to you and your writing!

    12. Re: First 0.5! (Cake wanted) Welcome to the 0.5 club! (And honestly, that's the best attitude (...)

    13. Re: NaNoWriMo/Writathon Discussion

      The WikiWriMo is where most of this stuff has been tucked away. Here's the page for Rebels during NaNo. When NaNoWriMo began the option of being a rebel didn't exist, it was write 50k of a brand new book (...)

    14. Re: NaNoWriMo/Writathon Discussion

      Definitely gonna aim for doing NaNo this year. Not gonna do a whole separate novel for it, I'm just gonna use it as an excuse to get my word count up on Record of Lundeir's chapter drafts cause I might (...)

    15. Re: NaNoWriMo/Writathon Discussion

      Ah, no worries Verliln! :peoYes: The YWP (Young Writers Program) is mainly for students still in school (elementary-high) since many of them find writing 50k in one month to be difficult (or just (...)

    16. Re: NaNoWriMo/Writathon Discussion

      Oooh, I forgot about the writeathon here... looks like I'm adding to my Nov. event list For me, November is:  GoT = Game of Tomes, where a community of Twitch writers collect word counts to see (...)


      Congrats on having your 1st project accepted, and best of writing to you!  :DrakanWine:

    18. Re: Did This A While Back

      Don't worry, the risk of killing the thread has fallen on me now  :drakansweat: Hmm... Parallel Hearts is a tragedy, with one person trying to reach out to her alternate self that could have been and (...)

    19. Re: First Arc Complete!

      Wonderful to hear, and what a great milestone to celebrate!  :DrakanWine:

    20. Re: Can anyone recommend a good, easy to use, free fantasy map maker?

      If I remember correctly, Inkarnate has a free-to-use version. Sure, it doesn't have everything the paid version does, but you'll still be able to make a good map. There's also GIMP (completely free), but (...)