Dion Sky (Csuite, Skylark)

Dion Sky (Csuite, Skylark)

    1. Re: How long should you take to write 1000 words?

      It takes me probably around 6-8 solid hours to write 1000 words. Since I rarely have a full day available and have run out of energy by the time I can get to writing, that translates to about 3 days on (...)

    2. Re: Anyone Else Feel Burnt Out For the Jan Writing Contest: Uncharted Waters?

      It’s a reasonable timeframe, and I say that as someone on the slower end of the writer spectrum. I’m not burnt out at all - this is a really fun story - but probably won’t make it much past the minimum (...)

    3. Re: DGW - AI comic style

      :peoeyesparkle: MORE! MUST HAVE MOREEEEE!!! :peolove:   No promises. But if I do more, I'll post them here. I'd love to see your prompts for these. I like your panel work Sure! You'll see I picked (...)

    4. DGW - AI comic style

      One thing I've always wanted to do was make a comic. Enter AI art, a.k.a. the paradigm shift.  So of course I've been playing around with making one for my story about gods and capitalism. These are (...)

    5. Re: Your story's main character/s is suddenly transported in devil equivalent's office of your setting. How do(...)

      Haha, my MC and the devil are coworkers. So I imagine it would go something like this: --- As my head hit the pillow, I found myself unceremoniously cheated of the admittedly poor quality bed I'd (...)

    6. Re: Is it possible to get your novel/story turned into a manga/comic?

      If you don’t mind a little character inconsistency, I’ll just put it out there that AI art is making comic-making far more accessible than it used to be.  I’ve been playing around with turning my story (...)

    7. Re: Sky's Most Excellent Guide to Writing

      If I can't get a blood moon in my area, can I make do with the talking hog that eat my peanuts once in a while? It's coming tomorrow and now want five lemons I’m sure it will happily accept your sacrifices. (...)

    8. Sky's Most Excellent Guide to Writing

      There are a lot of writing guides around right now. But enough with the preamble. Let’s go: 1. First, it’s important to remember you can write about whatever you want, as long as it’s about Flarg the (...)

    9. Re: There are some seriously deranged people on this website.

      First - you have my sincere sympathies. Second - welcome to the internet. Everyone here regrets it, but we’re in too deep to back out now. Third - you can block and/or report if needed. Fourth (...)

    10. Re: What genre/trope subversion do you want to see

      I really want to see an isekai story about an absolute stereotype of an edgelord protagonist being passed over for Chosen One in favour of their sensible mum. Mum becomes Chosen One while continuing (...)

    11. Re: (Vague) Opinion on Authors on RR

      That's an interesting question. Generally-speaking, I find if I enjoy one story by a particular author, I'll almost always like their others. The traits I enjoy in stories tend to be the kind that carry (...)

    12. Re: Looking for story with good but misunderstood MC

      If you don't mind self-promos, my story is all about this specific premise.  I'm trying to think of some other examples, and the only one I can think of off the top of my head is Eldest: Awakening After (...)

    13. Re: What piques your interest?

      I look for titles conveying specific premises I’m interested in. I’m big on multiverse stories, time loops and dark, conceptual or extreme takes on fantasy powers, so titles clearly indicating those genres (...)

    14. Re: Do Over Stories in modern society.

      https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_First_Fifteen_Lives_of_Harry_August Seconding this. Great story, very thought-provoking with some original ideas I hadn't seen before. For another trad published (...)

    15. Re: Routine and Writing/Posting Schedule

      I am a slow writer by Royal Road standards, so I feel your pain, Ozul. Since a brutal year last year, I've also been recently struggling with burnout. While I don't have any tips to help you write faster (...)

    16. Re: Old Fantasy vs New

      Having grown up with an atrocious lack of female main characters with agency in fantasy, I simply can't agree with you that society needs less feminism in fiction. I didn't say that. I said everyone's (...)

    17. Re: Old Fantasy vs New

      I've read a few reviews on older works that complain about things like sexism, consent, etc. These are books I read when much younger (going back to the 90s) so attitudes were a little different. I never (...)

    18. Re: Recommendations to good stories with a female lead

      Here are a few fantastic female lead stories you may not have heard of: QQQQ - Highly original surreal urban fantasy with an almost exclusively female cast. The Glyph Queen - Fantasy science fiction (...)