1. Re: Sunday Snippet 01/05 | MAYDAY! MAYDAY! 🚨

      The Royal Road version of 'A Nation of Distances -possibly a dystopian love story- (yes, the name is slightly longer now) Book 1: Wife School' is finished with the last chapter: 26 Game Over? Sorry (...)

    2. Re: Sunday Snippet 24/04 | WEEK 39 🌙

      A Nation of Distances is near the end of book one, and will be taking a break for a while after the next update. I'm also afraid that the first part of the story doesn't really have a happy end, and (...)

    3. Re: Sunday Snippet 17/04 | WEEK 38 🐰🐣

      We're almost at the end of the first part of A Nation of Distances so 2 more updates and we'll go on a hiatus before we start with part 2. 'But will this not also attract negative attention, and give (...)

    4. Re: April Thread - Promote your Story

      Michael in A Nation of Distances never felt really at home in his world. His parents always were distant, he never felt appreciated because he never was 'man' enough as an intellectual introvert, and The (...)

    5. Re: Women as Written by Men

      The question isn't whether men are able to write women, but whether a writer understands what he's writing about, and in this case cares about women as humans like him. There's enough examples of men who (...)

    6. Re: Karambit Knife- A debate with my Beta reader

      The text makes clear that it's a knife, and this scene isn't the place for explanations as some have said already. So the most I would do is add 'curved' or something like that, and give a description (...)

    7. Re: Sunday Snippets 20/03 | WEEK 34 ✂️

      Michael is trying to organise a bit of a resistance against the extreme sex segregation in The Nation by bringing the two black markets together in A Nation of Distances 20 Project Pen Pal. It's probably (...)

    8. Re: Can people write what they have never felt ?

      The examples you give like grief and loss, a sense of patriotism (or loving your area, tradition, or family, ...) are known to most people. And the rest will have at least some secondhand impressions of (...)

    9. Re: Why does it seem like most famous authors ignore most writing advice?

      Some rules are just stupid exaggerations of general writing wisdom that have been made so extreme that they've become useless or even counterproductive. The anti-adverb rule is just stupid, and something (...)

    10. Re: 40 Reviews, No Swaps, No Strings

      If you're still looking, and are interested in low-tech scifi dystopian drama, you can consider 'A Nation of Distances', which seems to have 19 chapters, but there's also chapter 0 and chapter 1.5 which (...)

    11. Re: Morality in your tale... Is this a standard?

      Interesting discussion. The good/evil fight is common in stories, although it's not the only worldview that can be present in the background. Some stories are fairly nihilistic or even bent to the side (...)

    12. Re: Giving out [Free] reviews [OPEN]

      Thanks for the review. The worldbuilding comes quite naturally actually, but it's rather specific indeed and very detailed. You're right about the lay-out of A Nation of Distances having paragraphs (...)

    13. Re: Sunday Snippets 13/03 | WEEK 33 🦇

      From the latest A Nation of Distances chapter 19 The Good Old Ditch-the-chaperone Trick. Eliza lives full-time in a dystopian Wife School, and clearly has her own sociological theories on what's wrong (...)

    14. Re: mentally stable characters as Written by Insane

      Also, Lovecraft, but usually in the beginning of the story before madness takes over and insanity enters...

    15. Re: mentally stable characters as Written by Insane

      Does Nietsche describe sane people somewhere? I suppose that his uebermensch is supposed to be sane if he's the ideal man and such?

    16. Re: mentally stable characters as Written by Insane

      I don't have an example, but I'm following because this is a fascinating subject.

    17. Re: Women as Written by Men

      Here's the Cassandra reference by the way:

    18. Re: Women as Written by Men

      There's a particular kind of men who write terrible women (shallow, oversexualised) but their men usually aren't very human either. Maybe I just don't feel represented by the Alpha I-succeed-in-everything (...)

    19. Re: Promote Your Story with Two Truths and a Lie

      A Nation of distances is a weird dystopian slice of life thingy in a rather unhealthy macho world. (some details might not be so clear yet in the story, and the lie is while completely wrong still connected (...)

    20. Re: What's your MC's name and how did you come up with it?

      Michael Adams from A Nation of distances is named after an archangel and he's also the second main character I have named after Adam (= human, humanity) even though that wasn't deliberate this time. The (...)