Vincent Archer

Vincent Archer

    1. Re: Interracial relationships - are they actually possible ?

      So what do you think ? is there  a point after which even "but its a fantasy world" can not be used as an argument ? I am going to horribly paraphrase a trailer that made me laugh: "our mission? (...)

    2. Re: From a few years ago

      Without other elements, this makes me immediately think of Reborn: Apocalypse.

    3. Re: How do I mark my fiction as on Hiatus

      35 days, if I remember right. If you don't publish any new chapter, it goes on hiatus after 5 weeks.

    4. Re: How often do you other writers receive 0.5 ratings?

      I finally got my first 0.5 star REVIEW! Yay! (got a few 0.5 ratings, but never reviews so far) It's a kind of rite of passage now. You know that, no matter what, people will dislike your writing. One (...)

    5. Re: On editing already released chapters. Do or don't?

      If it's grammar, minor tense issues, or errors that weren't caught early, then you SHOULD edit. I don't think anyone will complain that you fixed an error that everyone missed at the time. Heck, I found (...)

    6. Re: Question on "Open Next Chapter" vs reordering of chapters.

      There's a small mix-up in my current story. Basically, I posted book 3 prologue a month ago as a teaser, and I'm now posting the summary of book 1&2, then chapter 1 of book 3. So, in theory, the reading (...)

    7. Re: What's Another Word For Adventurer?

      When I started out writing The Infinite Labyrinth, I had the main problem of the usual denomination of AD&D-based RPG, "class" absolutely being inappropriate for the context of the story - a 19th-century (...)

    8. Re: Any litRPG where the MC isn't the only one with a broken class?

      No no. What I want is a story where the MC has cool/uncommon powers, but isn't the ONLY one with such powers. Where s/he actually comes into conflict with others with similarly broken classes, or (...)

    9. Re: Finding a proofreader/editor

      Grammarly works well as a basic proofreader, but professional editors are a breed apart. I'd say you can get away with Grammarly/Gammarly Premium on self-publishing platforms, but if you want to make (...)

    10. Re: April Story Promotion. The Infinite Labyrinth Genres: Alternate-History, Georgian-Era, Fantasy, LitRPG, Portal-Fantasy For nearly twenty years since they've opened, the Gilded Gates of (...)

    11. Re: Question regarding what makes a LitRPG

      There's usually an entire continuum between simple fantasy/sci-fi and litrpg (with gamelit being a kind-of midpoint). It's not helped by people having different ideas on what slides your story from one (...)

    12. Re: How Do You Find Web Fiction Off RR to Read?

      Note that if you go to r/litrpg on Reddit, don't just barge in and ask for recommendations. That happens about twice a day (at least), so people tend to simply copy-paste. Just check the subreddit first (...)

    13. Re: Text Color in Tables?

      @batotit : The properties offered are background and border, but not foreground. So you cannot set the text color for all text in a table. And yes, for some reason, the color you set for individual (...)

    14. Re: Ya Know What? Go Ahead And Plug. Show Ya Stories

      I realize I probably haven't plugged in my second (and ongoing) series: The Infinite Labyrinth ( ) Genre: Alternate-History, Steampunkish, Reality-based Litrpg (...)

    15. Re: NaNoWriMo Hype, anyone?

       I wasn't on the writhatlon, as I was mostly doing draft one of my second book in the silvergates story, which meant offline work. And it was a disaster, because there's a massive blockage on an arc (...)

    16. Re: Do you perform Post Mortem's on your completed stories?

      I did that for Silvergates book 1. I wrote an Author's note as I was publishing each chapter, updating based on feedback and what I agreed and disagreed about those (I mostly agreed - there's several mistakes (...)

    17. Re: How to fix table text colours?

      As for myself, I haven't been able to do a proper black-and-white tables on RR. Selecting a white background and a black text on the properties of the table yield a gray on lighter gray result.

    18. Re: Developing a System

      The other way to use CHA, I believe, either to call them Presence. You can’t always talk your way out, but, your presence can most likely increases your party moral, attract animals, intimidating other (...)

    19. Re: Advice on Reading for Writing Style Inspiration

      That's what editors are for. They'll spot those tense/perspective problems, and you can fix them. But it's unfortunately rare to have that already done by the time you post on RR.

    20. Re: How to turn your webnovel into a published novel.

      When you go to apply for your book to be enrolled in KU, the system will do an online search for your book. It can't be on RR or anywhere else, and if the system flags you, your book won't go on KU. (...)