Nole Moody

Nole Moody

New Life of a Summoned Demoness

A really fun and unique story so far, reborn as a demoness will the protagonist remain herself or succumb to becoming more demonlike as the tale goes on.

A fairly 'standard' LitRPG style romp with levelling and skills, the story is really well written and engaging, well worth a read :D

Capo: Rise of a Gang Lord

Great story with a unique GTA style vibe - well written and a world full of intelligent people making rational decisions ... 

Great twists and turns and the story is very well written, a few typos but good writing, solid grammar and great pacing to the story itself right up until the end it was engaging and well worth reading.

A Stranger in Sorcererstown (The Stranger Trails Saga)

I've only read a handful of chapters so far and normally I'd wait before posting a review, but the story has grabbed me enough to judge the general quality of things to come.

The characters are engaging and interesting and the pacing is perfect. The main character comes across as a brooding gunslinger type straight out of a spaghetti western and I'm already drawn in to the story and expect to be reading this for a long time to come :D

I like that the MC isn't an 'instant hero' to everyone in the story and while over-powered has drawbacks which make him seem human. The mystery of who he is also intruiges me. 

(Will update this review as I read further)