Nole Moody

Nole Moody


by TurkeyBlock
165 pages

Noah Fel was a [Ritualist] for the Collegium.

As a professor, his daily routine consisted largely of grading papers, writing apprentice recommendations, and helping to ensure that his students didn't blow themselves up.

Truly, it was a rewarding job.

Now though, displaced from his home in the after-effects of a ritual gone wrong, follow Fel on an inadvertent fantasy world adventure!

Lands to travel, people to meet, and deaths to be had! Here you’ll find rituals, monsters, magic, a number of distractions, and more nervously written author’s notes than you can shake a stick at!

Image of the book displayed in the Cover-Art by Noupload

Scheduling a new chapter once a week, as best I can.
Often late, but still releasing. I promise! ^-^

(Am I allowed to write author's notes in the Synopsis? Yeah why not- random thoughts, Go!)

I've never done this before, but I've got this neat leather-bound notebook and a will to write, so let's have an adventure!

If I do write something stupid, inconsistent, or strange, however... please do call me out on it?
I love well-meaning corrections, they're one of the best ways I could improve!

With all that out of the way, the author will sit here and transition into talking in the 3rd person while on break. It's the only time he's able to write. Don't worry, the work-break won't last long. Something is always sure to go wrong here at th

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Shadow of Steel

Shadow of Steel
by meltong
61 pages

Purple. Persecuted. Poisoned.

Saya was a poor teenager raising her family on a farm. She knowingly poisoned herself by choosing the dangerous job of picking Malvaos, mysterious purple fruits. The greater the danger, the better the pay.

Picking Malvaos for five years turned her purple. Ever since she got her hands on a broken purple staff, weirder and stranger things have happened. So much happened that she questioned if things would ever go back to normal again.

She journeyed back to her hometown, Steel, Michigan, where nothing was the same. Adding to the mess that the new human inhabitants created, the Orcs were trying to take over the town. There was no way to turn it back to how it was but she was determined to fight for Steel, for humankind.

Being purple isolated and hardened her but it gave her extra power. With the help of a Tengu,  new friends, suspicious elves, and naughty fairies, she would learn how to use her powers to battle the Orcs.  

Unintentionally, it's like "Percy Jackson" meets "Stranger Things."

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Stray Cat Strut ⁠— A Young Lady's Journey to Becoming a Pop-Up Samurai

Stray Cat Strut ⁠— A (...)
by RavensDagger
452 pages

In the year 2057, the world has become a corporate-run utopia for the super-rich, and a hellhole for all the rest. 

Catherine 'Cat' Leblanc is an orphan that is about as far from super-rich as one can be. When the Incursion alarms start blaring and the sky starts raining hungry xenos, it's just another blemish on an already piss-poor afternoon. 

A cyberpunk magical-girl alien-invasion LitRPG.

It’s exactly as wild as it sounds.

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The Dungeon Child

The Dungeon Child
by Angry Spider
168 pages

Argus was a dungeon, sprawling for miles under the cities of man above all the way until a human, angry at the death of one of his companions, murdered him. 

When he discovered where he was, he found that he had come back to life as nothing more or less than a human being, complete with its own nervous system, organs, and brain. Worst of all, his precious System is gone, and he has to actually grow up.

How disgusting.

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Never Die Twice

Never Die Twice
by Void Herald
505 pages

Now available on Amazon Kindle
Walter Tye is the best friend any adventurer needs. He is the smiling shopkeeper next to your local dungeon, the one who sells you these cheap healing potions. When you need information about a monster, Tye always knows. He wants to help; you can trust him.
He is also the undead necromancer ruling said dungeon, getting paid to solve problems that he caused in the first place. But don't tell anyone that... 
Story sponsored by knightaether.
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Capo: Rise of a Gang Lord

Capo: Rise of a Gang (...)
by Morgan Cole
531 pages

Book 1 is now complete. Book 2 being posted.

Frank is on his way to his D&D game when he gets caught up in a meth head's convenience store robbery. 

While trying to escape he is shot in the back at close range and everything goes black. When he wakes up he's not in a hospital or the afterlife—he's in a different city entirely, one called San Tadeo.

Things are different in San Tadeo. Frank has a status sheet, and he can see people's names and jobs just by looking at them (unless they're walking in Shadow). Even more than in the real world, Cash Rules Everything.

With his real life behind him and his only friend a high-school weed dealer, Frank has the freedom to make new choices and set new goals. What does he want? He wants it all.

If you've always wanted a Gamelit set in a GTA-style world, here you go.

Schedule: Back to releasing new chapters. Not a lot extra banked, but going to try to do 3/week. We'll see how it goes.


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Cinnamon Bun

Cinnamon Bun
by RavensDagger
1.1k pages

The world called out for a hero to purge it of a great evil. It received Broccoli Bunch, explorer, expert cleaner, occasional ghost-buster, and full time Cinnamon Bun. 


