Dungeon Crawler Carl Book 2: Carl's Doomsday Scenario

Full score for the grammar because I am not a native.

The concept of the story is interesting but I don't like the MC and the cat.

Sorry but it was  difficult for me to feel any attachments to the characters

Wholly Undead

Good story, a lot of grammar error (I don't speak English, but I was able to see them). All in all it's good but I'm am not a fan of harem and I hat Japanese's novel because of them. I repeat the story is interesting but when the romance feel just like a Japanese novel. I know it is not for me

Titan of Steel

(I'm not an English native so plz forgive my error)

Too fast. The pace of the story is too fast to have an impact on the reader an not anought 

Too fast .not enough time explain thing other than technical things

Too fast. I would like to know a bit more about the MC other sub characte's 

I feel like the author is training his writing and story making

Nothing but bones

The 4-5 first chapter were a bit  difficult to read (i skip the first chapter), but all those which  came after were great.

The MC and sub character are well wrote with a good evolution. 

I wasn't able to immerse myself into the story even though the plot is fairly good. But I will continue to read because of the characters and theirs evolutions which are really interesting 😊

Vainqueur the Dragon

It has been a while since i was able to read a story like this.

A well pace serie with well wrote character a captivating plot and a good system

Truly one of the best  litrpg story i read on royal road

(As of now there are 46 chapter, so my review may  change later)😁