1. Re: Best dropped stories?

      Dang, forgot Battle Trucker, that was fun. Particularly because I was driving truck at the time. Amusing how many of these suggestions I've read. Was coming to check, thinking I'd get swamped and it's (...)

    2. Best dropped stories?

      This might be an odd one for everyone, but sometimes I think people dropped their stories because they weren't appreciated.  In that light, what are the best stories you have read that are on hiatus, or (...)

    3. Re: Tame Monster

      Don't forget Apocalypse Tamer, yet another Void Herald great. Legend of the Tamer was shaping up well before it got dropped.

    4. Re: Time Travelling Rogue

      Beat me to it, but that's the one.  Great story.

    5. Re: 100 Followers!!!

      Congratulations!  I remember hitting 100 followers like it was two days ago... Feels great doesn't it?

    6. 100 Followers!

      Mr. Mom is growing in popularity and I didn't even need to pay for advertising!  Super happy that it's doing so well. Enough celebrating, back to the grindstone!

    7. Re: Why are protagonist's always so cocky in front of gods, powerful beings, etc?

      You very well could have been reading one of mine (Basic Skills), so I'll throw in my two cents from my view point. For many people it is cultural, and for others it is a personal thing.  Culturally, (...)


      WOW that's a lot of energy for a writer.  I went from ~4500 words a week, 6k on a good one, to about 5k a night.  Until I got sick anyways.  Stupid flu.  Getting back on track again, but still only back (...)

    9. Re: Does this sound good to you?

      The review may be an accurate representation of your story, but that doesn't mean it isn't also a very negatively written piece.  It says nothing nice about your story, represents (I'm assuming) little (...)

    10. Re: Anyone have ideas for a level-up system but can't be bothered to turn it into an actual fic?

      I've felt the same way for some time.  I don't even read people's status updates.  Changes to skills are still interesting, but the numbers mean nothing to me, and I'm a math nerd.  Too many systems, in (...)

    11. Re: Am I the oldest person here?

      I believe that anyone who can afford to own a house without working for a tech conglomerate counts as a boomer.  Or people with a stock portfolio.  Or jobs.  The generational labels are almost as confusing (...)

    12. Re: Gems of the Writathon

      That is a bit of a downside to participating isn't it?  Like you, I am trying to spend all the time I would normally be reading through all the new stories, voraciously searching for my next tasty story (...)

    13. Re: Is my novel really worth all the time effort

      Better yet, get a job where you can write and have someone pay you.  Something that sits you in front of a computer for 10 hours a day, but with very little actual work.  Been working gang busters for (...)

    14. Re: Searching for a specific story

      Please, please, don't start the categorization of nerds.  That goes WAY out of hand every time.

    15. Re: Can't remember title

      Sweet!  One I actually know, and love.  Although personally, my favorite parts are all of his dungeon work.  Oh, and the chat room stuff. Oblivion Online Seriously, it's one of my favorites.

    16. Re: 69 Followers

      Good work.  Also, did you get a new cover for that one?

    17. Re: Am I the oldest person here?

      Life, the universe, and everything! For me anyways. Might not be in your finely aged category, but I can understand the associated pain.

    18. Re: 2 bad reviews in a day!

      Admittedly, I was going to originally post that I hit the 25k mark for Writathon way early as my celebratory thing, but my wife suggested that this only happened because they were jealous of my success. (...)

    19. 2 bad reviews in a day!

      I just woke up to find two different people review smashed my story solely on story content I warned people about in advance. From what I can tell this means I now have a successful RR story, yes? Or do (...)

    20. Re: How is your progress going?

      Somehow, other than last night, I have been managing to pump out three chapters a day.  That's roughly 5 - 6k words a day.  Had a couple of days where life got in the way, but I still managed to break (...)