Mark Long

Mark Long

Respawn Condition: Trash Mob

Hard to follow and a bit confusing.

I found the story hard to follow. It is not my cup of tea. The MC seems to be stuck in s loop with hero coming to conquer the Dungeon. However I am not quite sure if it's the same hero just just adventure parties. I did not enjoy the story as I do not find my self to be hooked to the storyline. How the story is narrated is lackluster. Live, die, of be die. I know it's the message that the author wanted to portray but not my cup of tea.

An Infinite Recursion of Time

A real smut. Not a fake one, seriously 18++

As the title suggests, this work started off as a tame time loop reincarnation novel with hero and damsel in distress but it turned smutty in a span of few chapters. The set up is there but it's really well done. Ok there are light discuss on philosophy which makes you think you are smart but not really. So the use of philosophy is also a clear lead up to humor. 

A Budding Scientist in a Fantasy World

A great story so far( chapter 15), it feels like I read a whole book. The survival aspect of the story is simply superb. The MC is underpowered so makes her encounters more thrilling. I hope author will not deviate from her writing style as most stories tend to get side tracked and lose focus around 20-30 chapters onwards. Losing focus tend to kill the story and my best wishes for this story. 


Harbinger of Destruction (an EVP LitRPG)

Impressive writing. I like these kind novel. I am hooked. It is also well thought out. Usually the NPC are too OP and story just fizzle out but this time it had a very nice development and main character is human. The NPC had mercy. It let people go. Now it really reflected how people are so distant and mean where as machine are more humane than the flesh

I'm Just the Guard!

A great story that actually make sense

A good story that really dives into the virtual reality of npc


Too long of a tutorial

Interesting story but way too long at tutorial. I don't know how long this novel will exist but the beginning is too long. I think this book will fizzle out before the planned main event. 

Fantasy World Epsilon 30-10

A true liberal wrote this masterpiece that will take you places that you have never been before then realized that we were on well trodden path all along. When I say liberal I mean it as what it meant before, it will liberate your mind. 

The Menocht Loop

A real diamond. It's not even in the rough. It's boom. You get into the fantasy world and do not come out. A real matrix within matrix within a matrix. 

A Demon's Tail

Yeah. Andur is back with new story. I liked your many other stories but plz dobt rewrite. 

Love Crafted

Like a role playing book with love twist

A decent book. Very fresh. It gave me thw feeling that i am in an adelventure book with out choices and goi g through book again and again to get the good ending.