Rumble Circuit (Awakened in a Fighting Game World and Forced to Battle to Survive)

Rumble Circuit (Awakened (...)
by S.N. Keirstead
1k pages

Janus Campbell can't fight. And unfortunately for him, that's the only way to survive.

Upcoming physicist Janus Campbell is trapped in the world of Tersaia, where shadow monsters lurk the streets, anyone can be monitored at any time and fighting is the best way to make a living; either through the Rumble Circuit, a world-wide ranking of combatants that keeps track of participants' wins and losses in competitive duels, or through slaying the constantly spawning Essencima that terrorize the population.

Unfortunately for Janus, he doesn't know how to fight. No special moves. No signature techniques. Not even a basic grab.

However, there are two people that might be able to help him out. Itzel, an avaricious woman with the ability to manipulate the wind, and Gurk, a man-crocodile hybrid of few words that can control ice, are the ones that will have to help Janus if they ever want to leave the harrowing alleys of Labrisson and rank up in the Rumble Circuit.

Art isn't mine, it's commissioned.

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The Courting of Life and Death

The Courting of Life (...)
by VMJaskiernia
542 pages

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Clandestina is a realm of secrets, fairies, and dark magics. Among the nobles there is talk of a goddess of death, and a forbidden magic she grants to those that follow her-- cræft that can heal injuries that should be fatal or even bring back the dead. But she asks for much in return; blood and sometimes even life itself.

Pierre Salvador has just returned to court after finishing his studies and becoming a surgeon. But as he flirts with his childhood friend Elizabeth Anne, Mora, The Lady of Death, waits for him.

I do not take my books down from Royal Road. I do edit, polish, and rewrite things for the published release. (Vol 1 is just short.)

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by JackPembroke
170 pages

A collection of Gamelit short stories

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by Lyhr Lahel
229 pages

Ari-os is a story about a 21-year-old woman who woke up in an abandoned lab with little to no memories of her past. Turns out she is in the future now and the world became a very different place from what it used to be. 

Magic appeared in the world, changing it forever, and humanity created a way to control it, allowing people to increase their physical and mental abilities while shaping the world according to their will, but something caused civilization to regress, becoming a mere shadow of what it used to be.

In her journey to figure out who she was, what happened to the world, and how much time has passed, Kali will discover ancient ruins, fight horrendous creatures, find how humanity has fared in this harsh world and meet with droids that walk the land as remnants from the technology that the world once had.

In this story, you are going to see Litrpg elements such as a system with panels, skills, and stats (Although not inside a game, the main character has access to information about her growth much like an RPG).

Survival elements will be present but it won't be the focus of the story, but crafting and enchanting on the other hand are going to be quite prevalent.

Please, do let me know what you think in a comment or review, all criticisms are welcome. Also, English is not my native language so if you see any grammar mistakes, do tell me :)

Chapters of ~2700 words each.

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Among Giants

Among Giants
by Nameless32
247 pages


BIG NOTE: This story is currently being rewritten. However, the rewrite has strayed so far from the original that they're hardly the same story anymore. If you want a better story with higher-quality writing and much better pacing, check that one out.

(If you liked this story and want to show your support, consider rating the rewrite! I would be super appreciative if you did!)

When a mystic has reached the peak of their world’s growth, they are able to ascend, leaving it behind in favor of a higher, more potent plane. Since the dawn of existence, ambitious prodigies have pushed the boundary of what seems possible, ascending beyond countless worlds in search of the peak.

Hong Tang Kiro… is not one of those geniuses. However, his twin sister just might be. Secluded on a border world and selected for their talent in fire mana, the siblings are unknowing participants of a centuries-long experiment, hosted by a powerful eccentric on the verge of immortality. Follow the twins as they learn of and attempt to escape their predicament, before venturing out into the wider world(s).

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The Humble Life of a Skill Trainer

The Humble Life of a (...)
by alstonsleet
662 pages

For Joshua Still, Skills were the lifeblood of his business. He wanted to understand them, collect many of them, and teach a few of them. Which was a problem because while his profession of a Skill Trainer was perfectly legal, it was frowned upon by most of the kingdom. After all, it wouldn't do for a non-tailor to teach Tailoring. Or, so says the Tailors Guild.

The same could be said by the Blacksmiths, the Bakers, the Butchers, the Candlestick Makers, the Mages, and every other Guild with enough money and clout to complain. But still, Skill Trainers provide a valuable service, and so he has managed to start his business and keep it under the table. To a degree. With many a bribe. But his quiet anonymous life of research, practice, and training was about to change. When the Baron demands you pay him a visit, you have little choice.

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Tome of Stealth [A System Anti-Apocalypse]

Tome of Stealth [A System (...)
by DragonOfRochester
464 pages

When the Passivity Precept takes over the world it snuffs out all brutality, leaving its MMO-like Violence Simulator as humanity's only source of physical violence. Knowing how much she can make from selling epic gear, Grace Winston enters the simulation and discovers that it's more than just a game. Somewhere in there are the answers to who started the fire that killed her father.

 For far too long, Lorevinel Silvercat has been stuck as the Ravenborn clan’s free-roaming prisoner. They’ve held a grudge against his clan and have used him to vent their hatred. Having planned his escape for several years, he has everything ready, but he needs a specific artifact from the Rogues Guild to finally start his journey. 

 Will Grace find her answers? Will Lore gain his freedom? Can these two unlikely people, both alien to each other, find common ground and work together while dealing with an unasked for soul bond?

ToS is a Lite LitRPG (meaning very few stats with a focus on story). Expect cursing, sexual tension, descriptions of breeding dungeon rats, and a little gore.

TL;DR- The System Anti-Apocalypse forces everyone to be peaceful and only commit violence inside its Magical VR game.

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There is no Epic Loot here, Only Puns.

There is no Epic Loot (...)
by stewart92
2.4k pages

She became a dungeon core.

Everything pointed Delta to murdering her way to success. People were just mana farms, right?

No, that was wrong. Delta refused. Then everything became odd.

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