1. Re: Shapeshifter MC

      My story Doing God's Work has a shapeshifter MC who uses the ability regularly. There's also Graven, which doesn't have a main character per se but has a shapeshifter as one of the key major characters. (...)

    2. Re: Permanently uploaded vr fics?

      Lachlann, try Trickster’s Luck. It’s one of my favourite stories on RR and it meets your criteria. Really great story.

    3. Re: 🎵 sell your story, but make it rhyme 🎵

      When gods run your customer service You should rightfully start to feel nervous They'll do a poor job Till you form a lynch mob And light up their bureau like a furnace

    4. Re: Looking for a certain sort of book

      *rubs hands together gleefully* My time has come. ...actually, I haven't read anything by the specific authors you mention, so I can't say how closely these will match. However, I do have some good (...)

    5. Re: Smart People

      The way I approach it is pretty simple. Could the problem be solved in a simpler way than the character’s current actions present? If so, have them do that instead OR present a genuinely compelling (...)

    6. Re: What classic story should be remade as a litRPG?

      I'd start with the Bible (old testament). So much grinding! :P It's been done! (Well, partially.) https://www.royalroad.com/fiction/41035/divine-thorns-an-ancient-litrpg 

    7. Re: How would you fair if you are thrown into your story?

      Oh, I’m good. My story’s basically set on an alternate Earth, so I’m sure my life would keep ticking along just fine with the exception of an increased amount of ever-growing existential dread. Until (...)

    8. Re: Unlikely lines to be spoken by your character.

      "No, Loki, I don't want to go to Yznerian.  Find someone else to be your protagonist." Bahaha, I just have to respond to this one because it fits so perfectly. “Why, of course, dear not-protagonist. (...)

    9. Re: Writing while having a job

      You’re not alone. Writing with a job is tough. Part of it’s just the lack of time. Part of it’s the exhaustion from being active all day.  And that’s not even accounting for other commitments. Social (...)

    10. Re: Superhero fiction recommendations?

      Read Graven, Somebody Stop Her, and Eight God Engine.  They're all fantastic.

    11. Re: Need some recommendations

      I think I can give you some excellent underrated reccs, though not all fall under 200 followers. Eight God Engine has 154 followers - gritty urban fantasy. Very good story. Graven has 325 followers (...)

    12. Re: HEEEELP!!! Looking For A Genuine Mage

      This isn't classic magic per se, but it sounds to me like the main character of When Immortal Ascension Fails, Time Travel to Try Again fits the bill. The main character is a highly experienced alchemist, (...)

    13. Re: Optimum sexual content for fictions

      There is no optimum amount of sexual content; it’s a misleading question. There was a famous marketing case study back in the day, where a company hired a marketer to test spaghetti sauces to find (...)

    14. Re: Looking for story of Loki as cool, rebel antihero against the corrupt Norse pantheon

      Haha, yeah, I saw this post and thought, ‘well, that’s certainly the most specific match for my story I’ve ever seen in a request’. (I write DGW.) It’s very similar to what you’re after, but yes, there (...)

    15. Re: What if everything you did was erased at the end of the day?

      I love this concept but need some clarification. Do the consequences actually reset (e.g. if she murders someone, they come back to life)? Or do they persist but no one remembers her involvement? (e.g. (...)

    16. Re: Writers, how much do you read?

      It's not that crazy, actually. Unlike published authors who can take their time to write a book and can take long breaks between books, those who're serialized don't have that luxury. They have schools, (...)

    17. Re: What makes you dislike the MC?

      I struggle with MCs who lack empathy or display arrogance. Characters whose first recourse to solving a problem is violence, or characters who make negative assumptions about people while barely knowing (...)

    18. Re: How do you guys cope with Negative Reviews?

      I let myself feel bad and vent for a couple of days, because it hurts and there's no sense in pretending it doesn't. Play some fun games, hang out with cool friends, eat some delicious food. Things to (...)

    19. Re: Stories with female MC

      Check out these. They're all very high quality, contain no romance, and get strong recommendations from me: Crimson Crow: Thief of Fortune by Velara.  An unusual mix of a high fantasy crossed with (...)

    20. Re: Careers in Writing

      There are plenty of tips above from people on how to make writing into a career and various pitfalls which could arise from it. I won’t repeat those. It’s worth going for, especially if you don’t have (...)