The Eldritch Horror Returns to Earth, but Things are a Bit Different

The Eldritch Horror Returns (...)
by Palt
273 pages

One day, Adam B. Windsley was in this world, and then, he wasn't. Suddenly trasported into a strange world called Lutum, Adam finds himself in the body of a small, unassuming slug, and during the course of 600 years, he evolved beyond the scope of humans, becoming one of the Five Evil Gods, worshipped by his followers and treated as a God would. But he isn't happy. And after some time reaquainting himself with humans, he finds himself enjoying their company. But, in a sudden twist of events, he finds himself back in his own world.

But he is still a giant tentacle-covered monstoristy.

And where did these magical girls come from?...


In short, this is a story focusing on a somewhat edgy reincarnated-as-a-monster kind of guy who returned back to his world on the day of his transferral, only for strange, unusual things to happen. Monsters from his past world start popping up out of the blue, and ordinary people are suddenly learning of sorcery. 

In terms of structure, it will mostly be about what happens to Adam after coming back, but depending on general opinion, there may or may not be more "Before" chapters focusing on his life back in Lutum. Well, there probably will be, but who knows???

The chapters will be between 2000 and god-only-knows-how-many words, and will be released every three days at 3 pm, CST. I don't actually live in America so if chapter release is off by an hour or so, it's probably either because I messed up with the time, or because I was unable to finnish a chapter on time-,

The artwork on the cover belongs to yours truly, I drew it myself and I'm darn tootin' proud of it, and Omni is my dear co-writer who got me this far. Couldn't do it without him!

With that said, I do hope you enjoy, as I did put way too much effort into it...


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Legendary Dungeon Seed

Legendary Dungeon Seed
by Marc Robert
80 pages

Craft Dungeons ... Cultivate Monsters ... Become A King!

Osman Spar just made a very dangerous bargain …  

To try and impress the girl of his dreams, he agrees to play a new VR-based fantasy roleplaying game. However, Osman won’t be playing as a warrior or a wizard, but as a dungeon core.  

Now he must build an underground labyrinth of tunnels and chambers formidable enough to withstand any and all attacks. But in order to do that, Osman needs to learn dark magic, devise traps, craft loot, harvest mana, and cultivate feral monster girls to be his loyal level bosses.  

If he fails, his soul will be lost forever. But if he succeeds, well, if he succeeds he may just … become a king!  

NOTE: Legendary Dungeon Seed is a dark fantasy adventure featuring dungeon cores, dungeon crafting, monster girls, monster cultivation, LitRPG stats and level progression, epic fight scenes, video game violence, a seductive dark elf assassin, a mischievous dungeon sprite, an alarmingly-gorgeous human healer, harem elements, nudity, cursing, and explicit sex.

So what are you waiting for?! Join Osman Spar and his minions on their first action-packed adventure right now …  

Updates Every Saturday!

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Thieves' Dungeon

Thieves' Dungeon
by NoDragons
679 pages

When a Dungeon Core acquires a taste for beautiful jewels, it sets out to become a criminal kingpin, operating from the sewers beneath the city. Updates daily / 3x on weekends.

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Revenge of the Sorcerer King

Revenge of the Sorcerer (...)
by Dragonsunxx
24 pages

On Hiatus as of 1-28-20. Full Book can be found on Amazon! Story is being continued on Patreon!

Oberon Blackphoenix almost united all the races on his part of the world. It would have meant a term of peace yet unheard of. Sadly, he was betrayed by one of his most trusted advisors. With his once friend's sword piercing his chest, he cast his last spell. Unintended by even him, his spell incorporates a legendary item that results in the world being cursed. Now over a thousand years later, a certain sorcerer once again wakes... and he is not happy.

Alessa Darkfeather is hunted daily, all because of who her long lost ancestor was. She expected to die soon after her mother was stolen from her. Now... Now she might have a chance at revenge and she plans on taking it. If she can survive that is... 

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Bone Lord

Bone Lord
by DanteKing
0 pages

Current Chapters will be removed from Royal Road on July 25th! 

In a land where all the goddesses are dead, the world's greatest assassin becomes a necromancer. 

The goddesses won't stay dead for long.



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Rise of Anubis - LitRPG Fantasy

Rise of Anubis - LitRPG (...)
by VoidedPhantom
135 pages

Rex Silverthorn was just one man...

