1. Re: (Questions) Wandering Inn, A Journey of Black and Red

      I have not read a journey of black and red, but I'm a big TWI fan. Tragedies definitely do occur in TWI. There is no guarantee that everything will work out in the end. That being said, we definitely (...)

    2. Re: How I feel sometimes reading comments

      While I think it's fair to provide criticism in comments on something you didn't like to an author, how you go about phrasing that criticism is quite important. Namely, you should be giving constructive (...)

    3. Re: Do you have to justify everything in a story?

      I think the most important thing is internal consistency. Readers can accept quite a lot of weird, cool sci-fi stuff as long as it isn't complete nonsense, and your story takes its existence into account (...)

    4. Re: The reason why harem stories suck

      My issue with harems is that they tend to indicate a poorly thought out story. If you're throwing a harem in your story, it's probably because you don't have an interesting story to begin with, and feel (...)

    5. Re: Using 'our' to refer to another person's characters

      I certainly wouldn't mind personally, but I do know some people can get weird about stuff like that. I personally agree with Nautilus. If an author takes issue, just remove the comment/ask forgiveness. (...)

    6. Re: Need help describing character shock/awe/stun etc without it getting repetitive

      There's a lot of good advice here, but I'd also keep in mind that something that stands out to you might not stand out as much to a reader. Things like "He went wide-eyed, seeing the ... " or "She gasped, (...)

    7. Re: 500k total words

      In the last five months, my word count has quintupled. It has been very hecking hard, but I am finally halfway. If I keep up the pace, I should be at a million by summertime. Hoping for the best! Congrats! (...)

    8. Re: 6k followers!

      Just made it to 6k followers! Woot!

    9. Re: Popular stories with a large cast of viewpoint characters?

      Highly recommend The Wandering Inn. Volume one starts a little constrained viewpoint-wise, but it expands big time in volume two and onwards. Big cast of characters and a ton of content. Also, the story (...)

    10. Re: Fantasy, Worldbuilding, Slice Of Life

      You could give mine a shot. It's definitely a slow build and has a good amount of slice of life.

    11. Re: Recommend me something with Badass MC

      You could check out Magnus. MC is definitely a badass :p

    12. Re: Is the use of multiple question and/or exclaimation marks bad writing practice?

      Yeah, I agree with the others. I'm sure someone could make a counterargument by citing some famous published author who has done this before, but it's still a personal pet peeve of mine when I see (...)

    13. Re: The Very First .5

      Be thankful for the insult! I've got no ratings whatsoever, which means I've been surfing along with a much-uncoveted 0 star rating. Give yourself a 5 star! You're allowed to rate your own story (...)

    14. Re: I need some recs

      You could check mine out :) Link's in the signature.

    15. Re: Yooooooooom Tah! Yoooooooooom Tah! It's Wigglytuff's Puzzle!

      Yoooom Tah! Yoooooooooooooooom Tah! Yooooom Tah! Yoooooom Tah! ------------------- Yoooom Tah!  Yooooooooooooooooooom Tah!  Yoom Tah!  Yoooom Tah!  Yoooooooooooom Tah! Yoooooom Tah! Yooooom (...)

    16. Re: How thick is your author skin?

      or overly critical about some event they didn't like Honestly, it depends on the event. If said event is bad writing, then I'd say it's fair game. If it's something like one character liking/hating (...)

    17. Re: How thick is your author skin?

      On the first chapter of my last fiction, someone commented that they liked my stories but would never follow me because I always drop them. Previously, I got a 0.5 advanced review on an ongoing fiction (...)

    18. Re: How can I increase my reads? Currently I'm sitting at squat, zip, zilch, nada—0.

      Adding on to what others have already said, I tend not to even look at a fiction until it has 10 chapters at a minimum. There are so many authors on here that post a chapter or two and never update again. (...)

    19. Re: How thick is your author skin?

      Depends on the comment for me. If it's just silly and mean, or overly critical about some event they didn't like, it doesn't really get to me. If it's real, actually thought-out criticism it does tend (...)