Dex is for Swordplay

This story, with only 19 pages, is already a fuck ton of fun, with is very good mastery of pop-culture trope and, in particular, the wordplays like a sugary bubonic plague.

I love it XD There, put on my to-read list ^^

Also, a harem based on gender-bended friends? What kind of balls/ovaries do you need to write that? The perverse kind. Fortunately, I'm a perverse mufufu~

Selena's Reign: The Golden Gryphon

Sub-title: One of the greatest start for a story I’ve ever seen, not only on RR, but in all my reading history.


- Style:

Overwhelmingly captivating. Each sentence is crafted with care and precision, and the vocabulary used is astoundingly rich.  Better than most professional books.


- Grammar:

Nothing to say.


- Story:

I don’t want to spoil, so I’ll just say the base axioms are neat and very well-exploited so far, with an attention to details rarely seen.

The historical structure of this work gives a sense of unity that is very much welcomed, seeing what the premises are.


- Characters:

The characters are the best type: humans, relatable, and logical in their dynamics.


- Overall:

As flawless as you can get a story to be in RR, this piece of work as an interesting delicate style and common yet well-exploited premises. A must-read.


- Stray thoughts :

The prologue reminds me of The Wheel of Time, something past, distant yet incredibly important, as if you were, from space, peeking at a historical events people shouldn’t have seen. I love it.

Some base axioms of this story are surprisingly similar to one of mine. It’s very fun to see another author’s take on a similar concept, I love it ^^

This goes in my must-read list of things I’ll wait of them to have more chapters. Heck, I would buy the book if it, one day, was published, as this kind of story is what I want to have in my personal library, for my family to read, my cousins, my siblings.

I rarely give a flawless full-stars review, but this more than deserves it.

The only thing I could see lacking to make this one of the best story of all time (for me): a romance, a good one ^^

Musical Land Trilogy

A chilling musical take on the dystopian genre.

This was done as part of a review swap but, as usual, I’m as objective as one can be.


- Style:

The style is efficient yet not dry, but the best parts are the musical passages. At first, I wasn’t sure how the author would handle the writing of a musical, but it’s done well enough to really immerse you in it.

The description in themselves are a good match with the theme of the story, as the artistic world we’re presented with appears genuine enough to be nice to read, which in turn make you question the objective of it, as this is a dystopic tale. Creepy feeling ensues.

- Grammar:

Nothing to say.


- Story:

A very classical dystopian theme, well served and supported by the other aspect of the story. It’s clean and the twist of musical still give a fresh coat of paint to an old yet trusted concept.


- Characters:

All characters are technically rip-off from reality, but this doesn’t serve the story badly. Quite the opposite, in fact, since it gives you an instinctive feeling of what the characters are just by reading their name, with yet enough mystery to be kept interesting.

The MC is quite relatable in her emotions, and her reactions help to highlight the parts where this false utopia’s gears screech.


- Overall:

Appearing niche, I found this novel being a good fresh take on the dystopian concept while not being too dark either. I don’t know how it’ll turn out, but so far it balanced creepy feeling with relatable characters (in particular the MC) and a strange silly world.

This has been written with the heart, you can feel it.


- Stray thoughts :

This work exudes a soft kind of melancholy, or maybe it just touches something personal, but still.

The cognitive dissonance between musicals and dystopia create a somewhat burlesque yet fearsome atmosphere.

I’m really not good with dystopia since I read 1984.

I like all the tiny ideas that are produced by thinking about the setting logically, then pushing the logic farther and farther, like the fact that people can’t be forced to sing in metro stations, or the 6 in 1 dancing shoes.

I like Poe. I which he and the MC will become friends ^^

I’ve more swaps to do so I only read up to chapter 7, but I put this in my reading list for later. This doesn’t happen often, in particular with niche novel.

Heaven Immortal Promise: A Xianxia/Cultivation Tale

Note before I start:
This is done as part of a review swap but, as you can see if you browse my other review, I judge a story objectively, not using my taste but the qualities and default the story has.
Nonetheless, I really liked this story so far.
Also note that the review say that I've read only up to chapter 4 because I read on my tablet, but post reviews and comment stories on my PC.


