[PORTUGUESE] Saint Seiya: Kagutsuchi, o cavaleiro de Fornalha.


I REALLY don't like early reviews, but considering the fact that we're on chapter seven and I could swear I'm the only one reading it... I'm going to need to make one.

So first of all, big thing is that it's in Portugese. I can understand that there's a language barrier, but I've been dealing with it just fine. I can't say much for the grammar, but i can say I know Portugese enough to have a very basic conversation by now. I am very stubborn with stories.

The real good part of this story is the plot and characters. I don't want to say much about good or bad plot at this point because it makes no sense to assume I know the plot at chapter 7 but it has good promise and keeps the sense of the original Saint Seiya.


Characters: this is where I can actually talk. Our main character goes by the name of Kagutsuchi who does the good old isekai. I. Like. Kagutsuchi. He's smart and has an adaptable personality. Also I find blacksmithing cool.

The narration is well made and I've been enjoying the story immensely.  If anyone is willing to ignore the language barrier - or can read Portugese- I recommend this highly.


Ps i put grammar at 4.5, which the original review would have been because it wouldn't leave it blank, i have no idea what the grammar is like in the original language, I am not qualified enough to tell...