Hive Minds Give Good Hugs

Cute and quirky main character that's been isekaid and turned into a bug-like creature that can basically clone itself while evolving by using the unique quirks and bodies of different creatures. Interesting take on the hivemind isekai concept. Definitely a fun and interesting story as of right now but with only 10 chapters, it's hard to know what's gonna happen in the future. We haven't even seen any real goal yet nor people.

Magical Girl Kari: Apocalypse System

Interesting story but doesn't seem to be bringing anything new to the dark/parody magical girl genre as of yet.

The writing, plot, and story progresses pretty fast without much unneccessary interactions and descriptions which is both a pro and con. It allows the reader to get to the action and fun stuff quickly but it's hard for the reader to understand where the characters are and what the setting is like. It's bit of annoying part as I'm trying to imagine what's going on but there's too many gaps of information.

The way the author writes the story makes the world seem believable and in such a strange world such as one where magical girls exists, it's defintely harder than other worlds.

One of the bigger problems with this story is that it uses a LOT of cliches which makes it feel generic and not new. This story feels like something that would be easy to predict though there's only been a few chapters so far so obviously I don't know what's actually going to happen.

There's only been a few chapters so i hope this story gets better but so far, it's been interesting but not particularly innovative. The main change I would want would to have more descriptions of the surroundings and the setting as that's important for any story.

Overall, it's been quite entertaining but there are defintely things to improve upon. I'm looking forward to what this story may bring.

Elania, Arachne in a different world

Fun and enjoyable arachne reincarnation story.

The story overall is very enjoyable and is quite well written. The story also isn't too generic and has it's uniqueness even in this extremely saturated genre.

The main premise of the story right now is that out MC has reincarnated as an arachne like creature without any specific memories of her past life on Earth. She then makes some new friends, and girlfriend, and goes about her days doing some basic slice of life isekai stuff while also adventuring.

This story has a good mix of calm and fun content as well as good action and figthing. I'm a fan of having a good mix of these two.

The story defintely has a relatively slow pace which is a bit too slow for me but isn't too bad at all. I also enjoy the style of the author's writing and the first person perspective is written quite well.

The characters all have fun and intersting personalities which makes the reader enjoy learning more about them.

The grammar is quite good except for some small mispellings usually which can be overlocked quite easily and will probably fixed with how many people are suggesting edits in the comments.

All in all, a fun story to read that I'm defintely looking forward to reading. The author seems to be speedrunning a quality story so that's an extra bonus as well.

Borne of Caution

Who would've thought Pokemon fanfics can be good!

I decided to read this story and I'm very glad I did! I usually don't read much fanfiction, especially stream series like Pokemon but this story was way above my expectations for a fanfiction and for a Pokemon story. This story explores the world and characters much more than the games and anime and makes them feel like real people and a real world. The story expands on existing elements of the series and elaborates on the details of how the world of Pokemon could be. Another good thing is that the main character is actually a normal person, unlike many other isekais with more childish and narrow-minded main characters. The story does have a few grammar mistakes here and there that are clearly noticeable but don't negatively affect the story much. Sad that I accidentally deleted my original review of this story and lost all of my upvotes :( At least now I know not to press the delete button ever since there's no "Are you sure you want to delete this" confirmation button.

New Life of a Summoned Demoness

This story seems to be a bit similar to other "summoned as a demon by a cult" stories but that doesn't mean it's not interesting.

The main character seems interesting as well as relatable and some of the side characters we've met are quite basic at the moment since we haven't met many characters yet.

The story is just beginning so it is hard to know whether this will be a good story or not but from what has already been posted, this story seems like it'll be fun and interesting to read so I'm definitely going to be following this story.

The Many Lives of Cadence Lee

Fun story with interesting character developement

A very interseeting story about a girl keeps on reincarnating into different worlds every time she dies. We get to see the main character keep on growing and learning new things as she goes from one world to another while having drastically different lives in each one of them. Character developement is defintely going to be very important in a story like this since there's only going to be one character that will constalty be in the story unless she meets some universe faring god or something like that.

Reborn as the Duke’s Daughter ~ The Goddesses are Ruining my Life!

Not bad, but also not good. Pretty alright for an Isekai story.

Just one of hundreds or thousands of the isekai stories you can find on this site and many others. This is one of the stories where you can find enjoyment in as long as you turn off your brain, sorta like those run of the mill isekai animes. There are many stories that are quite similar to this story in many ways and this one just isn't the best. This story cannot be considered as "bad", but it most definitely isn't considered good. This doesn't mean I didn't try to enjoy it, I'll still be following this story for a little while, but I don't really look forward to it like many other stories I'm looking forward to seeing more of on this site and others.

Who Killed My Body?

Fun and intersting story about a body snatcher trying find it's body's murderer

This story and interesting to read about as the story is about an alien body snatcher trying to find the murderer of the body's original inhabitant, though this seems to be the premise of only the first arc. If you're looking for something similar to the anime/manga Parastye, this story may be for you.

Shade Touched

Fun and cute story about a cute little shadow cat exploring a new world!

This story is a fun little story about a monster that has a lot of curiosity which makes this story really nice to read about. The story is just beginning so it's hard to know what the bigger picture is going to be but I'm sure it'll be an interesting and fun read!

America in Another World

Fun story about x country transported to another world

This is a fun story if you want to read about a modern civilization completely annihilating the civilizations of another world. Fun to read though you probably won't get attached to any characters as the main draw of this story is the action and the pure power of freedom!