Features include:

Talking enemies into becoming friends

Hugging menu boxes

Awesome overpowered skills (such as Cleaning, and Gardening)

And more adventure than you could shake a stick at! 

 Follow Broccoli on her personal quest to make all the friends. All of them.

Updates: Monday, Wednesday, Friday!

Now Available in ebook and paperback formats here:

Volume One - Amazon

Volume Two - Amazon

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Path to Villainy: An NPC Kobold's Tale

Path to Villainy: An (...)
by SLRowland
4 pages

Villains aren’t born, they’re made.

Witt was an ordinary NPC. As a kobold skald, he sang songs to empower heroes before they entered the local dungeons. Every day was a fresh start, and Witt woke with no memory of the previous day. No memory of the countless beatings and deaths he took at the hands of the murder hobos he valiantly buffed.

But when Witt wakes up one day and all of those memories come flooding back, he only wants one thing.


[participant in the Royal Road Writathon challenge]


This is a project I'm working on to clear my mind while the world falls apart around me. Hope you enjoy!

Check out my other books on Amazon

I also have a Patreon.

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A Stranger in Sorcererstown (The Stranger Trails Saga)

A Stranger in Sorcererstown (...)
by Jon Wander
544 pages

The ancient city-state of Sorcererstown, the world’s capital of magic where the most legendary wizards, warlocks, and royal mages learned their secret craft was nothing like what the Stranger expected it to be.

Not a sorcerer has drawn breath there in years, only sorceresses fill the Great Schools of Magic and the petty squabbling between them has grown into full-blown war with the money vaults, spellbooks and armories thrown open to call and empower the best mercenaries, cutthroats and killers from all corners of the map and blast anyone unfortunate enough to get caught in the middle.

That middle is where the Stranger decides is the best place to ply his own unique set of skills in a daring plan to make pawns of the powers that be and reach an endgame opposed to all other factions in town.

But with the arcane arts being thrown around like sling stones, suspicions running high with everyone from the new hires to the headmistresses of the Great Schools and a looming threat of a supposedly unbeatable warrior on his way to the battleground of the once a great city-state it doesn’t take much for a wanderer’s plans to earn him nothing but an unmarked grave.

It’s all or nothing in here in Sorcererstown and in this deadly game everyone is playing for keeps.

Let’s begin.


This summary is for the first book in a trilogy, all of which will be posted as one webnovel.

Cover courtesy of Fuyu Dust

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Better Than Life

Better Than Life
by Foolish Luke
129 pages

By the 23rd century, Earth has long since gone to shit, climate change, air pollution, chronic overpopulation and mass unemployment has taken its toll on its struggling populace.

For the teeming masses of humanity, life is bleak, there are no options, prospects or possibilities beyond winning one of the few coveted tickets on the government-administered lottery that promises the winner the chance at a job servicing the whims the worlds uber-rich. With such a grim reality, escapism is rife among the underclasses, and of all the chemical and virtual avenues available, BTL's are king.    

Better Than Life users are all addicts, addicts with remarkably short lifespans, perpetually strung out between their more fulfilling virtual lives, they inevitably prioritise pursuing virtual fulfilment over trivial pursuits such as food, shelter and water,  racking up vast debts on the black market in order to finance their prized BTL sticks and their recovery after hard often lethal comedowns.

This is the world that Frank has grown up in, abandoned by his parents, he has lived his entire life on welfare, educated by a smattering of state sponsored infomercials and an archived copy of the internet from centuries past.

When the news arrives that he has been rejected for the 20th time for a lottery ticket, Frank decides that he has had enough of waiting and that it's time to live his life, regardless of how real the reality.

Upon entering the virtual world contained within the BTL drive he quickly finds that it is not the utopian paradise promised to him by the BTL dealer, instead, he finds himself surrounded by danger, magic and monsters as he tries his best to survive in a surprisingly real game world that is not what it seems.

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by Reminisce~Flight
184 pages

A class consisting of twenty-three individuals was suddenly transported to another world. There, in a medieval-like setting, they were told to help humanity through a war that has already begun between the larger frontier kingdoms.

Within those in the class, some have made the choice to help from the beginning but not all were given convenient abilities to fight with.

For our main character, a Loner who always lived separately from the rest, he was given a power that was contrary to his way of living and how it will change him through the course of his newfound journey.

Weekly Release: Wednesday and Saturday

Artwork: DeviantArt Loner Gallery

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Cat Girl Was Not My First Choice

Cat Girl Was Not My First (...)
by BlenderNeutral
31 pages

No truck-kun, no death, no clear transition: one moment I was standing in my apartment eating a microwave dinner over the sink and the next I was floating in an endless space filled with small pastel lights.

On the one hand: WTF?!

On the other hand: I doubt my student loans can follow me here...

Ch. 1-10, Catastrophe! Or, Thorn’s Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day

Ch. 11-20, Eye of the Tiger or, Cat Training for Fun and Profit

Ch. 21-30, Cat Hard or, the Curious Incident of the Cat in the Status Screen


[Cover image is from a Public Domain website.]

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