1. Re: On The Subject of Ratings

      Wow, talk about a blast from the past. Making me feel like a cub kid again. Since this post has come back from the grave, I figured I might as well pop in and provide some data for you math lovers (...)

    2. Re: Weirdest Music You've Ever Written to

      I’m ALL over the place. Recently, it’s been bardcore remixes and lofi beats. Sometimes synthwave. If I’m feeling a bit more high-energy, it’s metal, like Amaranthe, Tyr, The Hu, or Nekrogoblicon...many (...)

    3. Re: DON'T CLICK HERE!!!

      I deserved this. ... ... CURSES!

    4. Re: Every end is a new beggining

      a duck. It was very... Duck looking and... ...unbearably precious. I decided to pick it up, but I forgot that...

    5. Re: How many Jason’s are there?

      Rain is also another surprisingly common webnovel name. Shhh... :P Also, naming your protagonist a common noun makes grammar-checking apps pitch a fit. The things you learn.

    6. Re: Clueless Noob needs Formatting Help!

      One setting to check would be spacing above and below paragraphs. In Openoffice, ctrl+a, right click, paragraph, and then the setting should be right on that menu. As long as both are set to 0, then 1.5 (...)

    7. Re: Test Thread

      I see that you, too, enjoy testing your code in production. :)

    8. Re: A second chance novel i can't find in here

      Reborn: Apocalypse, by L.M. Kerr. It isn't on RoyalRoad anymore. Available on Amazon:

    9. Re: The Limit

      I would guess that the hard limit is 2,147,483,647 (maximum 32bit signed integer). Someone should try it and report back 👍

    10. Re: Do you prefer reading/writng on mobile or desktop?

      Reading? Mobile. Writing? Desktop, other than that one time my computer broke and I had to do two whole chapters on my phone. It wasn't nearly as bad as I was expecting, Now, I have a laptop (...)

    11. Re: Food VS! Food!

      Coffee? Amazing. No cream, no sugar. Tea? Also amazing. Again, no cream, no sugar. Hot Cocoa? Also also amazing. Make it with literal cream instead of water and keep adding the chocolate sugar powder (...)

    12. Re: Phoenix Border

      Hooked on phoenix. Perfect for January.

    13. Re: Team Pumpkin or Team Wreath

      #teamwreath through Festivus at least.

    14. Re: Team Pumpkin or Team Birthday?

      #teampumpkin has fallen. 😞 #teamwreath forever! (or until January, whichever comes first)

    15. Re: Favorite Ramen Brand? Current Favorite TV Series/Movie?

      Ramen: Samyang 2x Spicy It is much harder to pick just one favorite for movies and TV. Depends what I’m in the mood for. Um… TV: Firefly Movie: The Matrix Guess I’m in the mood for SciFi. (...)

    16. Re: Got my first 0.5 rating...does this mean I've 'made it'?

      52 :/ Don't be discouraged! You can never please everyone, and haters gonna hate. ...I'd better go before I start ranting about ratings again.

    17. Re: When do you guys think is a sentence too long?

      I found this tool to be helpful when I was getting started.