1. Re: Trending Fictions

      Eh. I completely ignore trending. By its very name, it tends to showcase fics that contains trendy materials like LitRPG, Reincarnation, Adventure/Fantasy combo, Overpowered protagonist, etc. I think, (...)

    2. Re: About cultivation in novels

      I imagine he's referring to the xianxia genre of stuff where characters 'cultivate' their spirit making it stronger and more powerful. To answer the original question Ki (Japanese form of Qi) levels in (...)

    3. Re: Your main character's theme song

      Elise's theme Yas-Empty crown Willow's theme Mogai- I know you are but what am I

    4. Re: What is mature?

      Question: Does a realistically described case of extreme radiation poisoning count as gore? What happens in a realistically described case of extreme radiation poisoning? You know the show Chernobyl? (...)


      A few years ago my and my brothers were roped into helping out a friend of the family. This person was something of a hoarder. By that I mean there were entire rooms full of boxes. But we weren't there (...)

    6. Re: How do you decide MC's personality?

      A character (usually) needs to have a distinct and interesting personality. Interesting means extremes, so making your character too reasonable and too sensible and realistic can be ineffective. Characters (...)

    7. Re: Need help remembering

      There's an entire section of the forums intended for exactly this purpose;

    8. Re: Opinion on my Book Cover

      Now before I give feedback I should mention I also have my own self made cover and it is pretty objectively terrible, worse then this, art is hard. So don't get too discouraged about the criticisms I'm (...)

    9. Re: Tips when it comes to strapping swords to your back

      Here's a relevant video:  Apparently it's not all that unrealistic. Especially if you have a scabbard designed for the purpose.

    10. Re: Art vs. Entertainment

      Art can be entertainment and entertainment can be art but sometimes art is not entertaining and sometimes entertainment is not artistic. So what is art? What is the difference between the two? In a word; (...)

    11. Re: where is the 'add new chapter' button?

      There are several places you can find it. It'll be under each of your fictions in your fictions tab (click on "Write" to get there). If you click on your fiction dashboard there should be a section for (...)

    12. Re: Artificial Womb Technology

      One thing to consider is antibodies. Children born this way will likely start life immunocompromised as they will not have received antibodies from the mother. Making a machine that produces relevant antibodies (...)

    13. Re: Secondary Charactes and switching story focus.

      It depends on chapter length. One off, one on works fine if they are long chapters and a lot happens in each one but if they're short chapters it can be like trying to read two different stories simultaneously. (...)

    14. Re: Are the forums dead?

      Not dead just slow. Most topics get replies but sometimes that can take a day or two.

    15. Re: Two books at once?

      I can only speak for myself in this but I tend to have extreme trouble with project switching. Never getting past the beginning of anything and instead becoming obsessed with some new shiny idea I just (...)

    16. Re: Ideas for authors

      1. I’m not good writerI myself am not a good artist and am terrible at drawing. The thing is though this isn't because I am somehow incapable of art. it is because I haven't put in the time and effort (...)

    17. Re: Long-Winded War Arcs

      The problem I have with most war stories is that many writers seem to think that the big battles are where all the drama happens and so we get meaningless battle after meaningless battle. In reality, large (...)

    18. Re: Help With a Sci-Fi Story on a Frozen World

      What are the atmosphere like? Is it breathable? If so where is the oxygen coming from? On earth both plant life and plankton are what make our oxygen. If the planet has always been an ice world it shouldn't (...)