- Style:

Amazing. It flows really great, without being cluttered, yet is very vivid and stimulating. A work of art (literally, just like a painting).


- Grammar:

Nothing to say. I spotted exactly 1 error and, if I’m not the best in English, I can still feel when something isn’t right.


- Story:

Just like its character, this story is shrouded in mystery, always keeping the questions and answer rolling, albeit the amazing style does slow the story. However,  it’s a good trade-off for those who like good exposition clothing the story.


- Characters:

The few characters effectively presented seems to be rather subtle and shrouded in mystery, making the read more interesting indeed.


- Overall:

An efficient cultivation story that doesn’t hide its root but can take inspiration of less traditional Chinese work to stay fresh or surprising.

Read in moderation, as the style can be overbearing sometimes. Not something to binge-read, but this is said in a good way.


- Stray thoughts :

This is much more drama-charged than I thought it would be XD

“Compiled” is used quite wildly I think ^u^

As someone that like good descriptions, I really fell into the use of colours and shape that mesmerize you as you read.

The S.T.U.D.Y. -Sucks To Ultimately Die Young-

- Style:

Extremely lively. The narrator is also the MC, and this fact is used brilliantly by the author to bring the story to life. One of the best style I’ve seen on RR so far.

- Grammar:

Nothing to say.

- Story:

The actual plot takes time to start appearing, but this is balanced by well-done exposition, character development and good style. Overall it moves quite slowly, which isn’t a bad thing per se.

- Characters:

Good characterisation through style gives the MC a good structure, as if the character was whole and coherent. The MC is built with simple element that, when interacting together, make a likeable and believable human being.

- Overall:

A pretty solid story with good narration and character building/interaction. Due to its slow pace I think we’ll need at least thirty more chapter for it to start having a real impact, but what is already there is more than good, be it worldbuilding, lore or foreshadowing.

- Stray thoughts :

The prologues are genius, perfectly balanced between worldbuilding, lore, MC exposition and this tiny feeling of urgency or uneasiness that keep you at the edge of your seat.


The author uses an elegant way to have character interaction even with a lone character. (Make me think of kumo desu ga, nani ka, which is a good thing.)

The system is efficient yet interesting. Taking notes.

Done as part of a review swap ^-^

A World of Monsters

Mysteries and survival for a non-empathic MC

Before anything, this was done as a review swap and, no, the 5 stars rating isn't done to pump the numbers up. I rarely give 5 stars but this story deserves it, however I disliked it. And yes, I dislike it, but it's not because I dislike it that it isn't an extremely good story. My tastes don't have anything to do with the quality of the novel.

Enjoy the review ^^

- Style:

The prologue is heavier than a black hole but once you make it past, the rest of the novel as an interesting style. In particular, the blend of narration and thoughts is a great success


- Grammar:

Errors are few and far between. Nothing to say.

- Story:

The opening prologue is a mad storm of term and concept unknown to us, but I didn’t find it bad, quite the opposite, since I think a cryptic prologue that set big things in motions is a totally valid means to start a story. After that, a nice alternating between survival and mystic training keeps the whole plot relatively fresh.

- Characters:

The mc is an interesting little thing torn between two of its side, but I felt like it lost part of its interest as the novel progressed. However, the mastery over the writing of the character is there and good, and if you like the monster style of mc, you’ll love this.


- Overall:

Brutal, be it in its descriptions, its theme or characters, this story emanates a savagery I’ve rarely seen in any work I’ve read before. However, the overwhelming despair this novel creates or depict could not be to the taste of everyone. I personally found myself torn between the urge of letting everything go, as I’m not someone that likes reading stories about fights that are already lost, and a mix of hope that this despair wasn’t really grounded plus curiosity about what would happen. The story is good and seemingly grounded into a deep lore, but will not be for everyone.


