Revenge of the Sorcerer King

I have followed ye from thine other makings

Still the fastest, and the story’s got six chapters, which is simply... Preposterous! Ridiculous! Sacrilegious! Lo, the author must be a madman, lest my mind deceives me!


Update : i have lost all humanity. i am perfect. Flee before me. For after there came a FIFTH chapter, so, did i ascend.


Update two : I have now cast off all mortal vestiges, and is attaining true enlightenment. I must thank the author, and his EIGHTH, chapter for this. I am now fully attuned with the universe. Amen.


Still good, yay!



Update Three : Damn, i haven't touched this in a while. Am reading up to date while writing this, and i just gotta give another reason to read this. I mean, which book do you know where the main character get's the better deal in a bargain with the divine? Well, this book has that. And tons of other cool stuff too! Just... Give it a read. I recommend reading to a minimum of chapter twenty to really understand if you like it. And also, give the author some love on his Patreon! The mad lad deserves it. 

SCP Gacha System In A Cultivation World

Now, as a fan of SCP this seems interesting. Now, as a person who doesn't like most xianxia, it seems sonewhat interesting. Now I just gotta hope the story doesn't fall into mediocrity. Now, I wrote this at the first chapter, and will update it when I'm done, something.


Also, seriously? No reviews? You could at least give the guy a chance.

Rise of the Night Stalkers: a GameLit Post-Apocalyptic Adventure

Okay, since my last review was deleted (For reasons i can understand) I'll make a nice 'n proper one this time. So let's get started


It's good.


Now, you may think "That's pretty much as short as your last one", but hear me out.

It's good, cause of a lot of things. Primarily, the fact that every character and interaction doesnt feel like it was either made by a newbie to writing, or has about as much depth as my mind (Yay to self-deprecation). The characters in this story feel alive, and human, which is much better than what many stories can claim. Second, the story has a LOT of hooks and mysteries that just keep you coming back for more, which is normally the sign of an experienced author. Third, i like it personally. Yes, i am petty enough to include that as a point, deal with it. I should probably also mention how great the LitRPG elements are, cause they're freaking GREAT! Now, i don't want this review to be super long, so i'll stop here.



Legendary Dungeon Seed

It seems good(written at chap 5, then i put in if i have read further)

What can I say, the title already says everything.

Note : I will extend and make a more in-depth review when the story gets longer, and/or, it does something i find either bad or good. I have also noticed that i have some dislikes on my review, could someone please say what i have done wrong since i don't want to make my review dissatisfactory(That's how it's written, right?) for other people. You can just PM me and tell me please.


Edit : I have now read to chap 8


Edit : It seems that the review under mine has come up with some arguments, which i will now argue against. Because i have nothing better to do. Both arguments have a very simple debunk. We're eight chapters in. and the story seems to go more for worldbuilding, and a slow pace, so of COURSE he isn't a dungeon core yet, it's clear that he will become one later. And really, because it has the LitRPG and GameLit tags, together with the Dungeon tag, it absolutely has to follow some rules that this site talks about or states nowhere, but you apparently know. I am angry that you think this, but mostly disappointed that you cannot accept someone making a story they enjoy, instead of catering to you who feels entitled to control what they write. Shame on you. I will apologise if i was too harsh though, i can see where you're coming from so it makes sense you think so.


Now that it's a little later, i can see that i was maybe a little harsh with my argument, but i still think what he says is wrong.


Okay suddenly half the chapters disappeared and I'm confused.


Okay, false alarm. It's just a rewrite that's happening.


Theres no Updaaaaaaates!.....

Forgotten Dungeon

I have made a review.... Or have I?.....

It's good, really like my boi Uno(Fuck Anima), and I support Revenant Waifu. Now I have to make the rest of the review. Oh boy. 

For a dungeon story, it is really good, and actually updates somewhat(Looking at you Dungeon Heart), and also has made an interesting story, at least I think it has. Could be wrong, but eh, who cares?


