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    1. Re: Best way to update readers on progress of sequels?

      Alright, thank you everyone for the ideas, new chapter it is then! 

    2. Re: Best way to update readers on progress of sequels?

      So about a year ago, I published my first novel on the site. It had a handful of followers, and one of them let me know they were eagerly awaiting the next installment. Unfortunately, between covid and (...)

    3. Re: Review Swap: Science Fiction (Space Opera/Military Sci-fi) but Open to any Genre

      Ah, a fellow military science fiction writer! I'd be more than happy to do a swap!  Fic is in my signature as well and I'll post the description down below. Do note that it's about three times as big (...)

    4. Re: Full Novel (400 Pages) Review Swap

      Hi, After a week of thinking on it, even though I really do want to do full novel review swaps, right now, and probably for the next several months, I am just not going to have the time to do so with (...)

    5. Re: Full Novel (400 Pages) Review Swap

      You published a 500 page story in one month?! Gosh, that's fast. Good job! Unfortunately I won't be able to get to anyone's stories while I am away next week. Since there seem to be multiple people (...)

    6. Re: What unpopular gaming opinions do you have?

      I have two; * Mass Effect Andromeda, or at least its first half, was just as good as the rest of the series. The prologue mission was by far the best and most interesting of the four games, and there (...)

    7. Re: Full Novel (400 Pages) Review Swap

      Hey there! I just finished my novel as well (Military Science Fiction, 528 pages), so perfect timing! :D I've still got one last chapter to publish today but I'll start working my way through yours (...)

    8. Re: Slow Burns / Stories That Read Like Novels

      I would like to nominate mine as well, the Battle of Blackfortress! It's the first book of a military science-fiction series I've been working on for the past four years now and right now it's sitting (...)

    9. Re: Things you wished you knew before posting your first chapter?

      Two big things; 1.) As soon as you hit that submit button on the first submission or when releasing a chapter, there's no turning back. That means that if you glanced over some mistakes or you completely (...)

    10. Re: How different is your final product compared to its initial idea/inspiration?

      My current work was originally supposed to be nothing more than a prologue chapter for another book. From that, it turned into a 140k word tale that will now serve as the first book in a trilogy, so the (...)

    11. Re: Chapter Swap (Just no chapter 1) - Review for Review

      Re. YA... it's a bit on the edge. I picked this to limit the amount of 'gruesomeness', and camouflage my inexperienced writing ;-) I'll have a look at your story. I typically don't give review SCORES (...)

    12. Re: June Thread - Promote your Story

      Hey there!  I've been working on this book for a couple of years now, and I have plans of turning it into a trilogy down the line. Right now not many people seemed to have taken notice of the novel, (...)

    13. Re: Chapter Swap (Just no chapter 1) - Review for Review

      Heyo! Checked out chapters 1, 2, 3, 4 and 33 and left a comment at each of them! I had a lot of fun reading them and even gave you a 4 star rating for the fiction (don't want to give a 5 until I read (...)

    14. Re: Flashbacks - Faux Pas or No?

      They definitely have their place and usage, but as the others said, whether or not they are good for your story depends on how you use them and how often. From what I've read and seen, when the flashback (...)

    15. Re: Posting an already finished novel

      Thanks for the help guys! I think I'll follow your advice and release it chapter by chapter as soon as it's ready :) BTW, when I was a fighter in the medieval recreation group, the SCA, fighting full (...)

    16. Re: Posting an already finished novel

      You mentioned that you have some editing to do anyway. What about posting new chapters as you finish editing them? I thought about it, but I'm always finding things to fix up/edit even in the earlier (...)

    17. Re: Cheers! I am a sci-fi nut and love non-human perspectives

      Welcome to the site! I'm kind of a newbie here as well, despite joining over a year ago, but in spite of that I can certainly recommend this site. Lots of good stories and resources are floating around (...)

    18. Re: Posting an already finished novel

      Evening everyone! So for the past four years I've been working on my first ever novel, and I can finally say that the story is finished. It still needs to undergo lots of editing of course before I (...)

    19. Re: How often do you other writers receive 0.5 ratings?

      Yeah you're bound to be showered by ratings like that as soon as your work gets noticed. Some people seem to dedicate their online life to bringing down others, but you shouldn't let that get to you, especially (...)

    20. Re: Should a writer consult his readers when he wants to drop a story?

      The consequences depend on how popular your work is, but in my opinion, leaving a note that you're not working on it anymore is never a bad thing. If your ongoing novel has thousands of followers and (...)