Albeit a famous human-cyborg martial artist and merc. A soldier mercenary for the biggest power, United Merchants of the West, with business comes greed and more business. When the bombs dropped entire continents were remolded and the need for soldiers rose drastically. 

One of the most famous battles called "The Graveyard" in the future.. and Rex's final battle or so he thought.

"Space Fluctuation Detected"... "Time Distortion detected"... "Entity Detected"...


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Wholly Undead

Wholly Undead
by Voidmirage
1.5k pages

Join Jack, after his death by microwaved food, as he reincarnates into the body of a ruler of an undead kingdom in a strange environment of the underworld. Follow our, wannabe nihilist and socially awkward, hero as he learns about his world, and tries to play the part of their supreme pontiff and ruler of the Holy Kingdom of Deagoth.

The novel features heavy world-building elements, many characters, drama, cultivation, and magic.

Give it a try, and leave a review.

And here is a map to help understand locations, as they are mentioned in the story.

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Blue Core

Blue Core
by InadvisablyCompelled
1k pages

Dungeon: A place full of monsters, traps, treasure, and death. Those are the Great Dungeons, with unplumbed depths below the roots of the mountains.

That's not for me.

Dungeon: A place of rape, torture, and death, to control and corral enemies and slaves. These are the Red Cores, from which the mage-kings draw their power.

That's also not for me.

I don't like monsters. I don't want adventurers. I want to stay well away from enemies and slaves.

Fortunately, there are alternatives...

(Includes explicit and consensual sexual content. Chapters containing such will be marked.)

Weekly release schedule.  Chapter releases start on Fridays, 5PM EST.

Join our Discord!

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Dragon Knight Prophecy

Dragon Knight Prophecy
by omnixius
2.4k pages

An amazing story of a man and woman brought together by prophecy and bound by a love that breaks all barriers.

The war was lost and it was only a matter of time until all he held dear was wiped away. Desperate to save his people a priest of the God Astikar challenges his order, his leaders, and his faith to allow him to go and find the one thing that could turn the tide. With their scorn he sets off on a quest that was doomed from the start. Now at the end of his rope he hasn’t found what he was looking for, instead he found her. As the time to save his people slips away a secret plot, an ancient god, and a magic long forgotten must be brought to the surface if he is to have any chance to save the broken empire.


Will he succeed in time? Or will love cause him to turn back?


A high fantasy character focused story of Gods, magic, dragons, and a secret at the core of all creation.

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The Hero of Destiny is a Girl Now?

The Hero of Destiny is (...)
by HomerunMikey
226 pages

The Prophecy foretold of a destined child - one who would bring an end to the Dark Lord's evil reign and usher in a new Era of Light. That child was Ariz Vidane. Fulfilling his destiny was supposed to come at the cost of his life, but Ariz managed to subvert his ultimate fate.

...And in quite a creative fashion.

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Inexorable Chaos

Inexorable Chaos
by Quasieludo
970 pages

What happens when a summoned hero completes their task given by those from up above? When a summoned hero returns back to earth after having saved the world, do they still get to live a normal life? 

The answer is actually yes, they usually do. They get married to the one they love, have kids, and then death takes them away. 

Of course, that is only usually. There are a select few who choose not to... think the same way. 

Some of them find such a life boring, dull even. 

They want to taste for adventure once more, feed their drive for exploration! Power, wealth, another life, they want it all. So, what do they do? Why, they do what Quasi does... 

They sell themselves to the gods. 








This story will contain 2 and 3-dimensional characters.

Extensive Worldbuilding.



Sex/ Drama/ Love/ Harem

Constantly Changing POV's

Multiple Main characters.

Overpowered characters.

Messed up shit-- You have been warned.


Link to Cover. I don't own it... yet.

No Apache Helicopters were harmed in the making of this Novel.

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Memento Mori: Death Incarnate

Memento Mori: Death Incarnate
by Monad
597 pages

The emergence of monsters and superhumans hasn't disrupted the modern-era. People have adapted to their new way of life and among them is Casper Clay, a man who has long since awakened to a gift that seemed to be more of a curse until it leads him to a different path. Seeing the opportunity in front of him, Casper heads down a road that could lead to prosperity just as easily as it could lead to an untimely end.  


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