1. Re: Synopsis comparison (Only 2)

      OK, updated with everyone's suggestions.  Tell me what you think.  This is very roughly thrown together because I ran out of time to work on it. Adam was just an orphaned boy with some responsibility. (...)

    2. Re: Synopsis comparison (Only 2)

      Man, you guys are killing me.  So many good suggestions.  Glad I came back to my synopsis though, it needed the work.  I think I am going to have to take all the extra crap I tack on at the end (warning (...)

    3. Re: Synopsis comparison (Only 2)

      Thanks! I really appreciate the insight. Funny how the right answer on these things always seems to come back to "a little of column A, a little of column B." Gonna start working on revisions tonight. (...)

    4. Synopsis comparison (Only 2)

      So, I've got a synopsis that I wrote when the story was first posted, and a second one I posted on some forum somewhere.  Might have been Facebook, but I am pretty sure everyone laughed at my inability (...)

    5. Re: Interesting Class Ideas

      Make a magic fighter. Not like the normal style though. Aim for melee to mid range at best. No fireball, or lightning bolt spells, instead he punches people with rock spike fists, mid range air slashes (...)

    6. Re: Finally stopped lurking

      Question. How long did you lurk before posting this? I'm not being judgmental, I'm legitimately curious. Personally, it was two or three years I think. Hell, I posted a story before I got to the (...)

    7. Re: What's a scene you always wanted to write?

      I've had two reoccurring dreams in my life. One is the constant drowning nightmare I've had since before I could remember. It probably stems from almost drowning a number of times. The other dream is one (...)

    8. Re: Professions in RPGlit

      I think it really depends on implementation and purpose. Purpose defines WHY you put the crafting professions in, and implementation is HOW. Look at Primal Hunter as an example. The system there (...)

    9. So many great things for Mr. Mom!

      I'm honestly not sure which of the many things that just happened I should be celebrating first, so I'm doing them all at the same time.  We'll start with the little stuff first.  15 ratings, 100 comments, (...)

    10. Re: The accidental new plot?

      Nah, it's important, needed to be there, can't be removed, and fixed a few later issues I hadn't gotten to yet.  Honestly, it's been a very good thing, and should really smooth out some plot points and (...)

    11. Re: I need help finding a novel

      If the MC is also obsessed with fishing, I'm pretty sure it's this. The True Endgame The synopsis is VERY misleading about what's in this one. Check the first couple chapters, it should be right. (...)

    12. Re: Help pls. How to name: a group of cat which the whole is a singular god.

      You gotta go simple. Very few people have any idea what a clowder is, even in context, so its a flat joke that never lands. So, go simple. Make the name of the show, and the god cat clan, have the same (...)

    13. Re: Good quality stories featuring MCs with unorthodox weapons?

      My story Mr. Mom has a kid stuck with the class of Mother, and can't use normal weapons at all. So far, the only ones he has figured out are cooking knives, but there are a lot more. Literally, if you've (...)

    14. Re: Don't know where to ask this but.. does beware of chicken have harem?

      The MC doesn't have a harem, and I doubt that will change at all. However, you made an interesting statement with your question... Beware of Chicken Harem. It may be in the cards, but I'm not (...)

    15. Re: Searching for litrpg

      On the main page of the site is the "popular this week" section. Almost everything in there fits what you are asking for. Azarinth Healer, Path of Ascension, Runesmith, Salvo, and Beneath the Dragoneye (...)

    16. Re: Teacher MC

      This should fit. The Humble Life of a Skill Trainer Might not go all the way for you, but his job is helping people unlock skills, so he mentors and teaches a fair bit.

    17. Re: The accidental new plot?

      This one will actually end up pretty well contained I think.  Still have who knows how many chapters to go until I can tie the string off, but it looks good after i crammed it into the outline. Seriously (...)

    18. Re: Mc is child-murdering axe-maniac

      It might be this. A Desolate Life Pretty sure that was how it started.

    19. Re: System apocalypse, can’t remember, ahhh!

      Pretty sure I had this in my follow list, but it's gone now.  As is any reference to it in my history.  Don't remember the title unfortunately.