It's Only Another End of the World

It's good, and amazing, and i actually had planned to write this long and extensive review, but it's two past midnight for me, so i'll pass. 


I will complain about one thing tho. I was promised eldritch waifu. But i wasn't delivered eldritch waifu. Yes, yes, i know. "But Suzy!" Yeah, but shes more friend/manipulator for MC. I want Romance. Eldritch romance! With our boy Cody smashing eldritch waifu. And by that i mean Suzy. I can just feel that they could be something.


Other than that, amazing story, hope it never ends.


It's good, got nice characters, believable villains, and a game company that for once is not the best at absolutely everything. What more can I ask for? 

Oh, and it's got super powers too I guess.


"Putting awesome quotes in your bio doesn't make you cool. Except when it does."

-Khalaenas, when speaking of Vaudevillians author.



The Reaper's Legion

Is good. Caveman not have much to say. He head hurt when he try to think hard about why. So he not. Then head not hurt.

Caveman Like Matthe...Matte... Matt. He like when he make big boom, and like when he go zoom into scary monsters.  He hate when Smith die. Smith good. Why Smith die? Caveman not know, but he not like.


Caveman think Matt should get wife, to make strong childs. Matts blood strong, so Matts childs strong. But Matt alone, so Caveman ask why Matt no get wife? Why Matt alone? Caveman is sad.


Caveman like big mechs, they are strong. He like big Daniel boom mech very much.


Caveman head hurt now, so Caveman stop cave writing. He hope big spirit of stories in skies hears him.

Wholly Undead

Review, Yay. 'Tis a good tale indeed, am writing this in a rush, so i cannot express the full depth of my enjoyment, so i will but say, you should read it, even if the start can be cringey.


And, Hello Void! You remember me? Tee-hee~

My Girlfriend, the Necromancer

I stumbled across this story ages ago, back at like chapter three, and thought it looked very intriguing. Now I've finally manned up and read it, and boy was I missing out. 

This things amazing, and well written. It holds a very special power over words and descriptions, being able to paint an entire scene in just a few words. The characters are fleshed out and meaningful too, and have more personality than a cardboard box(Which is better than a lot of stories can claim...).


I also chose to write this review because the author said that he/she, was currently in hard times, and I thought that he/she needed some moral support.


So here it is. If you need to ask for help, or solutions to problems, just tell us, your fans, and we'll gladly take our share of the weight, so long as you let us. So hold on.


Now with all the nice stuff out of the way.



High-Class Mob

It seems quite good, with the only real glaring problems I found being a few words used in weird way, but that can be chalked up to inexperience of the author, and perfectionism on my side.


The story seems nifty and cool, though I won't go to heavily into reviewing it yet comsidering how few chapters there are currently.


Grammar seems kinda good. The most I notice are small misspellings and a few missing words, but it never seems completely unintelligible.


All in all, I like it, and hope it continues going and doesn't get dropped. 

The Unbreakable Sword God is a Doting Mom?! Cultivation of the Strongest Bond Between a Mother and Son!

Testing the waters with this story, hopefully it's good.

By all accounts, it seems decent. Very much like a classic Anime story, which I can get behind. If that's not your thing, then you could maybe at least read the first few


The Eldritch Horror Returns to Earth, but Things are a Bit Different

Its good, like, really good. You should read, like, right now. Read more. Read this. Read more of this, Yes-Yes. Make more reading of this. Read it again. Double read, yes-yes. And you, Author. If you drop this story, i'll find you, and i'll get on my knees and beg for more chapters.


Edit: I now have another title for this book, 'Yaoi between tentacle man and young Chad'. Thank me later.


Edit: I won't let the author control me. So y'know what I'll do? I'll go find you, and put rubber ducks on your car. And then maybe write a bunch of Adam and Chad fanfics, and force you to hear them. Then I'll  eat your lunch.

Legendary Dungeon Seed

It seems good(written at chap 5, then i put in if i have read further)

What can I say, the title already says everything.

Note : I will extend and make a more in-depth review when the story gets longer, and/or, it does something i find either bad or good. I have also noticed that i have some dislikes on my review, could someone please say what i have done wrong since i don't want to make my review dissatisfactory(That's how it's written, right?) for other people. You can just PM me and tell me please.


Edit : I have now read to chap 8


Edit : It seems that the review under mine has come up with some arguments, which i will now argue against. Because i have nothing better to do. Both arguments have a very simple debunk. We're eight chapters in. and the story seems to go more for worldbuilding, and a slow pace, so of COURSE he isn't a dungeon core yet, it's clear that he will become one later. And really, because it has the LitRPG and GameLit tags, together with the Dungeon tag, it absolutely has to follow some rules that this site talks about or states nowhere, but you apparently know. I am angry that you think this, but mostly disappointed that you cannot accept someone making a story they enjoy, instead of catering to you who feels entitled to control what they write. Shame on you. I will apologise if i was too harsh though, i can see where you're coming from so it makes sense you think so.


Now that it's a little later, i can see that i was maybe a little harsh with my argument, but i still think what he says is wrong.


Okay suddenly half the chapters disappeared and I'm confused.


Okay, false alarm. It's just a rewrite that's happening.


Theres no Updaaaaaaates!.....



It seems from what I've seen lately, that first of all, the author is not intending to make this story stable. Secondly, the magic and spark that originally drew me into this story is just kinda.... gone. Maybe it's cause the author changed his writing style, or cause he removed half of what made it so good for me personally. But it's gone. And from what I see, it ain't coming back.

SCP Gacha System In A Cultivation World

Now, as a fan of SCP this seems interesting. Now, as a person who doesn't like most xianxia, it seems sonewhat interesting. Now I just gotta hope the story doesn't fall into mediocrity. Now, I wrote this at the first chapter, and will update it when I'm done, something.


Also, seriously? No reviews? You could at least give the guy a chance.