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I Write Stuff

    1. Re: First and Last Letter Game

      Alopecia -- G.I Jane 2, can't wait to see it!

    2. Re: Rising Stars

      Can someone just do us all a favour and hire a statistician? The sentence above was a joke. But if you ever happen to, DO NOT dm me the approximate equations, variables, and graphs of the analysis. (...)

    3. Re: Self Publishing vs. Traditional Publishing

      It's not nearly as simple as either or. It's 'choose the route that works best for you.'  Yes, it's extremely difficult to get into a traditional publishing house. Or at least the barrier to entry is (...)

    4. Royalroad to Amazon VS Traditional Publishing: What's the Difference?

      Ok.  So I'm just going to give a quick background as to why I'm making this post. After a few days of careful consideration, I finally chose which story idea I was going to write from three potential (...)

    5. 118 Followers!!

      This isn't the end but I'm glad that I'm finally having some success. Has been a long grind so far.  :DrakanMelt: Another thing that I'd like to note is that as I have become more successful I have (...)

    6. Re: How I Finally Wrote My Novel

      I'd also like to add to this saying that a big roadblock that many writers experiencing when starting out is with their inner perfectionism. In their mind, they have the perfect version of the story, with (...)

    7. Do you get notified if your story reaches rising stars?

      Ok, so I'm a new writer and I really want to get onto rising stars. I'm currently working on a story titled Transcending the Jiang Hu right now. It's your standard cultivation epic with the main hook being (...)

    8. How to get paid under 18?

      I am sixteen and I'm looking to get paid for my writing, even if it is like $1 a month. I don't really care how much I make but I just want to make SOMETHING.  But the problem is that I can't have a (...)

    9. Mc is child-murdering axe-maniac

      I think it was on rising stars within the last year or so. It was this kid who had his entire family murdered by this cultivator and then he murdered like 50 other children with an axe inside the sect (...)

    10. Re: How useful of a skill is proofreading and editing?

      What are readers and agents and publishers looking for? Smoothly flowing prose is only one piece of the picture. It takes more than any one element, and I wish I'd realized that years ago.   Real-life (...)

    11. How useful of a skill is proofreading and editing?

      Like, in terms of being an author.

    12. Re: I desperately need some advice x_x

      https://www.royalroad.com/forums/thread/113041 do this

    13. Re: I'm Not A Native Speaker...

      Speaking as a non-native user of the English language, I feel like "I'm not a native speaker" is just an excuse... When we choose a language as a medium no matter which language it is, our failure, (...)

    14. Re: Effectiveness of Royal road ads for non lit rpg authors

      From what I've read from others, ads for Royal Road fictions on Royal Road rarely do that much; ads are mostly for ebooks or kickstarters or things for sale off-site. But if you buy ads, you can tell (...)

    15. Re: Just got 0.5* review bombed for the first time out

      Passed to the moderators for review.  THANK YOU!!

    16. Re: What it means to enjoy writing? Or more specifically, what you enjoy about writing.

      Honestly, my favorite part about the writing process is when i just find that I'm in 'The Zone'. Like everything i write suddenly magically flows and goes exactly how i wanted to.

    17. Re: Just got 0.5* review bombed for the first time out

      Report it. Nobody gets three 0.5 bombs in the same day, especially for a fic with almost no views such as yours. It's probably one person using alts to bring you down. Yeah, I was thinking it was pretty (...)