1. Re: Oh? You're approaching me?

      I’m down for a review swap. My story’s about a guy who ends up in the world of his favorite storybook. Links in my signature. 

    2. Re: A story I read

      I mean it kind of sounds like FeralHeart.

    3. Re: I don't know the title but I really wanna read it

      Kind of sounds like Agent of Alternates not sure if it is though.

    4. Re: Earth taken over by new management becomes rpg dungeon.

      Oh this sounds like Full Dive: Eternal Phantasy, It's a story on webnovel. Starts as a fairly normal vrmmorpg story until (...)

    5. Re: Dungeon core story in space

      If the author put it up on Amazon then it might be Derelict  or maybe The Station Core (...)

    6. Re: Review Offer (and perhaps a swap)!

      I'll add my story the mix. I'll also take a look at yours as well. My story's about a guy who ends up in the world of his favorite storybook. Links in my signature. 

    7. Re: Idiot's simple guide to storytelling

      I would like to say that though you should definitely put effort into the first line, don't overthink it either. A lot of times people will spend a crazy amount of time on their first line and end up with (...)

    8. Re: If your story was a video game, what would be your loading screen tips?

      I'll give this one a try. Always watch for holes in the floor.  The horses bite. The paintings are alive.  Don't leave home without your cloak.  "Stick'em with the pointy end" That's all I (...)

    9. Re: Review Kagan's story and he'll review yours!

      I’m down for a review swap if you’re still accepting new ones. Mines a fantasy story about a guy who ends up in his favorite storybook. Link’s in my signature. 

    10. Re: this story just wont get out of my head AAAHHH

      You should still be able to ask a question in their forum. Just put it under novel discussion and label it ‘help me find this story’ or something. You could also try wuxiaworld’s forums as well. 

    11. Re: Good fictions with gay male leads

      I haven’t really seen any on here but you might want to try Wattpad. There’s a much larger audience for it there. Unfortunately I’d say the overall quality for a lot of stories on Wattpad is quite a bit (...)

    12. Re: Looking for fantasy stories with technological progression

      You could try release that which. It’s a Chinese translated novel. The mc was an engineer who woke up in the body of a disgraced prince. He ends up using his knowledge of engineering to build machinery (...)

    13. Re: Recommendations for Kindle Reads

      One of my favorite series is called the Dark Elf Chronicles. It’s a mix of apocalyptic and litrpg. 

    14. Re: Honest feedback

      Seems like the original author of this post took their comment down, but if anyone else would like to do a review swap I'm down. Just send me a message and hit the link in my signature. 

    15. Re: A Review Swap

      I’d be interested in doing a review swap. Mines a fantasy story. Link in my signature.  I’d also be interested in any other review swaps just send me a message if anyone wants to swap. 

    16. Re: Thedude3445's Weekly TheReviews3445 Thread (No Swaps, Don't Stop)

      Well I might as well throw mine in the mix too. Can’t exactly promise perfection, it’s the first time I’ve ever tried writing an actual story.  Anyways here ya go (...)

    17. Re: Review Swap

      Sorry forgot to turn on notifications for this thread. I’ll get your review done in the next day or so. 

    18. Re: I was wondering in there are any more stories where MC and his class gets transported to another world

      Arifureta is the obvious one. A lot of people don't like it very much, but I personally loved it.  However, my favorite would probably be Shinka no Mi. I found it on novelupdates a couple months ago (...)

    19. Re: Exploration and no system

      Wait, the cursed star does not fit your requirements at all. I was incredibly tired when I responded to this and wasn’t thinking very hard. I will say that I enjoyed the cursed star regardless.

    20. Re: Romance but harem bait with a twist

      Is it a sort of genre i can look up? If so what do i search? What i seek is kind of long and specific lol. And i'd be glad if you recommend me something Well it’s not exactly a specific genre, (...)