This story is a great read.... but not if you're looking for a "normal" read. It has its highs and lows but in my opinion it really turns one's expectations on your head. Great read but highly realistic in that very rarely things go the way you want or expect. 

The Infernal Blade

Great read so far. Couldn't stop reading.  Has a good flow. Only "complaint" is his overall reaction when he's first summoned. It seems he's to casually accepting of everything immediately. Other then that it was fantabulous. I'd definitely recommend.... and apparently reviews now have to be at least fifty words long. 


Creep is a compelling story of a man forced to be confronted that not all "heros" are actually hero's. And those considered villains may be the true hero's hidden in plain sight. Being nearly killed just for his power and looks he ends up facing what it means to be a hero a villain or a monster. 

Post Human

I've never read a story from an AI perspective and I enjoyed it. Was great writing some spelling/grammar errors but not much. Love the Canadians question to them. Really love the tech explanations especially after "dumbing" it done for use mortal beingsπŸ˜‰πŸ˜‰. Also enjoyed how the AI wasn't emotionless and actually had human emotions. 

Monsters Dwell in Men - B2: Jehovah's Harmony

Amazing plotline Great writing and Phenomenal characters. P.s. On chapter 26 is a short discussion/list of interesting books to read here on RR. 

Monsters Dwell in Men

The reading was great I literally couldn't put it down. Although I think the synopsis could be modified to fit this some it's just the beginning and you imply/spoil a lot,at least in my opinion. But overall great read. 

Lazy Dragon Queen: Gaming in an Illogical World

Hilarious fun. Also this story reminds me of something I once saw on a license plate frame. "I like cats. They taste great". Aaannywho this story is a great relaxing story with good humor that can cheer you up after a bad day while still having a good storyline. 

Spoiler: Spoiler


First of I don't normally do reviews. Second I world have never read this story if I hadn't noticed many authors I like reading had this in there favorites. This story is deeply haunting and externally poignant. This delves into the struggles in having to reintegrateback into a society that had not changed at all although you might've. Honestly I've never actually considered exactly what might happen in a book that ends like this begins. The author didn't tell us on a story but had us experience. Well written only reason not a five star was because of a few typos. Thanks to this story now I wonder why nothing like this happened in The Chronicles of Narnia. 

The Blue Mage Raised by Dragons

I had always considered undead I generalto be creepy yet intriguing now whenever I think of skeletons I start laughing because of this story. The MC is intriguing bit I would love a side story or fifty of Mr. Skelly and the other skeletons as well add there creator maybe of trying to answer some of the prayers? Would be even more hilarious. Thank you for bringing laughter through skeletons. Can't wait to read more.