Mark Long

Mark Long


Too long of a tutorial

Interesting story but way too long at tutorial. I don't know how long this novel will exist but the beginning is too long. I think this book will fizzle out before the planned main event. 

Fantasy World Epsilon 30-10

A true liberal wrote this masterpiece that will take you places that you have never been before then realized that we were on well trodden path all along. When I say liberal I mean it as what it meant before, it will liberate your mind. 

The Menocht Loop

A real diamond. It's not even in the rough. It's boom. You get into the fantasy world and do not come out. A real matrix within matrix within a matrix. 

A Demon's Tail

Yeah. Andur is back with new story. I liked your many other stories but plz dobt rewrite. 

Love Crafted

Like a role playing book with love twist

A decent book. Very fresh. It gave me thw feeling that i am in an adelventure book with out choices and goi g through book again and again to get the good ending. 

Unfathomable Senior

The beginning were rough. The mc was overpowered and acting like a chicken. However the later chapters are getting better and better. 

Homicidal Aliens are Invading and All I Got is This Stat Menu

This one is bit weird. It started off pretty good but after 10 chapters the fight scenes were lackluster. The overall concept was good however generic. The real issue come from much later in the work where the author seems to be unsure of the story's direction.

Super Minion

Ok beginning but boom story takes off

The first few chapters were hard to get through but after  few chapters the story takes off and is super addictive. 

Exceed System: The Gambler

I like this novel. A very good start. Loads of interesting characters

A Sith's Journey

Thank you so much for beating the shit out of our main character.