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Dumped into a world by myself, set up with a class that requires others to excel with just over a week to prepare for a fight with a literal god.

This is just another betrayal to add to the list. I won't stop until I find the person who put me in this situation, along with my friend who I dragged into this mess.

Transferring to another world and gaining special powers is a dream for some, but if they were dropped into my shoes... they'd probably give up.

But I won't.

This story has the following elements:

  • Male MC
  • Light RPG mechanics (no in-story stat tables)
  • Non-standard class for the MC
  • Moderate violence
  • A mix of solo fights and group battles with a balance of tactics, skill and ability usage

If you're looking for the below, you may be disappointed:

  • Instantly overpowered MC (no prior skills in combat, every bit of growth is earned)
  • Female MC (duh)
  • Explicit sex (may be referenced, but no NSFW chapters)
  • Health bars (damage taken and given reflects reality)
  • Harem 
  • Gore and ultra-violence

**This story is a First Draft, changes may take place during the process. Three chapters per week at minimum.**


**So, this is set up as a GameLit transported to a new world story initially, but it focuses on how such a system would work in real life. There are levels, abilities and mana pools, but damage and health are realistic and combat is fast and frantic. 

I think that is an interesting mix. If you have any questions, just ask in the comments. I'm always happy to discuss anything in relation to the story.**

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