Summon Imp!

This story is wonderful. It does a great job of capturing a non-human perspective.

Without giving any spoilers, the author has built a very interesting setting that gives a lot of leeway as to what kinds of things might happen. It keeps things very interesting. It's fascinating to watch our mc grow, get stronger, smarter, and work out just how to succeed in the world they live in.

Definitely give this one a chance.


Kick Ass and Chew Bubblegum

There was never any gum. Gum may not even exist.

This story answers the question of what happens when we drop a badass future mercenary into a world filled with magic. Our MC (heh) is the walking embodiment of an action movie hero. He’s competent, smart, and really good at ending the folks that deserve it. We get to enjoy a wild ride as he puts his skills to use.

Style-wise, the author does a good job of keeping the story flowing and the action intense. The scenes are well put together, and I’m never lost trying to visualize what’s happening. The author does sometimes throw in some one-liners that feel a little out of place to make a joke, but overall, nothing too egregious.

Grammar has been great. No complaints there.

As for the story, it kinda grew on me. At first, I thought there might not be much depth here, and we would just be in for a romp where MC is going around kicking everyone’s ass. And while that aspect is definitely there, it’s clear now that there is something deeper going on, and MC will need to figure out what. Having that deeper mystery really helps to hold my interest.

MC has been getting more and more fleshed out as the story goes on, and definitely feels like a real person despite his inbuilt badassness. Some of the other characters have felt a little one-note thus far, but most of them haven’t really stuck around long enough to get any real development. Seeing how we've learned more about MC as a character as the story has progressed, I have faith that the same will happen for people that are going to be sticking around a little longer. I’m already seeing moves along those lines where I’m at in the story.

Overall this is definitely a good read. Highly recommended for action junkies and also maybe mystery junkies? We shall see! I can’t wait to see where this story goes.

The Precipice of Power

We definitely hit the ground running here, getting immediately thrust into the action with our main man Kiro have to deal with a sticky situation. What follows is a nice bit of worldbuilding woven into the text, not just laid out bare like some instruction manual. It makes for a good intro to the rest of the story.

I've been liking the style so far. There's enough description to give you an idea about whats going on, but the author keeps concise enough that you don't get bored. The pacing has been good and the story flows well as your reading it. I haven't run into any text that has me confused about what's happening.

Grammar is good, I haven't noticed any issues. Gotta say that's a breath of fresh air when reading a Xianxia.

The story has been good so far, we've met a few characters that all seem to have their own things going on, but are clearly linked. We've already had some nice story hooks baited and goals the characters are working towards laid out in a way that feels natural. I'm looking forward to seeing how things develop.

I'm liking the characters we've met so far. They clearly have their own voice, and don't suffer from 'everyone sounds like the same person' syndrome.  So far, it seems like Kiro is not going to fall into the role of the stereotypical Xianxia protagonist. Namely, an amoral 'might makes right' character who commits atrocities and is praised as a hero for them. It looks like our enthusiastic cast has an actual set of morals, which I am always grateful to see in a story. Most Xianxia turn me off of them because their main protagonists fail the basic decency check. This one does not seem to be heading that direction.

Overall, I'm drawn in and can't wait to see where this story leads. I'll definitely be following this one!

Dungeon 42- Old

Pretty great with only minor issues.

What I like:
The characters feel pretty believable and seem to react appropriately to events that occur (with some notable exceptions). The reactions people have are different and feel appropriate for each individual. No characters feel one-note, although there are plenty we haven't gotten to know well yet.

I like the main character in general and I like the balance she's trying to keep. Reader beware if you're expecting a power grinding dungeon core story. There is focus on the dungeon aspect but (it feels like) more on the character aspect of the story.

So far the conflicts/fights have been well written and kept me engaged. Interpersonal stuff has also been interesting and fun and emotionally engaging. 


What I dislike:

The story seems to handwave quite a few aspects of the power system. I think it's fine to leave some of that stuff up in the air but it feels weird to have our protagonist just do stuff out of the blue with no explanation as to her finding out about that power or learning about it or something. Sometimes stuff is explained but other times it really feels like she just randomly gains powers with no significant explanations as to how or why.

People also seem to have incongruous reactions to some of the stuff she can do.

For example:

Spoiler: Spoiler

 Overall it just makes it feel like there isn't a set standard about what is "normal" in the world yet. I feel like this could improve as the story continues.


I think the story is definitely worth reading. some of the consistency issues irk me but overall it's well written and engaging.