1. Re: Review Swap

      Sorry forgot to turn on notifications for this thread. I’ll get your review done in the next day or so. 

    2. Re: I was wondering in there are any more stories where MC and his class gets transported to another world

      Arifureta is the obvious one. A lot of people don't like it very much, but I personally loved it.  However, my favorite would probably be Shinka no Mi. I found it on novelupdates a couple months ago (...)

    3. Re: Exploration and no system

      Wait, the cursed star does not fit your requirements at all. I was incredibly tired when I responded to this and wasn’t thinking very hard. I will say that I enjoyed the cursed star regardless.

    4. Re: Romance but harem bait with a twist

      Is it a sort of genre i can look up? If so what do i search? What i seek is kind of long and specific lol. And i'd be glad if you recommend me something Well it’s not exactly a specific genre, (...)

    5. Re: Romance but harem bait with a twist

      The majority of the ones I’ve seen had a female lead. I’ve almost never seen one with a male lead, but I’m mostly just going off of what I’ve seen. I haven’t really read a lot of those types of novels. (...)

    6. Re: Female MC, opinions on yuri vs. straight romance/sex?

      I see a lot of people on this site saying they'd prefer a monogomous story to one with a harem. I don't think that means more people want that then a harem story but it does mean that there's at least (...)

    7. Re: Apocalyptic Litrpg?

      This one doesn't fit your criteria directly but it is certainly one of the best litrpgs and one of the best apocalyptic book series I've read. It also had a great romantic subplot that didn't get in the (...)

    8. Re: I'm looking for a story where the main character creates magic

      The mc in The Arcane Emperor creates magic a lot. Aeturnus really goes into great detail in regards to magic so you might enjoy it.

    9. Re: Exploration and no system

      The Cursed Star: fits your requirements I think. But it looks like the author just went on hiatus so not sure if you want to try starting it or not. (...)

    10. Re: MC is a knight or something along those lines.

      Just gonna slip my story in here shamelessly.  Though this is an isekai due to the specific circumstances surrounding his relocation into that (...)

    11. Re: Looking for more stories with a System suddenly being instituted on Earth

      There's a few Korean novels that aren't on this site that fit this. Namely Solo Leveling and Infinite Competitive Dungeon Society. The ICDS protagonist was way too dense and just unintelligent for me to (...)

    12. Re: Requesting recommendations: strong to weak story

      Probably doesn't really apply to your request, but when Thedude3445 started mentioning movies the first one that this thread reminded me of was the Curious Case of Benjamin Button. The mc ages backwards, (...)

    13. Re: MC fighting alongside lover

      It's not on RRl but one of my favorite stories is Jack of All Trades. It's a japanese light novel that isn't a harem and the mc isn't completely spineless. Also though he is OP he's not as OP as a lot (...)

    14. Re: Ya Know What? Go Ahead And Plug. Show Ya Stories

      Genre: Fantasy/Romance/Isekai Title: Elemental Knights Short Synopsis: Have you ever found a book that you loved so much that you wished you could go to that world and meet all those characters that (...)

    15. Re: Romance but harem bait with a twist

      I don't have any ideas but you might have better luck looking through traditionally published romance novels. That type of forbidden romance is very popular among those. Though it might be difficult to (...)

    16. Re: Going back in time with previous knowledge?

      Also not on here but Rebirth of the Thief Who Roamed the World fits your request, as well as Tales of Demons and Gods. TDG is now being updated really slowly and somewhat went off the rails but RTWRW is (...)

    17. Re: Romantic Fantasy & Fantasy Romance

      I haven't seen this one posted on here yet so I'm going to recommend the Simulacrum. It is a harem but it's only two girls. I personally think this (...)

    18. Re: Review Swap

      I'm down for a review swap. This is my link.

    19. Re: Fantasy World Mapping Software

      This site has a decent map creation tool that's free. There's also a ton of other interesting tools you can use on the site aside from the map creator.

    20. Re: Xianxia: What do you dislike about it?

      I don't know if someone else has already said this in this thread because well there's a lot of posts on this thread. But something that I absolutely despise about a lot of xianxia and Chinese novels in (...)