Vincent Archer

Vincent Archer

    1. Re: From a few years ago

      Without other elements, this makes me immediately think of Reborn: Apocalypse.

    2. Re: How do I mark my fiction as on Hiatus

      35 days, if I remember right. If you don't publish any new chapter, it goes on hiatus after 5 weeks.

    3. Re: How often do you other writers receive 0.5 ratings?

      I finally got my first 0.5 star REVIEW! Yay! (got a few 0.5 ratings, but never reviews so far) It's a kind of rite of passage now. You know that, no matter what, people will dislike your writing. One (...)

    4. Re: On editing already released chapters. Do or don't?

      If it's grammar, minor tense issues, or errors that weren't caught early, then you SHOULD edit. I don't think anyone will complain that you fixed an error that everyone missed at the time. Heck, I found (...)

    5. Re: Question on "Open Next Chapter" vs reordering of chapters.

      There's a small mix-up in my current story. Basically, I posted book 3 prologue a month ago as a teaser, and I'm now posting the summary of book 1&2, then chapter 1 of book 3. So, in theory, the reading (...)

    6. Re: What's Another Word For Adventurer?

      When I started out writing The Infinite Labyrinth, I had the main problem of the usual denomination of AD&D-based RPG, "class" absolutely being inappropriate for the context of the story - a 19th-century (...)

    7. Re: Any litRPG where the MC isn't the only one with a broken class?

      No no. What I want is a story where the MC has cool/uncommon powers, but isn't the ONLY one with such powers. Where s/he actually comes into conflict with others with similarly broken classes, or (...)

    8. Re: Finding a proofreader/editor

      Grammarly works well as a basic proofreader, but professional editors are a breed apart. I'd say you can get away with Grammarly/Gammarly Premium on self-publishing platforms, but if you want to make (...)

    9. Re: April Story Promotion. The Infinite Labyrinth Genres: Alternate-History, Georgian-Era, Fantasy, LitRPG, Portal-Fantasy For nearly twenty years since they've opened, the Gilded Gates of (...)

    10. Re: Question regarding what makes a LitRPG

      There's usually an entire continuum between simple fantasy/sci-fi and litrpg (with gamelit being a kind-of midpoint). It's not helped by people having different ideas on what slides your story from one (...)

    11. Re: How Do You Find Web Fiction Off RR to Read?

      Note that if you go to r/litrpg on Reddit, don't just barge in and ask for recommendations. That happens about twice a day (at least), so people tend to simply copy-paste. Just check the subreddit first (...)

    12. Re: Text Color in Tables?

      @batotit : The properties offered are background and border, but not foreground. So you cannot set the text color for all text in a table. And yes, for some reason, the color you set for individual (...)

    13. Re: Ya Know What? Go Ahead And Plug. Show Ya Stories

      I realize I probably haven't plugged in my second (and ongoing) series: The Infinite Labyrinth ( ) Genre: Alternate-History, Steampunkish, Reality-based Litrpg (...)

    14. Re: NaNoWriMo Hype, anyone?

       I wasn't on the writhatlon, as I was mostly doing draft one of my second book in the silvergates story, which meant offline work. And it was a disaster, because there's a massive blockage on an arc (...)

    15. Re: Do you perform Post Mortem's on your completed stories?

      I did that for Silvergates book 1. I wrote an Author's note as I was publishing each chapter, updating based on feedback and what I agreed and disagreed about those (I mostly agreed - there's several mistakes (...)

    16. Re: Recommendations

      Recommendation systems are usually better based on people's behavior rather than people's talk. The reason for this is that you harness more people rather than relying on a small fringe that does recommendation (...)

    17. Re: Reincarnated into a Machine/Tech/AI

      You should post this in the proper forum section rather than technical support.

    18. Re: How to fix table text colours?

      As for myself, I haven't been able to do a proper black-and-white tables on RR. Selecting a white background and a black text on the properties of the table yield a gray on lighter gray result.

    19. Re: Developing a System

      The other way to use CHA, I believe, either to call them Presence. You can’t always talk your way out, but, your presence can most likely increases your party moral, attract animals, intimidating other (...)

    20. Re: Advice on Reading for Writing Style Inspiration

      That's what editors are for. They'll spot those tense/perspective problems, and you can fix them. But it's unfortunately rare to have that already done by the time you post on RR.