Uhhhhhhh... What more? I'd like to say more, but it's late and I'm tired, so I'll just say. Non is best girl, and I want Uno and her to stay friends(at least I think they are friends, somewhat?)


Edit : Dungeon seems to have come back soooo... Yay? I'll leave up the review though. I will add to it if there comes a reason to though.

Why Are All Of My Monsters Women!?!

Hi. I'm Philius swiftius, with flex tap- Wait, that's the wrong script. Ah, here's the right one.


Clears throat.


Its good, and while there are a few grammar mistakes, it's mostly misspelling, which even I do so it's okay. I'd like to say more, but there's so little to cover that it's hard. I can say one thing though. This has the potential to get really big and popular. The only thing stopping it is it's abysmal realease schedule, which I personally want fixed. I am not biased in any way and it's definitely not because the story is very intriguing for me personally. That's it for now. I'd recommend reading the few chapters that are out right now(Three at the time of writing) then giving the story a follow, and keeping an eye out for it. This one can really become something.

Bookworld Online: The Rogue Necromancer

It's good. While i'd like to deepen the review, i'm writing at quite a late clock so...... Oops? I dwid a fwucky wucky. Teehee~.


It's really good though, you should read it, even if the start seems like a teenage vampire drama, i can promise wholeheartedly that it's way better than that.

Titanomachy - A Mecha Pilot In Another World

"Now listen up folks, this is the moment you've all been waiting for and expecting. Here we'll have the amazing and favoritized Khalaenas reviewing a story"


"Yes John, we all get the excitement, and not without reason. Khalaenas has a good track record, and he really showed Zardax last season in the finale, so many have been excited for what he'll do next. I'm excited myself, but it would seem he has hard competition this season. Do you expect him to pull of another victory John?"


"Hard today Will, Cryuins earlier review threw most contestants out of the ball park with its ingenuity, so I think he'll have a hard time topping that, but he's surprised us before so maybe he'll pull off another game changer, and-"


"John! He's coming out now!"


"Ah, yes folks, here's coming the star of the show, let's see what he'll do..."



Clears throat


"Uhh... Ummm... Well...."



"It's good"


Thunderous applause sounds through the theater



Inexorable Chaos

Me human and me make human review

This much good story, me likey very good much, yes yes. This good story. Me not slave of author no no. Me strong independent reviewer and not evil homunculi slave to author-chan.


seriously though, it’s great, both serious and funny and it also has some... something to it, really hard to explain, just read it to understand.



i would also like to say that waffles are NOT in fact pancakes with abbs, don’t listen to author propaganda


edit : I updated my review to satisfy our overlords-I mean the authors cravings. “Praise be to our glorious master”.

And the crowd answered with an “Amen”, as Quasi looked on in confusion, before he was whisked away from his dreams, jolted awake in his bed. It seemed he could still hear the whispers from his dream, a most peculiar dream, wherein a mass of people were worshipping some kind of deity having plastered what for some reason seemed like a profile picture onto a banner. What the hell he thought to himself, before shrugging and thinking nothing of it.




This was written as an opening for a chapter to showcase our overlords supremeness through the fourth wall.


Edit 2 : I have noticed a large amount of dislikes on my review, so I was wondering if anyone could PM me or something, to say what I did wrong, since I don't wanna insult anyone. :)

Warhammer 40k - Tyranid Project

This good. Especially if you are a 40k nerd.... What do i write now? Well, the grammars good, the pace seems nice, and i think it'll end up being a good, and nice 40k story. Uhhhhhhhh... I dunno what to write now, so i'll just panic. Meep!


Edit : I've just managed to escape the author, please send help. He's holding me somewhere and I only know the coordinates. I would just like to say that it isn't that goo- Creaking boards Oh gods, he's here! P-Please help me! My coordinates are 11- Sudden flailing like sound, with a thud. Then just silence with a slight dragging sound.