- Stray thoughts :

So much hate, so much anger, I want to vomit just reading it. A long time I didn’t feel something so strong about a book.


Actually the first novel on RR since an eternity ago that made me use an online translator to be sure about the things I was reading. I’m impressed, well done author ^-^

I, personally, have difficulties with non-empathic mc, so if you’ve the same difficulties as I have, I don’t think this story is for you.

Retribution Engine [DEPRECATED - SEE SYNOPSIS]

I know why, it's because I'm lazy as fuck. Here's the review ^^

- Style:

Efficient yet vivid, gore is described nicely, as are techno-magical processes.

- Grammar:

Nothing to say, it's clean. The vocabulary used is pleasant.

- Story:

An intriguing start with a great rythm that is, interestingly, nicely supported by the format the author choose for their chapters, as short chapters fit greatly with this particular tempo.

- Characters:

Mc: I thing it's the first MC where the word "savage" popped up at the very beggining of a story. Impressive.

Interestingly, since extra-characters substances have a lot of impact on the behavior of said character, the author can create situations revolving around characters interaction that are very diverse and well anchored in the world.

Others: They are not one-dimensional, but there isn't enough content yet for me to forge a full opinion of them. However, their own struggles and values are depicted in an efficient way, not clutering anything yet giving them this sacred breath each characters of every novel ever should have to feel alive.

- Overall:

As mysteries turn into understanding, yet more is to be discovered, keeping you hooked and reading. A good mastery of balance between quick and visceral action scene and more peaceful and lore-rich scene, one of each time following one another in quick succession, give this story a very living breath. I must say that I was impressed, and my standart aren't that low either.


Great coherence between processes and lore make this an even better read. Each time you go to the next chapter, it feels like you're turning the page of a book. While strange at the start, it's a very nice feeling when you're knee-deep in the story ^^

- Stray thoughts :



I really, I mean really like the application of classical looting in Litrpg through industrial process. that's genius and I'll steal it for my own story thank you MUHUHU! (maybe not steal it, but take inspiration for sure ^^ I always like industrialisation applied to magic.)


In a funny way, I thought myself thown back in the day, playing minecraft with the THAUMCRAFT mod. That's the feeling this story's magic gave to me, and I like it.


I read and made this review in one go, taking around four hours to be done with the entier process. Yes, I liked this novel or I wouldn't have devoured it so quickly ^^'


Also, this was made as a part of a review swap, but it was done with utmost objectivity to ensure a fair review that isn't here to just push the numbers up.

Lucinda the Shifter

A good place to start reading on Royal Road.

First of all, I liked this story a lot, and may update this review once I'm deeper into it.

The story as some point that make it shine :

- Style is simple and easy to read, while not too minimalist, and the dialogs are made lively by the good use of onomatopeia.
- The story is a good classical coming of age with a great mastery over flow.
- The gamelit system is simple and elegant, with a big touch of dungeons and dragons. Moreover, the gamelit part of the story don't vampirize everything else, it's integrated in a organic way to the world and plot.

The fist few chapters didn't convince me but, like a lot of other novels, it's worth powering through it. In this aspect, it remind me of The Wheel Of Time saga: Three chapters deep in I was bored, next month I had read the entire 22 books.

The shifting ability of the MC is interesting so far, and I hope it will be used even more interestingly further in the story.

Good work Kurast, keep going ^-^


Interesting study of a tool's inner thought

A few short points that made me like this story, and why you could be satisfied reading it :

- The storytelling is quite organic.

- Characterisation is done very efficiently.

- The base scientific premises for this work are good for a soft-science story (2,5 to 3 in the moh scale of sci-fi).

- There is a lot of dialogue and inner thoughts, making the whole thing quite lively.

- It's interesting to see such creature mature mentaly, since they discover gradualy what is evident to a lot of us.

For me, so far, it looks like a slice of life under pressure (think 1984) mixed with a study of emotional and psychological maturity of being made as tool.

(I apologize for any mistake made in this review, I'm still actively learning english)

And for the witch : Keep the good work ^^

Cheers !