The Mountain Lord

Well written and immersive story for a 'rough draft'

Really good ongoing read, though dark and violent. I can only recommend to give it a shot.

The story starts of slightly bumpy. As a lot of story elements only get explained over time and are not thrown into the readers face first chance, characters tend to seem 'off' in the beginning and improve chapterwise.

Obviously it's not a story for everyone. The way the fantasy-world works and the characters act is darker and more heavy-handed. If you are looking for a flower and sunshine story, this is NOT it. The grimdark tag is there for a reason.
(Remember: You can see the full list list of tags a story uses with that small + besides the tags. It can easily be overlooked.)


As the Author mentioned a few times, it's still a rough draft that will develop more in the future. He has shown to read comments and critics to take note for possible future improvements without being offended or overly dramatic about it.
Chances are that the small inconsistencies that tend to pop up because they are only explained later, will be improved in some way or another in future versions by hints or explanations. So maybe if you stumble upon something that seems weird, write a comment about it as others including myself have done before.


Sadly, I'm not very good in writing reviews for stories, which is why this is my first ever review on royalroad since the story deserves support.